Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43 – The Preceding Hero’s Hot Blooded Guidance? 2

Shuutou (Assault Step).

If anyone has ever once taken a step into Chuuni, they have probably heard of this, 『Shukuchihou (Act of Reduced Earth)』.

Developed from that Shukuchihou, it’s a walking technique meant for use in ultra-high speed battle.

That was the setting for it……

, but after coming to this world, it’s also one of the techniques can be made possible.

「Le~t’s see, first of all, you guys, try taking ten steps forward from there.」


「Just do it.」

All students present tilted their heads at my words.

Due to Alicia beginning to walk, everyone finally started to walk.

Good. So everyone has walked ten steps. With the step length and the way they walk being scattered, even with ten steps, there’s a slight difference in the gaps between the students.

「Now then, next, try walking as if you’re trying to kick the ground in front of your foot behind you. Don’t worry about your step length, got it? Try putting strength only in your legs.」

And then, the students walked back to the spot they were at before. There were students that made exaggerated movements but, after walking ten steps, everyone seemed to have noticed it.

「There was a reasonable change in walking speed, right? Putting it simply, Shuutou just immensely does this.」

It just produces a speed that looks like teleportation with an absurd walking ability.

See? It’s awfully simple, right?

「Th, there’s no way anyone can do that!」

Henrietta shouted like she was angry. Well, that’s true.

「Well, normally, it’s impossible. But naturally, there is a way to do it.」

『Fufun. A designation?』

Looking at Alicia with a glance, she smiled because she got the gist of it, and asked via the piercing.

『Yeah, it’s your turn, Princess.』

『There’s no helping it. Well, this is also a wife’s duty, I suppose.』

While saying that, taking one step forward, Alicia came next to me in an instant.


I’m sure that it looked like teleportation for everyone except me and Alicia.

The movements from the stepping out all the way to the landing were so clean, that it could only be seen as such.

「Accumulating Maryoku at the bottom of the foot, you release it as momentum by making it lightly explode while to step out. And then, at the time you stop, you just have to do the opposite of that. Putting a break on the Maryoku’s release, you catch hold of the ground with the bottom of the foot. That’s all to it.」

「This……It isn’t, as simple of a technique, as you say it is.」

「Heeh……So you noticed.」

Eri looked at me with an extremely displeased face. ……No, sorry, I can’t see as anything but expressionless. However, seeing as how I somehow heard her as displeased, she probably is displeased.

「Well, you’ll understand if you try it around there but, this is surprisingly difficult. It does demand accurate Maryoku control after all. ……Well, it’s faster if you just try it out. Go on.」

As I said that, Henrietta started to accumulate Maryoku at her feet and,


「っ! ……Fu, fufu! I did it!!」

in an instant, she moved about 10-odd meters away.

Still not having perfected the way to stop, there was something like the traces from sliding on the ground left over, but even so, she did it in one shot.

『……Though I thought that there were some various disappointing things about her but, she’s surprisingly amazing, that Henrietta. To think that she’d do something that took you three days to do……』

『Ugu……W, well sorry about that! I’m not like Sylvia-onee-chan who is a magician that seems to specialize only in fighting you know.』

When I say that through the piercing, Alicia looked at me from beside my field of vision and puffed up her face.

「When done by me, a technique of this level can be done simply so long as I know how to do it –desu wa!」

O~ ho ho ho. Henrietta displayed the loud laughter that was the characteristic of an ojou-sama.

Fufufu, well, certainly, I’ll praise you for being amazing. ……However, you still, don’t know the real Shuutou!

「Well then, Henrietta, try doing a change of course.」

「Ch, change of course………-desu no?」

「That’s right. When I first used it on you, I would have crashed into you if I did a straight on course, right? And so, how I was standing at your back, was because I used Shuutou twice to go around you. You were surprisingly able to do it once but, doing it twice is fairly difficult you know.」

The source is Alicia and Sylvia. At a time I didn’t know about, they were able to do it.

They probably did special training that we didn’t know about.

