Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 14

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Volume 1 Chapter 14: 3 Star Elite

The wolf’s speed was clearly faster than the wild boar’s, not even getting close, an air of brutality rushing forward. When it approached Ling Chen, the wolf’s speed suddenly exploded, viciously pouncing at his chest.


Following the slight twist of Ling Chen’s body, a violent wind blew past his face, making part of his face slightly sting. Ling Chen squinted his eyes, his right foot that stepped backward when he twisted his body taking a large step forward, novice sword plainly thrusting forward, continuously piercing the wolf twice.

-38, MISS.

Wolves are your model glass cannons, their defense a bit worse than the wild boars. But as long as you aren’t an idiot you would know that being bit by a wolf would definitely hurt more than being hit by a boar. The attacked wolf let out a pained howl, quickly turning around, but it did not attack, instead raising its head, letting out a deep howl.

Immediately, all the wolves within a 30 meter radius stopped what they were doing, letting out a howl similar to a respond, and then turned their heads together, charging towards Ling Chen’s location… Ling Chen examined the situation, the number of wolves pouncing at him are in total 1, 2, 3… 6, 7… including the one in front of him, a total of 8!

The only player here is Ling Chen, there is no one here farming to help him separate the pack, so with a howl. all of the wolves unmistakably charged at him. Against such a force, even a LV5 player… Not saying one, even a party of 5,6 LV3 players, would all run away scared, not childishly thinking that they could fight off the simultaneous attack of 8 wolves. Ling Chen’s eyes scanned their locations, but did not run out of the wolf territory, instead heading straight for the first wolf.


The wolf’s dodge rate is clearly higher than the wild boar’s, adding the level suppression, Ling Chen’s five attacks, there were at least 3 MISS. The hurt wolf waved its claws pouncing at him, but only getting air, before its front paw even moved, Ling Chen had already accurately predicted its displacement, perfectly dodging it using the smallest movement. He then used the short opening to quickly attack, continuously cutting into the wolf’s body 3 times.

-37, MISS, -90!!

After a big “MISS”, a purple damage flamboyantly floated upwards from the wolf’s head.

Critical + pierce!

The chances of activating critical and pierce simultaneously are very small. With Ling Chen’s current 5% pierce. rate and 7% crit. rate, the chances of him simultaneously activating critical and pierce are only 3/1000. But once activated, the damage dealt was undeniably impressive. Under Ling Chen’s “critical pierce”, the wolf’s HP dropped more than half, adding the two attacks from before, it had already entered the critical state.

The other 7 wolves at this moment came from different directions, and then with a savage cry rushed at Ling Chen.

The sound of wind from 7 different directions rang by Ling Chen’s ears, his vision can only look in one direction, but in his head, there appeared 8 clear wolf images. Wolves have strong explosive power, their speed when pouncing is also relatively scary. A wolf’s pounce from the front, normal people already have a hard time avoiding it, moreover there are 7… and 1 who could turn around and bite at any moment.

Ling Chen’s mind was completely focused, his face showing a bit of caution… this is his first time after entering 《Mystic Moon》 becoming serious. Under his acute senses, reactions and judgement that surpassed a human’s limit, when the 7 wolves raised their bodies making pouncing motions, their movements, direction, and line of displacement clearly appeared in his head. His body suddenly lowered, right foot kicking at the ground, using the force generated from the kick to charge forward with his body at an unbelievable angle. Immediately, two gusts of wind carrying a bloody aura sailed across his back. His left hand lightly touched the ground, his body doing a nimble roll using the charging momentum, The 3 wolves attacking from the left all missing, while the last 2 wolves collided with a “BAM” the instant he dodged.


Finding that Ling Chen had unexpectedly appeared at its side that wolf quickly twisted its body, opening its mouth, using its sharp fangs to bite towards his neck, but Ling Chen’s movements were a lot faster than its. The novice sword that slid across the wolf’s body with a “MISS” almost without pausing, directly cutting backwards, once again piercing the wolf’s body.


The HP of the wolf that was hit by the “critical pierce” instantly emptied. Its movements stopped, and then fell on the ground with a sorrowful howl, dropping a dark white wolf fang and 2 copper coins.

Conveniently grabbing the wolf fang, behind him, 3 gusts of wind assaulted him together, Ling Chen didn’t turn around, his body in a squatting position lying down in an instant, concurrently swing his right arm, a “Full Power Strike” cutting upwards.


