Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 49

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Volume 1 Chapter 49: Seductress

This place belongs to the southern edge of the Novice Village suburbs. Wild grass covers the ground and there are no signs of any humans or beasts. Evidently Tao Tie purposely transported them to this quiet place. Ling Chen spread out the Novice Village map, after determining his position he glanced at the time, saying in a low voice: “Qi Yue, come out.”

On his left wrist after Lunar Scourge flickered a black light, the figure of an exceedingly voluptuous woman clothed in a black dress appeared before him. Qi Yue smiled sweetly, swaying her delicate body while taking slow, gentle steps and walking towards him, carrying with her a breeze of fragrant air the gently blew past his face. Once more seeing her body and looks, Ling Chen still uncontrollably fell into a trance for a moment. Under the sunlight Qi Yue was even more exceedingly beautiful, her long, jet black hair freely draped behind her, reflecting a gorgeous sheen under the warm light. The reflecting light intertwined with the pitch-black dress on her body, making her snow white skin glow even more. At a single glance at her perfect jade-like body, not knowing whether it was on purpose or just a mistake, the top button her black robe was undone. Her unfastened collar exposed white snowy skin that lit upon any eye.

“Young master, I didn’t know you missed me so much. We just got out, and you already immediately called for me. You’re going to make my heart throb.” She smiled sweetly at Ling Chen’s brief state of trance, while her glistening almond shaped eyes carried a warm light. She leaped into his arms, displaying all her bewitching allure.


Ling Chen used the uttermost willpower he could gather to force his eyes off her. He had already strengthened his mind before he called Qi Yue out, but still no matter how many precautions he took, he could not win against her. Taking a long deep breath, he had to admit this woman’s seductive allure is the most deadly weapon against all men in this world. Even the oldest of men would have their lust rekindle like a burning flame in front of her. So how could he, a young man in his prime, ever hope to resist her charm.


“Tell me, what was the destiny that Tao Tie said was already planned for me?” he said with a stern voice as he tilted his head toward her. Tao Tie’s words had clearly planted seeds of doubt within himself, and all this time he was trying to figure out what those word really meant.


“Your destiny, that’s to become the enemy of the Moon God Clan of course . Don’t tell me that young master is afraid?” Qi Yue giggled as her almond eyes began to narrow.


Ling Chen lifted his eyebrows and shook his head: “What I want to hear is the truth, my instinct tells me that his words were definitely not that simple!”


“Simple!?” Qi Yue said as she open her petal-like lips, shock flashing across her sultry face: “The Moon God Clan is the this world’s strongest clan, even this very world was named after the Moon God Clan. They are the ones that are in control of everything in this world, to be their enemy means the same as to be against the heavens. How could that be called ‘simple’. If so, then what does the young master consider to be not ‘simple’?”


Ling Chen:”……”


Ling Chen had no word to reply. Even the chief of the Novice Village had told him before that the Moon God Clan was the strongest clan in the world of Shen Yue. Every plot of land within the world of Shen Yun was under the control of the Moon God Clan. And every human knew that even the lowest of the Moon God Clan was still high above them, sacred and involiable. To be the enemy of the Moon God Clan was equivalent of challenging the Mystic Moon world’s strongest force. There is nothing in the world that more difficult, more foolish, and more unimaginable than to challenge them. This was absolutely not a ‘simple’ destiny.


But why do I feel uncertain about this, why do I worry that it not this straightforward.  There is still more about Lunar Scourge that they did not tell me….

“Alright, I will believe you for now….then, can you tell me your background. You say that you are not really a simple item spirit and that there are special reasons to why you have been sealed within the Lunar Scourge. Then, can you tell me your real identity. I do not want keep someone who I know nothing about around me.” Ling stated with a harsh look in his eyes.


Tao Tie said that Lunar Scourge waited in that underground space for ten thousand years, and this woman has always been with it….Then that means this woman had been alive for at least ten thousand years.


“I have already told you before that this is my secret.”


“Since you call me master, then you should follow my orders!” Ling Chen said as he wrinkled his forehead. He knew that underneath this woman’s beautiful appearance was something very dangerous. He very clearly remembers that one message Tao Tie told Qi Yue: “You hold a mind that surpasses all and beauty that bewitches this whole world….”


“Teeheehee…..” Qi Yue laughed as she covered her mouth after hearing Ling Chen’s words. She laughed like many flowers blooming as her large, snow white buxom bounced along with her laughter causing her enticing allure to spread again. Her voluptuous body along with her thin, slender waist created sensuous curves. “Young master, you really are too cute, so adorable that I just want to hug you right now. teeheeheehee….”


Ling Chen: “!a#¥%……”


Carrying a soft, sweet fragrance, Qi Yue enchantingly smiled while walking to his side. Strutting all the sensuous curves of her body, she pointed towards his chest with an unblemished, thin, jade-like finger. Then slowly moving up, she slided her thin finger under his chin and pushed his face towards her with a teasing smile: “Young master, you are right,  You are my master, no matter what you choose to do with me, I will not resist. So let me take tender care of you. I will be sure to let you feel more than just comfortable. I will send you to heaven and hell…After all this is my duty, right?”


With his face turned, all that was in Ling Chen’s sight was Qi Yue’s irresistible beauty, her snow white skin and seductive looks was one that would be peerless for centuries. As she carefully lifted her buxom, a pair of full and round jade-white breast shocked him. Her’s were much greater than the average, however they did not droop at all, they perked up high almost rippng the seams of her clothes.


