Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 20

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Volume 1 Chapter 20: The Forgotten Cave

How can he leave the world of “Mystic Moon “, Ling Chen’s mind is still a bit chaotic After all, if there is no way to escape from the abyss, he will really be stuck there forever. This is not a laughing matter… There is no chance to restart in the 《Mystic Moon》 world, if he wanted to delete his account he can’t ever go back again. This setting for Mystic Moon is very fair, but also relatively ruthless.

After waking up Shui Ruo he took her out to feel the morning breeze. While feeding her breakfast, Ling Chen’s mind wandered many times. Coaxing Shui Ruo to sleep after breakfast, Ling Chen re-entered the world of Mystic Moon.

Today is the second day of Mystic Moon. (TL: first person stuck in a cave)

“DING … Welcome back to 《Mystic Moon》, we wish you a happy experience.”

Ling Chen reappears in the bottomless pit that makes people hopeless, he looks around him, the space stretches a couple dozen meters, where his eyes reached, all directions are walls so high that the top cannot be seen, unable to find any gaps. He looked up, due to the height, he can only see a gray haze, almost unable to see the existence of any light. Ling Chen stood thinking for a long time, walking towards the wall, then slowly walking along the walls, at the same time with every step, using the novice sword in his hands to hit two times on the stone wall.

Bang, bang!

Bang, bang!

Bang, bang!

Ling Chen eyebrows tightened up, he walk at an uniform and slow pace, he is not willing to be trapped here, although it looks hopeless, but at least he doesn’t want to give up without trying.
Bang, bang!

Bang, bang!

Dong, dong …

Ling Chen’s footsteps suddenly stopped, turning his bodya nd glancing at the wall, proceeding to continue moving forward.

Dong, dong ……

Dong, dong ……

Bang, bang!

Ling Chen took a step back, standing still, and looking at the wall in front of him. That hollow sound just like knocking on a fragile wooden board, this sound told him, the surface of the stone walls is thin, as thin as a sheet of paper. He reached his hands out, touching the wall. Exactly as he thought, this part of the wall is already thin to the point that it can’t be thinner, instead of saying it’s a stone wall, it would be better to say that it is a thick pile of dust accumulated over a long period of tim. Because right when Ling Chen’s hand touched it,, slightly applying pressure, the 2×2 meter part of the wall under a cloud of flying dust… directly collapsed.

Ling Chen: “…..”

In front of him, appearing a pitch black unknown space.

“This is amazing … what it is in here!?” Looking at the entrance of the space, Ling Chen did not move forward, his face showing a deeply puzzled and slightly surprised look. He was not surprised by the collapsing wall, instead…after the “wall” collapsed, the incredibly accurate 2×2 meter square hole! Exceptionally smooth edges, square, straight.

This is a door, a real door!

The door can’t be naturally formed, but can only be made by someone, or some creatures with a very high intelligence. The so-called wall is not a real wall, the debris that was flying in the air was also not simply dust… The debris under his feet told him, this is clearly a wooden door, simply rotting because of the long time it existed, and then being covered by a thick layer of dust after a long time of quietness, making it seem as one with the surrounding walls. But because it is already complete rotted, just lightly pushing, and it already fell over.

To think that there used to be life that lived here before… and from the looks of it after that, it’s already been a long time since anyone’s set foot here.. Perhaps the original owners who lived here already perished.

A faint light coming from the space ahead, Ling Chen slowly stepped in.

“Ding … you have discovered a mysterious new area, Fame + 1oo, EXP + 1ooo.The new area is temporarily designated as ‘The Forgotten Cave’, the system has registered ‘The Forgotten Cave’, and has activated automatic exploration. Since you are the first player to discover ‘The Forgotten Cave’, the system will explore and give you the information obtained in a timely manner. ”

Ling Chen: “……”

A place that the system doesn’t even know about it!? (TL: AI? Robot rebellion? Terminator?)
It’s impossible! (TL: the MT said unscientific) (Sylver: Yes, for things that don’t make sense one way the Chinese say it is “This isn’t scientific”. Makes sense I think)

He doesn’t think much about it, stepping across the square door, entering into the space ahead.

“Ding …… You have entered the first floor of ‘The Forgotten Cave’, a large number of wandering cursed termite are present, please be ready for battle.

“Cursed termites? Such monsters exist?” (TL: using a wood door to stop termite? BRILLIANT!)
Ling Chen has not enough time to be surprised, already seeing in front of him a large group wriggling white shadows.

It’s a giant ant with a white body and a meter long! (TL: ok now I see why he insist on 2×2)

Cursed termites: Type: Demonic Beast, Level: 3, HP: 100, originally a group of ordinary termites, under long-term infection from an unknown source of demonic magic they become evil, gaining huge body and weak magic attributes, their temperament has become violent, and they will take the initiative to attack any intruder. Their attack can cause the “blind” effect.

