Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 53

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Volume 1 Chapter 53: The Trembling Cold Magistrate

Those presumptuous words of Black Flame Bow had just ended, and none of them saw clearly what had happened. They only saw two flamboyant arcs of light suddenly sweep past the 10 people, and just like that, the 10 fell down.

10 people in an instant! What terrifying scene this is.

Dozens pairs of pupils sharply contracted at the same moment.

“Fast!” Xiao Qiufeng exclaimed in his heart. His profession is also apprentice warrior, the attack just now was clearly the basic skill of apprentice warriors, Crescent Slash. But those two Crescent Slashes just now were the most stunning that he’d ever seen… No one could see clearly his hand movements, like a flash of lightning the two Crescent Slashes had already been unleashed. This kind of hand movement speed made even him feel his heartbeat quicken. He didn’t know who could dodge his close range attacks with this kind of hand speed… At least he knew he cannot!

This person, exactly who is he!

Black Flame Bow had just finished shouting his threat and in the blink of an eye, 10 Black Flame Alliance players fell over. Black Flame Alliance’s players were all immediately stunned… Towards regular players, this short moment of blankness couldn’t be considered much, but for apex masters, one moment is enough to determine life and death. At the instant that they returned to their senses, Ling Chen once again to a step forward, his two hands striking out like lightning again, the seconds round of Crescent Slashes cutting towards both sides and sweeping over. At the Novice Village there is no judgement for crime value for killing players, so he was killing them without any worry… And even if there was, he would still not hold back at all.

Bam, bam, bam, bam…

The last 3 apprentice assassins were also killed with 1 hit. The 3 shield guards swept by the other Crescent Slash also entered a critical state. Only now did the Black Flame Alliance players, as if waking up from a dream, look at the corpses that had covered the ground in an instant.  They felt numerous gusts of cold air traversing through their bodies, making them feel a series of chills from their skin to their organs.

Being hit at the tip of his toes by a falling corpse, the entire body of Black Flame Bow trembled as if suddenly woke up from a nightmare, “Shields… All shields go and block him! Archers and mages immediately concentrate your fire! Immediately!!” he hoarsely yelled while hurriedly retreated. Before he could react there were already a dozen bodies on the ground… This person… is he a player or a demon!!

Under his command the 6 shield guards in the group all crazily charged forward, charging at Ling Chen from different directions, attempting to use their bodies to block all of his positions of displacement. As long as they can temporarily restrict his movements, the concentrated attacks of the archers and mages will definitely be able to take his life within a second.

But, if Ling Chen was so easy to deal with, he would not be Ling Chen then. At a LV5 condition he is able to kill a LV10 Celestial BOSS. How would the current him think anything of these harmless trash… No matter how much trash there is, they are still trash!

When the shield guards charged over to Ling Chen’s body, he had already moved away rapidly, another two Crescent Slashes sweeping in both directions at the same time. A 4 meter attack area, before these shield guards could even get close to him they had all already been hit. The 3 shield guards from before in critical condition all fell down, and the HP of the other 3 shield guards were also almost instantly cleared… With Ling Chen’s attack strength, within these players, only shield guards with high HP and defence could just barely take one of his attacks and not die.

“Careful!” At the same time that Ling Chen exterminated the 3 shield guards, Xiao Qiufeng knit his eyebrows and almost shouted out with a low voice. When Ling Chen launches an attack his body will also have a brief moment of stillness, and it is exactly at this moment that the first attack wave of the 10 archers and mages suddenly arrived… 10 people launching an attack together and all focusing on Ling Chen, this kind of concentrated attack simply cannot be dodged.

Fwoosh, fwoosh…

The sound of flying arrows shot past the sides of everyone’s ear. Right when everyone thought that Ling Chen would be hit by at least over half of the arrows and elemental bullets, they all suddenly felt like the scenery in front of them blurr. The figure surrounded by arrows and elemental bullets produced an abnormal distortion and illusion, and then almost bizarrely moved three positions to the right while they are all absentminded.

All of the arrows and elemental bullets all passed through the location of their target and then powerlessly disappeared thereafter reaching the limit of their attack range. And the target of these arrows and elemental bullets… Ling Chen was standing there completely unharmed, on his body not a single damage value appeared.

None of these arrows and elemental bullets actually hit him!! The situation at that time, exactly how did he avoid it… The Battle Alliance players that witnessed this all let out a cry of disbelief in their hearts.

I actually couldn’t see his movements clearly… not at all! Xiao Qiufeng’s hands slightly clenched, his forehead also tightening. That scene just now gave him too much shock. Being able to be listed number 7 in the Heaven Ranking, his combat awareness is incredibly strong. This entire time he was tightly staring at all of Ling Chen’s movements… But even under this kind of focus, he actually didn’t see clearly exactly how Ling Chen had dodged so many arrows and magic attacks in an instant.

Evading the arrows and magic did not mean that Ling Chen is safe. The moment that he steadied himself, the last two apprentice warriors of Black Flame Alliance simultaneously attacked him from behind. After shifting positions, the bodies of regular people at this time should be unstable, and shouldn’t be able to rapidly changing positions again. These two attacks suddenly coming from behind are simply impossible to avoid.


That sound of metal clashing made even Xiao Qiufeng’s heart jump with it.