「Hu, hmph. Very well then. ……S, something of this level……!?」


「Uwahh……He, Henrietta-san, are you alright?」

「Th, that went forehead first, didn’t it!?」

Seeing Henrietta slide from failing the change of course, the boys and girls started to make a fuss.


「……She’s dead.」

「I, I haven’t died!」

Eri rushed to the collapsed Henrietta using Shuutou and checked her pulse. And then Henrietta stood up while pressing down on her forehead.

Ah, she’s teary eyed.


「You mastered it in this short amount of time……ッ!」

「How’s that.」

Her black hair fluttering on the wind, Eri struck a “How’s that” face with a strange pose!

At her back, the Stand also took the pose!!

「Yashiro-sensei, what you’re looking at isn’t me. ……At your back, this truth will occur.」


When I turned to place Eri pointed at, in other words, behind me, I caught a glimpse of the truth.

「Wakyah!? U, uugh~……It’s difficult.」

What was there was the figure of a young lady that had fallen with her face on the ground.

……If it were just this one sentence, you probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with it (with just the point that she’s fallen, the situation is already abnormal).

However, how about if you change the two words of 『young lady』 to 『Mana』?

「U, using her own boobs, as a cushion!?」

How unexpected! That was the shameless bust that didn’t match the short height characteristic of a little girl!

As if to protect its master, the shameless bust stuck itself in between the ground and Mana, and limited the damage done to Mana to the minimum!!

「……I see. In other words………big breasts are invincible, is that what this means?」

「That’s right. And then, Mana = invincible. 」

I, right here, have attained a new sworn friend.

「Yashiro-sensei~! Please properly look at us too!」

「I have no interest in guys.」

「The difference in treatment with girls is mean!」

Though I say that, honestly speaking, I can’t teach anything but the outline of it.

I don’t have any Maryoku after all. In the first place, the Shuutou was my hard work that Sylvia went off on her own to reproduce and is just something that she spread around among her friends………。

「Remember the feeling of tumbling down. If you don’t, you won’t get any stronger you know?」


Well, I’ll ignore the boys. ……The problem is,

「Are you alright? Mana」

「Eh, ah, ha, hahi!」

the young lady that possesses a voluptuous bust that women who possess the same thing can only see as a bother.

Haven’t you heard these before? 「They’re a bother in doing exercise」「Stiff shoulders」「There aren’t many of this size bra」「Sexy」

……That’s right, those were the words of females that possess huge breast. By the way, that last one was my word.

Even the big breasts, which are a symbol of happiness from the men’s point of view, are nothing but two enormous weights from the women’s point of view.

She’s moving around while carrying such things, you could say that she bears an overwhelming handicap.

「Mana, you don’t have to do the Shuutou. ……It’s hard with that chest, isn’t it.」

「N, no, I’ll do my best!」

At my words, Mana stood up in a fluster, and gathered Maryoku at her feet to try to use Shuutou.

「Wait, wait! I’m not trying to have you give up anything. From the start, I was going to teach Mana a method other than Shuutou.」

「Is, is that true?」

Uwah, not good.

This use of an upward glance with teary eyes is seriously not good. I don’t care if I’m a lolicon anymore.

「Ha, bloodlust!?」

「A third time won’t work, huh.」

Promptly turning around to the spirit’s fist rush that Eri had fired, I block it with one arm.

「……And, we’ve hit a derailment in the conversation.」

「N, no way………」

Knocking down Eri’s Spirit with a single attack, I turn around to Mana.

And then, I plunge my hand into my fourth dimensional tool bag.

「I had heard from Doto-sensei that Mana’s forte is using your head more than moving your body. For such a Mana, this is a tool that allows you to move without moving your legs. ……or rather, I present to you a tool that flies through the skies!」

「Fly, through the sky!?」

Eri shouted at my words. Well, of course she would. In this world, to fly through the sky, it would require a gigantic motive power like a magic airship.

However, I had an item, which had a size that was able to fit inside my fourth dimensional tool bag, that could make flying through the sky possible!

「As expected, a witch’s necessary item is this, isn’t it.」

I handed that over to Mana.

「……This is……a broom?」

That’s right, a witch’s necessary item……it’s a sky flying broom.

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