3 grey wolf figures pounced over Ling Chen’s body, the one in the middle being sliced in the stomach by the full power strike, unfortunately it’s a big “MISS”. Ling Chen quickly got up, completely avoiding the attacks of the other wolves at the same time. He then pinpointed an opening, stabbing forward.

The pack of wolves moved crazily, bringing up sand as they pounced, accompanied by overlapping howls.

Ling Chen’s body like an illusory shadow, dancing between the grey figures of the 7 wolves, at times moving right at time moving left, and at times like having a death wishing suddenly rushing towards the pack of wolves that he purposely grouped together…

His positioning appeared completely random, as if moving as he pleased. Yet, if there was a player here, he would doubtlessly be dumbstruck by Ling Chen’s swaying figure. As if looking at an alien that could not be measured by common terms. Because every time Ling Chen moved, where he stepped would always be an opening that had just appeared, his next position, another opening, and the previous opening would almost instantly be covered by a frenzied wolf.

Under his calm exterior, nobody could imagine the number of images that instantly crossed in his brain.

Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh! Fwoosh!

In a second, as if performing magic he shifted his body four times, when his feet landed on the ground, in front of him was the completely open wolf pack. He swiftly charged at the wolf that he had focused all of his attacks on, two “Full Power Strikes” fiercely stabbing towards it.

MISS, -58!

A blue critical damage number floated up from the wolf’s body, the second wolf also fell on the ground with a sorrowful cry, dropping a wolf fang and a red potion.

Being surrounded by the wolf pack, from an outsider’s perspective, each time he time dodged was always alarmingly dangerous, a hair-widths mistake and he would be buried under the claws of the wolves. Yet in such a concentrated group of enemies, the rate that he attacked was not at all low. Striking at an average of every 3 seconds, every instantaneous opening, all his moments to accurately strike. Not to mention every time he attacked, it would always strike that same target, until it fell. Not only is he avoiding their attacks, at the same time, creating openings while dodging, controlling their positions.

Someone that can do this to such an extent, of all the people that he knew there were only two… that is “Eve”, and that underworld instructor that should already be dead –“Hell”.

Following the death of the second wolf, Ling Chen dealt with the situation a lot easier. The wolves’ attacks became more and more fierce, but no matter how strong their explosive power, they couldn’t even touch Ling Chen’s shadow, instead becoming dizzy under Ling Chen’s control, constantly biting their companions.




Following another “Full Power Strike”, the last wolf fell by Ling Chen’s feet. The entire process took not even 5 minutes. Ling Chen picked up the 8th wolf fang and placed it in his bag, expressionlessly walking towards the top of the cliff where the wolves are even more concentrated. Killing higher level monsters, he already clearly recognized the extreme drawbacks. What stands out the most is the hit rate… An average of 3 “MISS” out of 5 attacks. If hit rate could be high enough, then the rate that he killed these wolves would greatly increase. But telling him to put his AP into agility, he is extremely unwilling. Right now he wants to reach LV5 as fast as he can, closing the level gap between the wolves, and then equipping the iron bracers that add 2 points of hit rate. At that time, the rate of killing these wolves will increase by many fold.

A whole afternoon, Ling Chen stayed on top of Wolf’s Cliff, killing the wolves here with all his strength. 100 wolf fangs are needed to complete the blacksmith’s quest, completing Wang Ji’s quest requires 1000, in total it’s 1100 wolf fangs. At his current kill rate and the time everyday he can spend in the game world, it will probably take until around tomorrow night to finish these two quests.

“DING… Congratulations you have leveled up, now LV3, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5 AP.”

Killing wolves for an entire afternoon, the time was already approaching nightfall, Ling Chen at last reached LV3. He finally stopped for the moment killing wolves, sitting on the rock at the highest point of Wolf’s Cliff and letting out a breath. He then opened his stat page… Immediately, he rolled his eyes, almost falling from the cliff.

The experience points required to upgrade from LV3 to LV4 are 5 times that of LV2 to LV3.

The f*ck…

Slightly hesitating for a bit, Ling Chen decided to put all of his AP into strength. He counted the wolf fang’s in his bag, then looking at the time, running down the cliff. He decided to first hand in the blacksmith’s quest,, and then go offline to take care of Shui Ruo.

At this moment, an incredibly desolate howl came from behind, Ling Chen paused, quickly turning around, surprisingly finding, at the spot he had just stopped, a massive 2 meter tall wolf was howling, on top of its head, 3 gold stars shined.

3 star elite!!

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