Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 43

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Volume 1 Chapter 43: Lunar Scourge(I)

Facing Ling Chen’s ice cold face, the seductresses pink, flower petal like lips gently flattened. Such a light movement, and yet it brought out a such a  deep sense of grievance that made people unable to help but to feel pity for her: “… I’ve already called you little master but you’re still so fierce towards me. If little master is still not willing to forgive my words of offence from before, then at worst, I’ll let you lightly hit my butt a couple times.”

Her voice was bewitchingly soft, yet her tone was also like that of a young girl acting in a pettishly charming manner. Finishing speaking, she even twisted her waist, slightly perking up her butt that was like a full moon in an arc that made people’s blood boil.

This kind of voice, expression, position… Even the mind of a heartless person would be in chaos. Ling Chen’s gaze uncontrollably fell upon her perky butt, stopping there for a good amount of time before difficulty pulling away, and then not daring to look at her again, secretly cursing in his heart “Witch”.

This is definitely a woman that men would be unable to let go of even if they clearly knew that their lives would be shortened.

The slight expression of distress on Ling Chen’s face made the corners of the witch’s lips slightly curve. She twisted her body, taking elegant steps walking before Ling Chen, saying in a lovely voice: “Little master, why have you stopped speaking? If you’re not going to say anything, then I’ll take it as you’ve already forgiven me!”

Being closer, Ling Chen could practically smell the sweet fragrant air from her sweet lips. For a moment, a hot feeling started to spread from the bottom of his body, travelling across his entire body in the blink of an eye. Ling Chen lightly bit his teeth, using an incredible willpower to completely suppress the fervent feeling. He used a cold tone saying: “Who exactly are you… Why are you calling me master!”

“Because you have conquered me, now I can only obediently obey you, making you my little master.”

Ling Chen: “…”

A slight prickling feeling still remained in his head along with a deep sense of exhaustion. Everything that had happened before once again quickly flashed by in his mind.  If not for Shui Ruo that he has alway been worrying about supporting him, there were many times where his mind almost collapsed from the ravaging of Lunar Scourge and the seduction of the witch. But in the end, under the strength of his endlessly terrifying spirit, he won. In contrast, that force intending to engulf his mind has instead been defeated by his indomitable spirit. In the end, the origin of that soul force… which is also what the witch called “Lunar Scourge” was instead invaded by his mind, making it unable but to fall into his control and command.

This kind of feeling of being able to freely control it cannot be fake. Ling Chen extended his right hand, holding onto the black crescent moon on his left wrist… This is “Lunar Scourge” that the witch spoke of? Exactly what kind of thing is is, why is it called this name? This witch suddenly started calling me “Little Master” could it be because…

“Tell me first, who are you! Why are you calling me master.”Ling Chen continued to ask with his head lowered. Right now he was a bit afraid to lift up his head and look at the witch, but from her body he also did not sense any hostility and danger.

“It’s very simple. Because you conquered Lunar Scourge, and I am an existence that is attached to Lunar Scourge. Conquering it, is also conquering me. Right now you are its master, naturally you are also my master.” The voice that came out from between the witch’s slightly pursed lips still made Ling Chen have a feeling like his soul was gradually growing numb. He knew that this witch was not purposely acting bewitching, it was simply an inherent quality of hers. Because a purposely exhibited state of seductiveness would not be able to enchant people’s hearts to such a degree. Ling Chen had to adjust his breathing multiple times before making that strange feeling in his body slowly go away. Just her voice was enough to make a person like him with such a strong will develop the desire to rip apart all of her clothes. If it was a normal person… there is practically nobody that is able to retain their reasoning under her voice.

“You are its item spirit?” Ling Chen said. Items that have reached a certain level of strength have a possibility of deriving an item spirit. Item spirits are a kind of spiritual existence. To be more straightforward it is the consciousness developed by the item. And once this consciousness matures, it will derive an incorporeal body, in other words an illusory image. Once the incorporeal body reaches a certain maturity, or encounters some kind of opportunity, it will evolve into a corporeal body… This witch said that she is an existence that is attached to Lunar Scourge, could it be that she is an item spirit from the legends? In addition it’s also an item spirit that has attained a physical body — Before fainting, he once grabbed onto her breasts, the warm, soft, silky feeling still remained in his head unable to be driven away, no matter what that feeling could not be fake.

“Item spirit? Hm… Little master can think of it like that. Little master can relax, from now on I will definitely obediently obey little master’s words. okay?” Ripples of tenderness appeared in the witch’s eyes, a voice like that of a flighty girl carrying a natural charm making all the cells of a person’s body a bit softer. Ling Chen inhaled a deep breath, saying with an ice cold expression: “Stop your act! The reason you are displaying such a lowly posture before me is because you are the loser… Wanting to engulf my mind but failing and instead falling under my control. If the one that had failed was me, my mind would have been completely destroyed and my body would fall entirely under your control, becoming a complete puppet! Even more I will not forget how painful the pain that I suffered was.!! If I did not turn around and take over Lunar Scourge turning it into my own possession… I would definitely use any method… to destroy it, and kill you!!”

