Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 57

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Volume 1 Chapter 57: Shura’s Legend (II)

“Shura, is a devotion towards the ultimate strength that makes one give up all of their spirit, faith, and emotion in order to enter the way of ‘killing’. Once a human becomes a Shura, they will obtain a terrifying strength that makes them merciless and violent, caring only about bloodshed. Many moons ago, humans knew little about the Shura, so any legends back then concerning the Shura were treated as mere fantasy. Until ten thousand years ago when the first real Shura appeared.”

Ling Chen: “…..”

“Legend has it that he borrowed the strength of an ancient item to enter the path of the Shura. However no one knows why exactly he was willing to give up everything in order to become a Shura. Some say that it was due to hate, and others say that he simply wanted to become stronger….but whatever the reason, a true Shura appeared. His appearance in Forgotten Continent was only for a brief time….but he killed one tenth of all the living beings on the Forgotten Continent.”

“Wh….What!?” Ling Chen replied with a great jolt.

Ling Chen does not know exactly how vast the land of the Forgotten Continent was, but the fact that it is able to hold several hundred million players means that it was definitely not small. There has to be countless humans, beasts, demons, and other living being on such an enormous land. And their numbers have to counted by the billions.

But just one Shura….killed one tenth of all the living beings on the Forgotten Continent….what a frightening number this is.

“You didn’t mishear me, it was indeed one tenth. This terrifying number is almost unbelieveable, such a number would send chills down anyone’s spine. One could not possibly imagine how horrifying the situation at that time could possibly have been without experiencing it themselves…. according to the legends, wherever the Shura passed became a living hell. Because of his emergence, the Forgotten Continent became a sea of corpses and all living being lived their lives terrified of him. And out of all those he killed, there also included thirty Oracles.”

Ling Chen: “ ! ! ! ! !”

Thirty Oracles…who hold power greater than the Mysterious God Grade! ?

“But in end, his strength and his violent ways lead to divine punishment. Numerous lightning stuck down from the heavens in hopes of destroying his body. At the same time, the three goddesses of the Moon God Clan united with the Void Dragon God to stop him….It is said that the battle lasted for three days and three nights. And at the sacrifice of one tenth of the land of the Forgotten Continent, they finally managed to destroy the ancient item that helped him to enter Shura’s path. However even though they managed to become the victors, the three goddesses were gravely injured and the Void Dragon God had to rest for a thousand years before healing….If they did not have heaven’s lightnings aiding them, even if they had united, they would not have won and would not have destroyed the Shura.”

After saying this, the Chief’s face was veiled in anguish as he stared at Ling Chen with a blank look in his eyes. But then he smiled and shook his head as he started again: “Ah, I really am getting older, now I can’t even keep my mouth under control. I am not supposed to tell you this. The Forgotten Continent has always been trying to hide this history and let the people forget the calamity of the Shura that happened ten thousand years ago. And now, there are few that know of this, even the Moon God Clan has declared that the Shura will never appear on the Forgotten Continent again. You don’t have to take in all that I just said.”

Ling Chen nodded his head, but the word ‘Shura” is now deeply carved into his mind.

One human ravaged one tenth of all living things on the Forgotten Continent. One human under the attack of a myriad of lightnings from the heavens managed to battle the Void Dragon God and the three goddesses of the Moon God Clan alone. This level of merciless, violence, strength, and prestige…..

The name ‘Shura”, was not completely unfamiliar to Ling Chen. Right now in his bag, he held a piece of the sword used by the ‘Shura” that the Chief speaks of—- Shura Emperor Sword’s Broken Piece! And within the description of Shura Emperor Sword’s Broken Piece there was also one who became the incarnation of a Shura, the “Red Mystical Sword King, whose only reason for living was to slaughter, massacring the lives of countless beings, causing the world to fall into chaos. In the end bringing onto himself the punishment of the heavens, befalling the combined judgement of Saint Destroyer beast Void Dragon God and the three goddesses Fate, Order, Liberty, in the end dying under the hands of the 3 goddesses.” And after hearing the Chief speak about Shura , his heart trembled, because after understanding the strength of the three goddesses, he now clearly knew how terrifying of a task it was to battle the goddesses alone—–and the fact that he now held one piece of the sword used made his heart tremble more than ever before.

“I have unintentionally said so much, but anyway, young brave one, do you have any more questions? If you do not, then allow me to send you to the Forgotten Constituent,” said the Chief.

“I want to ask….besides the three goddesses and the guardian beast, how many more Oracles does the Moon God Clan have? I am only trying to fulfill my curiosity,” asked Ling Chen.
The Chief looked at him strangely and thought for a bit before replying: “It seems as if you care a lot of the Moon God Clan, ha ha, but that is not a bizarre thing. The Moon God Clan has around two hundred high leveled divine messengers, and they have all been sent all around the Forgotten Continent in order to maintain order. There is one Oracle in the Forgotten Continent that we have named the Forgotten Goddess. She may even be in the sky above us and looking at us talk right now. Ha,ha,ha,ha….and there are also many other lower grade Oracles that I do not know of.”

Two hundred high leveled Oracles….such a number made Ling Chen gasp, this was such an overwhelming strength. No wonder the Moon God Clan has the qualifications to control the entire Mystic Moon world…. any one of the Oracles have already reached the Mysterious God level. And it is indisputable that the three goddesses who stand at the top of the Moon God Clan have the capability to regime over all living beings.

