Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 55

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Volume 1 Chapter 55: Rising to LV10

Not long after Ling Chen killed the Gold War Bear, Mystic Moon’s Chinese forum had a very eye-catching post:

“We saw that Ling Tian that has that “Soaring Cloud” on the weapon ranking list!! He is right in the No. 49554 Novice Village! Not only does he have Soaring Cloud, he also has a bunch of other Gold equipment! 5 minutes ago, the territory of the LV10 brown bears spawned a LV10 Lord BOSS. It was practically insta-killed by him! That attack dealt over 5000 damage!! Absolutely true! He should still be there right now, everybody go kill him and get Faerie and Gold equipment!!”

And then, are the reply posts…

“Insta-killing a LV10 Lord BOSS? Dealing 5000 damage? The f*ck, can you at least have some IQ when you try to trick people, did you eat too much shit and choke on it!”

“Hello OP, can I ask which mental hospital you are from? Is it that you forgot to take your medicine today.”

“A bunch of Gold equipment… You think Gold equipment is bak-choi!!” (TL: Saying something is bak-choi or some other vegetable is saying that it is very common.”

“You’ve seen Ling Tian, Ptui, and I’ve seen you’re little sister. Insta-killing a LV10 Lord BOSS, Ptui, and I insta-killed your father. Dealing 5000 damage? Your mom, it’s bad enough that you’re coming here to show off your IQ, you also want to treat us as a retard like yourself?”

“OP’s ID belongs to Black Flame Alliance. No need to think about it, meeting Ling Tian might be real. They definitely wanted to take his equipment but then failed like miserable shits, so they’re using this kind of crappy idea to drag hatred towards Ling Tian. Black Flame Alliance only has this bit of ability… Although speaking of it why did they find a person with such a low IQ to make a post. Even saying things like insta-killing a Lord BOSS and dealing 5000 damage, Okay, my guess is also that he ate too much shit and choked on it.”

“Yuan Fang, how do you see this?”

“Yuan Fang thinks that this person’s ID was hacked, or else they would not release such a retarded speech. But we cannot exclude the possibility that it is this person’s psychosis acting up.” (TL: Psychosis)



This post was indeed posted by those insta-killed Black Flame Alliance players. Ling Chen’s scariness made them not have the balls to go mess with him again. After all, there are 100000 Novice Village’s, them having a couple dozen of people in the same Novice Village is already a relatively large scale, them going again is just suicide. Thus they wanted to use this kind of method to incite more people to go trouble him… But the result made them want to cry, not only does no one believe them, instead it even brought about a slew of ridicule and cursing.

Thinking back about it, if they didn’t experience and see it for themselves, they too wouldn’t believe that someone can insta-kill a Lord BOSS at the current stage and deal 5000 damage. If someone said so, they would also not believe it. And would even treat them like a lunatic. Even if they wanted to rebut, they were simply powerless because the killing of the Lord BOSS occurred in just the blink of an eye, they could not have been able to film it on time. The following attack by them was also dealt with like a gust of wind sweeping through falling leaves. They couldn’t even keep their lives, who would have the time to film.

The Battle Alliance player’s who were there and saw this post would also only maintain silence.


“Ling Chen! Was there a conflict between you and Black Flame Alliance?” Yun Feng’s voice sounded from the communication device of Ling Chen who was in the middle of murdering little raccoons.

“Ya.” Ling Chen casually swung his hand, another 3 little raccoons falling in front of him. He then looked at his experience bar that had increased a bit. When he had just obtained Lunar Scourge, it’s negative effects made him very much want to take it off. But now, he realises how foolish his thoughts were at the time. The EXP that he needs to rise a level is double of other players, and levelling speed will also be half of the rest of the players; But one Gemini Orb made his levelling efficiency far more than double. His current levelling rate completely surpassed his state before obtaining Lunar Scourge.

“I see! Ha, you don’t know, Black Flame Alliance that group of idiots just released a post to pull hatred towards you. Saying that you have a body of equipment that can insta-kill a LV10 Lord BOSS, and can deal 5000 damage with one attack, hahahaha, I laughed my ass off. Even if they want to incite some greedy people to go mess with you they didn’t need to be so retarded by saying such retarded statements. Insta-killing a Lord BOSS, dealing 5000 damage, it’d be strange if people actually believed it, hahahaha. Black Flame Alliance is a big guild, at its peak condition it has hundreds of thousands members, but the IQ of the person that released this post is really worrying.”

Ling Chen: “…”

“I need to continue farming so don’t bother me for now.” Before Yun Feng could finish speaking Ling Chen had already cut off the connection, and then continuing his pace of murdering little raccoons.  Continuing to stay in the same map and restlessly killing until the evening before disconnecting.

The instant that he left the Mystic Moon world, Lunar Scourge vanished from his wrist in a slightly flickering black light. But Ling Chen himself did not witness this scene.

The night veil lowering, after Ling Shui Ruo peacefully fell asleep, Ling Chen once again entered the world of Mystic Moon, appearing in the territory of the little raccoons. At the first moment he charged at the little raccoons that had already spawned across the entire area. With his current condition, there is no reason to not become the first person to leave the Novice Village.