Witch: “…”

The feeling before of having his mind destroyed and engulfed was unbelievably strong and realistic, it even brought up those memories that he did not want to remember. He was confident, if not for his struggling, his mind would really have been destroyed. While bearing that immense pain, all of his mind was struggling and resisting, he had already forgotten the existence of his body. Right now after becoming clear-headed, his mind was continuously confounded and wondering… This is clearly a virtual game world, why does there exist such realistic menticide! (TL: Menticide)

Ling Chen is by no means a good person. On the contrary, he is a person that doesn’t let anything go. What Lunar Scourge gave him, is the enmity of trying to capture his soul, this witch is an accomplice. With his personality this kind of grudge would definitely be repaid 100 fold. But, Lunar Scourge has instead been conquered by him, making him unable vent his hatred… This Lunar Scourge is definitely not an ordinary item. Being able to spawn an item spirit, maybe it’s grade is Mysterious God… even Saint Destroyer! Right now even if you begged him, he would definitely not destroy it.

As for this witch… this woman that is so enchanting that she can easily capture people’s souls. He admits, he really finds it a bit difficult, or maybe it would be more accurate to say unwilling to lay his hands on her… Not to mention, she is just the item spirit of Lunar Scourge.

The witch’s lips heavily pursed, like a young girl that had been majorly wronged and was about to cry: “Come on little master, I know I was wrong… If you’re still angry, then hit my butt hard, don’t be mean to me, okay… I will obediently listen to little master’s words. I will do whatever  little master wants me to do, even if little master wants me to take off my clothes and sleep with little master, I will also…”

“You… What is your name!!” Ling Chen felt his blood freeze, forcibly interrupting her. He is afraid that if this witch continues speaking, his will power will eventually break.

“Then, is little master still mad at me?” The witch blinked her misty eyes, saying pitifully.

“Tell me your name and I won’t be angry.”

After finishing this line, Ling Chen himself was first startled for a moment. He discovered, towards this witch in front of him the anger and enmity that he was holding back in his heart had actually completely disappeared. The hate of taking one’s soul is even greater than taking one’s life. The pain that he had suffered before was still vivid in his mind, but towards this witch, right now he couldn’t even muster up a hint of enmity… instead, what he felt more towards her were the waves of desire that he was stubbornly suppressing.

This scary woman…

She is Lunar Scourge’s item spirit. If I’m always carrying this Lunar Scourge on me from now on, does that mean that I have to bring around this woman everyday… Thinking here, a slight chaos appeared in his heart. Spending a long period of time with this woman that has a terrifyingly strong allure towards men, he didn’t know if there would be a day where he would be unable to completely resist, unable to control himself…

Towards this terrifying woman, he discovered that really didn’t have any confidence.

My name is Qi Yue, the qi of poignant beauty, the yue of crescent moon. Don’t forget it little master.” Yelling out her own name, the witch’s pitiful expression of grievance also disappeared without a trace, being replaced by an overwhelmingly beautiful smile: “I’ve already spoken out my name, little master needs to keep to his word and not be mad at me anymore!”

Ling Chen let out a long breath, doing his best to not let his eyes meet with the witch’s. He lifted up his left hand saying: “Tell me, this ‘Lunar Scourge’, what is it?”

Qi Yue took two steps forward in an elegant stance, carrying an intoxicating fragrant air that shook Ling Chen’s sense of smell and his soul. Her enchanting eyes looking at her little master with a tenderness like soft silk, slightly opening her pink lips and releasing a misty, charming voice: “Right now little master is the master of “Lunar Scourge”. If little master wants to find out anything about it, it can be very easily done.”

Before, when Ling Chen scanned for its information what he got was a pile of “????”. Listening to Qi Yue’s words, Ling Chen felt enlightened, lifting up his left wrist to his eyes, scanning it again… Immediately, the information of this black crescent moon fully displayed in his mind.

[Lunar Scourge]: Type: Luna Chain, Grade: Unknown, Equipment Requirements: Exclusive to “Ling Tian”, cannot be unequipped, cannot be dropped, cannot be discarded, cannot be traded, cannot be stolen. An ancient item of evil. Forged by the highest ranking moon god of an ancient time by collecting the hatred, resentment, aura of death, aura of blood and remnant power  from the gods, devils, humans, demons, beasts, and spirits that had died in the war of the gods and devils. Investing 1000 years of effort, gathering countless sins, sanguinary, hatred and cruelty in one, the fusion of endless negativity. The day it was completed the entire world darkened, dark clouds enveloped all of Forgotten continent. The highest moon god initially wanted to purify its power and then control it, but instead suffered its engulfment, his body and soul being destroyed, perishing at that moment. The forces constituting of Lunar Scourge resulted in it becoming the world’s most loathed, most ominous object, also becoming an item that the moon god clan will stop at nothing to destroy. Its existence was bearing the punishment of the heaven’s at every moment, until the day that the pillars of its strength all scattered, from then on no more news of it was ever heard of. Forgotten continent also after this long period of time, forgot about the legends related to it.

Ling Chen: “…”

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