Yet that Shura….using just the strength of a mere human to resist not only the three goddesses but also and the Void Dragon God….what a formidable human he must have been.

“Then how many more Mysterious God level beasts are there on the Forgotten Continent?” Ling Chen continued to ask. He wanted to understand exactly how powerful the Forgotten Continent was.

The Chief thought for while and answered: “The land of Forgotten Continent is extremely vast, so no one can be certain of how many Mysterious God level beast there are. After all it is very rare for a Mysterious God level beast to appear, so even without counting the ten ancient demons beasts, the Forgotten Continent should only have a number that is somewhere in the tens, including the guardian beasts that everyone knows of such as the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tiger along with the ten ancient demon beasts then there should be over twenty.”

“You speak of the ten ancient demon beasts, but what exactly is their history?” Ling Chen asked.

“The ten beasts appeared in ancient times where the leader of the Devil Clan raised ten of the greatest demons. But after the the Devil Clan was defeated, the ten ancient demon beasts concealed themselves into unknown parts of the Forgotten Continent and have never appeared again. They each are of the Mysterious God level, and the lands they have occupied are forbidden lands that no human dares to step in. The ten ancient demon beasts include: One, the Sky Demon Beast, it is the strongest one out of the ten and it holds a massive body with eight pairs of black feathered wings. It is rumored that it’s strength has surpassed Mysterious God level and near the Saint Destroyer level. Two is the Earth Demon Beast, legend states it hides under the highest mountain of the Forgotten Continent. It holds the power of the earth and its ability to use the earth to conceal itself can be rivaled by none. Three is the Tyrant Demon Beast who possesses the shape of a wolf. It holds a very violent behavior and likes to stay in dark environments because it is strongest under darkness. Four is the Shadow Demon Beast who bears the strongest dark powers and has always existed in the shadows. Five is the Flame Demon Beast who has the powerful ability to control devastating fires and lives a sea of flames. Although it’s fire ability is less than that of the Golden Crow, it the one of the ten ancient demon beasts that is least afraid of the Golden Crow. Six is the Rage Demon Beast, who is rumored to gather hatred from the souls of the dead. It is not afraid to light or dark powers, but it’s strength is unstable and varies from weak to strong. Sometimes it’s stronger than the Sky Demon Beast, and other times it will drop to the Heaven’s End level. Seven is the Wind Demon Beast, who was born from hurricane winds, and hold extremely strong wind type abilities, enabling it to freely travel across the skies and the lands. Eight is the Ice Demon Beast who develop from the freezing polar ice. With just the wave of one hand, it can freeze everything within a thousand miles. It should be somewhere in the glaciers of the far north. Nine is the War Demon Beast, it is the one that loves to battle the most out of the ten. It’s personality is also the most frenzied of the ten, because the only thing it desires is more strength. Ten is the Light Demon Beast who is the most placid of the Demon Beast. It is the weakest in terms of attacks, but it is also the one with the strongest defense, life, and recovery ability out of the ten. It likes to live under in the deep seas, and should be in somewhere on the ocean’s floor. These ten ancient demon beasts do not fear the Moon God Clan, because as long as they do not cause any great evils then the Moon God Clan will not disturb them. But at the same time, they are extremely afraid of the Golden Crow, and have not come out for all these years because they tremble at the possibility that the Golden Crow might still be alive somewhere on the Forgotten Continent. If you don’t include the Golden Crow, then there is nothing else they fear, because if all ten united their strengths, it would be an easy thing for them to defeat a Saint Destroyer. Thus, because of this reason, even the Saint Destroyers do not want to disturb them. Young one, you must remember to avoid traveling to the extreme lands of the Forgotten Continent, because those places may be where the Demon Beast rest.”

The Chief of Novice Village took extra care to explain this to Ling Chen because he saw great potential in the first player to leave Novice Village. And Ling Chen also faithfully memorized what the Chief told him before asking: “Chief, have you ever heard of an item called Lunar Scourge?”

“Lunar Scourge?” replied the confused Chief, but after thinking for while, he stated: “I guess I still do not know enough about this world. This is the first time I have ever heard of this item. Young one, where did you learn of such a thing?”

Although this Chief lived in the Novice Village, it was clear that he very knowledgeable. He had travel across this world and knew of many things that normal people would never know of. So if he had heard of the Lunar Scourge then it only means that this item has indeed been forgotten. After all, ten thousand years has passed and many generations have came and went, it was definitely enough time to forget a lot of things. Ling Chen shook his head as he said: “I was just randomly asking. Thank you Chief, for telling me so much. I do not have anymore questions, please send me to the Forgotten Continent.”

The Chief smiled while nodding his head: “Then let me send you now. I believe that as the first player to leave Noive Village, you will become a great figure in the Forgotten Continent. So please work hard young one….and please stand still.”

As the Chief finished speaking, he raised his hands, and a circle of white light dropped from the sky and floated above Ling Chen’s head.

At this time, in the northeast corner of Novice village, the tattered door of the broken house that the Chief advised not to go near opened, and the smelly old man in torn clothes walked out. Suddenly he felt a shock and turned his head, placing a pair of cloudy eyes onto Ling Chen…. and onto Lunar Scourge that hanged on his wrist.

His whole body began to trembl and he started to yell as he ran as fast as he could towards Ling Chen. The surrounding players all were all surprised as they hurried to dodge him.

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