The attacks of the two apprentice warriors did not land on Ling Chen’s body, instead Soaring Cloud had landed on the target that he had suddenly swung behind him. The silver body of the spear firmly held onto the two steel swords, making them unable to advance even an inch. While the two warriors were completely dazed, Ling Chen’s Sand Blade arrived following the turning of his body, a Crescent Slash sweeping into their bodies.

Without any doubt, insta-kill!

“P…Parry! And it’s even while his back was facing towards them, simultaneously parrying two weapons!” This time Xia Qiufeng finally could no longer maintain his composure, his usually very cold face right now revealed deep shock.

As an ultimate expert of the sword, Xia Qiufeng understands better than anyone else how hard it is to trigger “parry” for a weapon. Even people who have attained pinnacle control towards a weapons find it difficult to divert their attention in intense combat to grasp that instantaneous parry point. To purposely trigger parry with your back facing the attack is even harder. To parry two weapons while your back is facing them, that requires a countless amount of practice to be able to step on this kind of bullshit luck.

Is it luck, or coincidence?

With the separation of the iron mask, Xiao Qiufeng was unable to see the expression of that face under the mask. But, recalling his simple, casual and smooth movements like water, recalling that he can use two weapons to simultaneously activate two different skills or the same skill, his hand movements that are god knows how many times faster than regular players… The voice in his heart told him that the parry just now, seems… to not be a simple coincidence!

If it really isn’t a coincidence, then this person…

He is a monster!!

Exactly who is he!! Why have I never heard of any rumours regarding this person!

Next, is Ling Chen’s retaliating time. He turned around launching an attack, the two shield guards in critical state were all insta-killed. He then headed straight for the archers. The attack area of a Crescent Slash is already pretty large, simultaneously using 2 Crescent Slashes is entirely doubling the attack area, it can lock onto double the amount of targets. The archers were all standing together, as if waiting to go reincarnate together.

Ling Chen dashed forward, a Crescent Slash simultaneously sweeping towards the left and right bringing up 5 screams of despair. How could these brittle archers possibly withstand Ling Chen’s attack, they were all insta-killed. After the archers, are the completely trembling elemental mages. Seeing Ling Chen approach they all subconsciously turned around and ran away in horror. In just a couple seconds of time, a 30 people group only had the remainings of a couple of fragile magicians, who could withstand this kind of mental impact.

But, even if they regret it now, it is simply too late. Ling Chen moved like a gale of wind. Two different arcs of light rose up in front of him enveloping all of the 5 elemental mages within.

-328, -329, -325, -652, -318!

With the brittle health of apprentice mages, the amount of HP they can have at this level will not surpass 200. Ling Chen’s one attack was more than enough to make them die twice. The last Crescent Slash also made sure that all of the elemental mages are killed in action.

Ling Chen’s movements finally stopped. He stood there, a sword and a spear in hand, the ground around him had one after another corpses sprawled in different directions along with all of the equipment that they dropped. In the Mystic Moon world, even if it’s the Novice Village, after death there are still the rules of level and equipment dropping.

The corpses lying on the ground totalled 29… Black Flame Alliance’s 30 player’s currently only had the remaining Black Flame Bow who was standing far away with his entire body trembling in fear.

This person… he is a monster!! The veins on Black Flame Bow’s two hands that were tightly holding onto his longbow pulsed. He felt that his entire heart had intensely curled up and was about to burst at any moment. 29 people were just like that cleanly swept away in the blink of an eye. Right now he still hasn’t completely recovered, he even wondered if everything that had just happened was real or not.

He could not see this person’s name, could not see his appearance… He even hasn’t heard him emit a single sound. Just like a silent, faceless grim reaper!

“You, you…” Black Flame Bow’s two legs were shivering, this is his first time being so afraid of a person in a game world. Because this person is more terrifying than any player, any BOSS that he has ever seen. His feet retreated, and the same time fleeing in fear while releasing a trembling shout: “Messing with Black Flame Alliance, you… You will definitely regret it!”

Watching Black Flame Bow fleeing in a panic, a hint of disdain flashed across Ling Chen’s eyes. He did not chase him, instead grabbing Soaring Cloud, a “Shooting Soaring Cloud” throwing forward.



The silver spear flashed by like a shooting star, piercing through the running away Black Flame Bow’s body, bringing up a yellow damage value.

Another critical hit! Having the Heartless Orb, the appearance of critical hits is starting to appear overly regularly.

Black Flame Bow who was in the middle of running was shot down and started to roll, after a couple of rolls on the ground he lay there without any more movements. After a short moment he turned into a white light and disappeared from there.

After flying outwards, Soaring Cloud pierced into the ground on an angle. Its position from Battle Alliance’s players was only a short 5 meter distance. Ling Chen moved his foot, leisurely walking towards Soaring Cloud. This distance between him and Soaring Cloud is 15 meters. And while he was walking towards Soaring Cloud, towards this Celestial item that’s allure was simply too great to resist and was right in front of them, not a single one of Battle Alliance’s players dared to attempt to approach Soaring Cloud. They all carried a gaze of fear, watching Ling Chen step by step get closer. None of them doubted that whoever dared to take half a step towards Soaring Cloud would be the next person to die by his hands. There would be no escape.

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