The little raccoon territory that had finally calmed down once again sounded with a series of pitiful whimpers when little raccoons died. Lasting for a very long long time, Ling Chen’s experience bar also rose up bit by bit under the rapid deaths of the little raccoons. From 50% to 60%, and then to 80%… 90%… 95%…

From LV9 to LV10 is a relatively difficult process, the EXP required is more than the total experience required to level from LV1 to LV9. Ling Chen himself didn’t even realise how shocking his current levelling speed is… This is even under the negative impact of Lunar Scourge.

When Ling Chen’s experience reached 99% and was only a step away from LV10, a white light flashed by in the center of the little raccoon territory and a big raccoon double the size of regular raccoons spawned. It waved its front paws in a frenzy, it’s eyes releasing a fierce light, completely lacking of the gentleness of regular little raccoons.

[Big Raccoon]: Type: Beast, Level: LV10, Grade: 3 Star Elite, HP: 2500. Mutation of the little raccoon, has a large body and violent nature, will automatically attack any outside beings. Need to be careful of its sharp claws.

Ling Chen’s gaze locked onto its body, he glanced at his current experience value, his eyes narrowing… I will use you, as a magnificent end to my time in the Novice Village!

“Fire of Rage!”

“Soul Sacrifice!”

“Shooting Soaring Cloud!!”

Under Fire of Rage and Soul Sacrifice, Ling Chen’s attack strength had risen to a point that made people tremble. Raising up Soaring Cloud, following the movement of Ling Chen’s body, it shot towards the newly spawned big raccoon.



Soaring Cloud pierced through the chest of the big raccoon and came out from its back, piercing into the soft grassland on an angle, a red damage value gradually fading over the big raccoon’s head…

300% damage, 15 meter flying distance, absolute hit… Shooting Soaring Cloud was undoubtedly the most powerful attack skill that Ling Chen currently possessed.

One attack, directly clearing all of its HP. Before even having a chance to get a clear look of this world the newly spawned big raccoon’s body stiffened, and then fell to the ground in a long whimpering sound.

“Ding, You have successfully killed LV10 3 star elite ‘Big Raccoon’, Fame+30, SP+30.”

“Ding… Congratulations you have levelled up, now LV10, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5 AP.

Under the sweet sound of the system notification, Ling Chen’s level finally reached LV10. But even if he levelled up, under the effect of “Soul Sacrifice” his HP did not recover, from this the extreme overbearingness of this skill can be seen. Ling Chen let out a long breath, walking to the big raccoon’s corpse hr picked up the only piece of equipment that it dropped.

[Silver Boots]: Type: Boot, Grade: Silver, Equipment Requirements: Any profession LV10 or above. Boots forged from silver, flickers a mysterious silver glow, Attributes: Defense+10, Strength+5, Agility+5, Movement Speed+10.

One shotting will without doubt increase that probability of dropping high grade equipment. This 3 star elite actually directly dropped a Silver equipment, this made Ling Chen a bit pleasantly surprised for a bit and then equip the Silver Boots without any hesitation. Like this, besides his upper garment and rings, all of the equipment on his body is at least silver grade. This is something that other player’s couldn’t even dream of.

Still placing all of the AP gained from levelling up into strength, like this even without any buffs, his basic attack strength has already surpassed 300! An extremely terrifying number.

Glancing at his attributes in satisfaction, Ling Chen left the little raccoon territory and headed straight for the Novice Village.

“Hello Chief, please send me to Forgotten continent.” Ling Chen came in front of the Village Chief and said straight to the point. Maybe the better choice is that he remains in the Novice Village for a period of time to look for some hidden elements, but in contrast he still chose to immediately leave the Novice Village, because the very first person to leave the Novice Village would very likely receive some special rewards.

“Oh, it’s you young hero. Hm? You want to head towards Forgotten continent?  You need to know that you need to reach LV10 to have the qualifications to head there… Wait, you… You’re actually already LV10!!” Suddenly seeing Ling Chen’s level the chief cried out in surprise. According to his calculations, the fastest these other world humans can leave the Novice Village is 2-3 days later.

“It really is too astonishing, actually reaching LV10 so quickly. You are definitely a very amazing hero.” The chief complimented saying. “Forgotten continent, that is a place that makes people cherish the memory of it. Right now you do indeed possess the qualifications to head towards Forgotten continent, there you will have a new beginning and official class. Although, before that, there is something that I need to tell you. Until now, of the entire Mystic Moon world’s outer islands there is still not yet an other world human like you who has left. If you leave now, you will become the first other world hero to leave the Novice Village!”

Ling Chen: “…”

“I did not expect such a hero to actually appear in the place that I stay, it really makes me proud and thrilled. Then, before you leave, I have something that needs to be given to you, this item can only be given to the first person to leave the Novice Village.”

Finishing speaking, the village chief took out a round item the size of a palm… That is clear an insignia.

Chinese meme lesson time. About the Yuan Fang thing I’ve discovered what it is. You might remember that Yuan Fang appeared in that reaction chapter for Soaring Cloud (CH35), Yuan Fang is a Chinese meme originating from a tv series call 神探狄仁杰 (Detective Dee). Just think of Dee as Sherlock and Yuan Fang as a Watson that can kick your ass. A common thing that Dee asks Yuan Fang is “Yuan Fang, what do you think?” and Yuan Fang’s general response is always stuff like “Yuan Fang thinks that there is something strange about this. There must be a big secret behind this.” So a general, useless no shit captain obvious response. And this is your Chinese meme lesson for today.)

(R: … don’t compare them to Sherlock and Watson pls)

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