Ling Chen felt his heart pulsate uncontrollably and his body instantly blaze to the point in which all his blood seemed to begin boiling. This was the first time in his whole life that the flame of his lust has ignited to such a pinnacle. This lust was enough to burn away restraint in any man, and it was in such a uncontrollable moment that Ling Chen had the desire to push her onto the floor, tear away all her clothes, and unleash this lustful flame onto her….


Using one strong hand to push Qi Yue away, Ling Chen stepped back and turned around. “Return to Lunar Scourge at once!! Immediately!!” he shouted in a cold voice.


Surprise flickered in Qi Yue’s eyes, but still she smiled lightly and softly said: “Of course I will follow Little Master’s orders. Then I will first go back to rest, but be sure to call whenever you remember me” Qi Yue’s sensuous body and captivating voice started to slowly disappear, ‘till it was all gone. And Ling Chen just stood there for a very long time, until his heart finally calmed down and he could finally breath a long, deep breath.


To be seduced by such a woman, surely is something that all men in this world would dream of. He believed that there are no normal men that could resist against her allure. Even he had almost lost all sense…


Before he had met Shui Ruo, he had touched many women, to the point in which he had already lost count. Sometimes it was for the sake of making his assassinations easier, sometimes it was just to release anger. But after meeting Shui Ruo, he had not touched a single women…he did not want to do anything that would betray her. No matter how hard it was over the years, only he knew.


The afternoon was coming, and Ling Chen took out his backpack and grabbed all the level ten equipment he had gotten from the forgotten cave… Silver Helmet, White Silver bracers, Sand Blade. Ling Chen equipped all of these items on to himself. Evey if he was still level nine, he had the Item Control Technique which allowed him to successfully equip these items. Then he took out the Heartless Orb and easily attached it to the first hole on Lunar Scourge.


Opening the menu option, Ling Chen begins to look at his status:


Character: Ling Tian

Level: 9; Class: Apprentice Warrior; Faction: None

Fame: 3035; Money: 1782 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper: SP 500

Basic Attributes: Strength: 85, Constitution: 15, Agility: 29, Spirit: 5

Innate Attributes: Luck: 5; Comprehension: 5

HP: 360

MP: 140

Physical Attack Strength: 281

Magic Attack Strength: 10

Physical Defense: 68

Hit Rate: 37; Dodge Rate: 29

Critical Hit Rate: 22%; Pierce Rate: 8% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 100%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 3%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 6%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%


Personal Skills:

[Scan] :Current Level: LV1, cannot be upgraded. An ability for all classes, MP Consumption: 1, examine the basic stats of creatures no higher than yourself by 10 levels.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV2, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV3: 5000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+200%, Magic Attack Strength+200%, the use any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 15 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 300 secs.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV2: 400. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 5%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV2: 400. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 1 level.

Class Skills (Apprentice Warrior):

[Full Power Strike] : Current Level: LV5, Highest Level: LV5. Reached Max Level . Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, using the weapon in the hand to strike at the target in front with all your strength, 150% damage, 2% chance of dazing the target for 23 seconds,  MP Consumption: 5, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

[Crescent Slash]: Current Level: LV5, Reached Max Level. Beginner skill for apprentice warriors, with their weapons and cross cutting ahead, drawing a small sword arc, dealing 120% regular damage towards 5 targets in a 4 meter forward area, also has a 20% chance to knockback the target. MP Consumption: 7, Cooldown Time: 0 sec.

[Fire of Rage]: Current Level: LV5, Max Level Reached, Advanced trainee skill for apprentice warriors, will only unlock when all beginner trainee skills reach max level. After activating higher attack strength is gained from the burning of life force and sacrificing defense. Effect: HP-50, Defense-50, Physical Attack Strength+50, Duration: 30 secs, MP Consumption: 20, Cooldown Time: 1 min.

Equipment Skills:

[Shooting Soaring Cloud]: Throw out Soaring Cloud with all your strength, the flying Soaring Cloud will pierce through all enemies in a straight line in front like a shooting star, it also has a certain chance of causing fatal damage, Soaring Cloud that has been thrown out will not automatically return. Effect: Piercing attack in a straight line forward in a 15 meter radius, compulsory hit, 300% attack damage, 1% chance of triggering instant death. HP-50, MP-50, Cooldown Time: 100 secs.

[Moon Shadow]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill, when cast it will release silver moonlight illuminating the target’s shadow, forcibly freezing all shadows under the moonlight, suppressing all movement of the shadow and its owner. Effect: All targets in a X meter radius will be forcibly stunned (X = Current Level) for 5 seconds. MP Consumption: 0. Cooldown Time: 60 secs.


Weapon: Right Hand: Soaring Cloud (Spear), Left Hand: Sand Blade (Two-Handed Sword)

Luna Chain: Lunar Scourge (Gemini Orb, Heartless Orb)

Helmet: Silver Helmet

Mask: None

Necklace: None

Earring: None

Ring: Nimble Ring (TL: Is that what I called it?), None

Insignia: None

Upper Garment: Beastskin Armor

Belt: None

Lower Garment: Beastskin Trousers

Handguard: Silver Bracers

Boots: Wolfskin Shoes

Ling Chen couldn’t help but to feel excitement as he looked at his current status. Now he had one Faerie item, one Gold item, and two silver grade equips. This set of equipment was what normal users could never hope to have. He had the ability to dual wield with two-handed weapons in both his right and left hand, and when he stacked his weapons he could achieve an attack value of 281! And if he added Fire of Rage, he could even break 300!

Such high attack strength was something that even parrior players with the highest physical attack might not be able to reach at LV20! Don’t mention players of other professions.

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