Those termites are the biggest that Ling Chen has ever seen of his life. They are also the first monsters with magic properties.

Cursed termites inherit the habits of ordinary termites, they are always in a group, never alone, they move very quickly, they all gathered in front of Ling Chen in a flash.
Such a large group of enemy is enough to make a LV10 player’s blood freeze. But for Ling Chen who can fight at level 2 against level 5 evil wolves, those termites with lower level than him aren’t dangerous. He steps towards the ant colony, and using [Little Crescent Slash] attack sweeping out, hitting the three termites in front of him.


A termite died immediately from the critical hit, the other two were left with less than half of their remaining life, Ling Chen used again [Little Crescent Slash] and the two termites fell down. While attacking, he constantly shifts his position, so there is no chance of being surrounded by the termites, after each time he change position, there will be two termite that fall under his novice sword, after a little while, this not too large space filled with the bodies of termites, once a termite died another will appeared from nowhere, densely packed and rushing towards him.

“Ding … … System discovery, there is a way to move forward to ‘The Forgotten Caves ‘ second area, killing 1000 ‘ cursed termites ‘, and the road will open on their own. ” (TL: termite-nator!!.. really lame, tired.)

As soon as Ling Chen kill a termite a warning flashed, and his speed is becoming faster and faster. Although there is a high number of termite and they attack together, but this time, they have encounter Ling Chen with pinnacle positioning and judgement, they fall one by one, from the beginning to the end they couldn’t graze Ling Chen once. Instead, their excessively huge number allow the [Little Crescent Slash] to be used in its full potential, Ling Chen killing rate also reaching its peak.

100 … (TL: a power of 5….(pathetic))

200 …

300… (TL: power level of 322 not bad, but nothing compared to me…)

600… (TL: wh..what a power of 710 and it’s close!!!…)


800 … …

900 … … (TL: po..wer level of 1307!?)

Ling Chen with the continuous the action of attacking and shifting his position, while silently calculating the remaining number. In less than an hour later, with a strike from Ling Chen, the 1000th termite falls at his feet. After killing the termites, no new termites appear, everything has returned into silence, only Ling Chen and the termite’s body’s remains.


A dull sound reach his ear, in front of him a glowing wall suddenly shifted, descending slowly and revealing a passage, the passage revealed the walls stopped moving. The door is very narrow, enough space for one person.

“Ding …… you killed successfully a thousand ‘cursed termites’, the door to the second area of “The Forgotten Cave” is revealed.

It’s another door…

What is hidden inside? At the end of the door, what is it?

If the termites were cursed by the influence of magic, then the previous owner, the one living here is a demon?
While thinking, Ling Chen walk toward the front, stepping into the gate, and a sound rang in his ears: “Ding…… There are stronger guardians in “The Forgotten Cave” second area, please be ready for the battle.”

Passing through the door completely, he heard a noise behind him, he just walked past and the door closed behind him without warning. Ling Chen frowned, he tried pushing the door, but it stood motionless.

Why did the door shut so suddenly……you can only move forward, not backward! ?

He didn’t have much time to be surprised, because in front of him, came at least more than a dozen monsters carrying the atmosphere of danger.. Then under the light, he saw a monster as big as an adult alligator …… a giant scorpion!

[Cursed King Scorpion]: Type: Demonic Beast, Level: 5, Grade: 1 Star Elite, HP: 410, originally a group of ordinary Scorpion Kings, after long-term infection of demonic magic from unknown an origin, their body grow bigger and gained weak magical attributes, their nature has become more brutal, they will search actively and attack any intruder, their stinger can poison the target, Their attack can cause “Instant Death”.

Ling Chen: “……”


20 cursed scorpion kings.

Ling Chen holds the newbie sword tighter, his eyes beaming, because it’s not just 20 normal monster …but 20 1 star elite monster!!

One-star elite is 2 times stronger than ordinary monsters of the same level, but nothing more. But it is, after all, elite monsters, very low frequencies of appearance, But it is after all elite monsters, frequency normally appears very low, regular players usually have to help god knows how many old grandmas across the street before being able to meet an elite monster while farming. And here, before his eyes, actually all of a sudden appearing twenty.(Sylver: The grandma thing is basically talking about karma)

Ling Chen’s agitation towards the 20 elite’s monster is not out of fear … … Instead, 20 one-star elite, that represents a full 100 skill points!!

Thinking of it, his saliva almost drooled out.

Ordinary players encounter the same level of one-star elite, against one they can be handle it, against two they can try their luck, if three appears he can only run.In the whole China, not many people, can feel arrogant in the front of full 20 elites-one-star monsters with levels above themselves and thinking about the soon obtainable SP.

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