Sendai Yuusha wa Inkyou Shitai – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42 – The Preceding Hero’s Hot Blooded Guidance? 1

After that, although a dispute had unfolded with Ariadne-san, the white swimsuits and uniforms were safely made and bought, and, with two days passing after returning from Altiera with Bernadette on my shoulders, I conducted my third lesson in Lizwadia Academy.


This is probably the most used phrase in the Alexelia. After all, it is the activation key in order to invoke magic.

The activation key. It’s one of the components that doesn’t exist in the Ishrel language.

The difference in the presence or absence of the activation key is their structure, and could be said to be the difference of how they should be. Keith, why do you think they are different?」

「I don’t know!」

「Saying that loudly and honestly is a good thing.

The difference between the many magic languages that originated from the Ishrel language and the Alexelia language. ……Well, simply put, because languages like the Ishrel language forcibly draw the spirit’s power into the world and interfere with it, it causes a phenomenon but, the Alexelia language praises and praises and praises the spirits to the heavens that they get motivated and bring their intervention to the world………something like that.」

I explained while writing the meaning of the previous words on the blackboard with chalk.

「『Dima・Yolge・Twol・Elementia』. When translated, it is 『won’t you please listen spirit-sama』……or something to that effect. A person that uses the Alexelia language probably wouldn’t do this but, what I want you to be cautious of is the 『Yolge』. When this is made to be 『Yolgu』, it turns it in to a demeanor where you talk to the other party as an equivalent or that you are above them.」

I surround a portion of the sentence with a circle. Yes, this will appear on the test.



The bell that was in Lizwadia’s clock tower marks the lesson’s end.

Just as it happens, the student start to clamor with an 「It’s finished~!」

It’s kind of like, even in another world, this kind of thing doesn’t change.

「Everyone, the class still hasn’t finished you know?」

With a bit severe way of speaking, Henrietta said such to the students.

From the students that “not good, not good” appearance and were correcting themselves, this time, Henrietta looked at me. She had a look that said 「By all means, please continue.」

「Well then, today’s lesson is over. If you would.」

「Stand! ……Bow!」

When Henrietta, who had the position of the class representative, stood up, all of the students followed that and stood up, and thanked me.

「「「「Thank you very much!」」」」

「Ou, good job.」

When the salutations for the end of class finish, the students start to clamor.

As for why, it was because it was finally the lunch break.

Lizwadia’s lessons are a bit strange in that it’s been settled that the lesson for one day is only a single subject.

Although breaks are taken midway, repeating the same thing throughout a straight few hours is probably tiring.

Well, since there is a proper reason for making the same lesson in the time of a single day, there aren’t any complaints but,

「This is also pretty hard work for the teacher as well.」

Although it becomes elective courses starting from the afternoon, lessons have been going all morning.

You’ve also gotta take these small breaks like this.



As I was collecting various teaching materials, since I heard a call out to me, when I looked that way, about five male and female students were coming closer to the teacher’s desk.

「Is your time after school, open!?」

……W, why are you asking that while your eyes are shining?

「Ah~, yup. ……It’s open?」

「Is that true!?」

It’s true but what about it. If I had to say there was anything, I was invited by a hungry Sister-san to a Lizwadia’s dessert conquest but, well, it probably isn’t bad if I make the students a priority.

「Please teach us magic combat!」


「Magic combat!」

「We, want to become strong and cool magicians just like Yashiro-sensei!」

「Me too!」

Not only Keith, the surrounding boys and girls come in front of me.

「…………Strong and cool?」


The boys and girls vigorously nodded.

……Fu, fufu. ……There’s no helping it if you go that far in saying it. I can’t go flat out refusing the students’ request either, after all! Even if I am temporary, right now, I am a lecturer, in other words, I am their teacher!

「After school, assemble at the second practice grounds……First of all, I’ll have you all show me your strength.」

Folding my arms, with a more pretty boy face than usual (in proportion to me), I informed them in a cool way.

When I said that like a soldier of a long military service, Keith and the five male and female students,


answered like that in a loud response.

…………It’s kind of, it’s kind of good.

This feeling of being relied on!

「Uh, uhmm…!」


As I was glowing with self-satisfaction, I was suddenly called out to from behind.

When I turn around, what was there was the glasses girl Mana Lurie and the cool, long black haired girl Eri Trestoria.

「P, please, teach me, as well!」

*Burun!* (Wobble!)

Vigorously lowering her head, the twin mounds that were hidden in Mana’s robe made a sound and swayed (auditory hallucination).

「A, amazing.」

「As expected of the second department students’ ultimate weapon.」

「I wanna be inserted in there…!」

The boys and girls behind me raised voices of admiration at that intensity.

Fufun! There’s a way for me to look at those big breast up close! Very well!

「……Yashiro-san, the bottom of your nose is stretching.」


The calm, or rather, cool Eri had, while staying expressionless, shown a sneer that was an amazing facial expression in a plain way.

Being the dependable man overflowing with dandyism that I am, I return my facial expression to the pretty boy (in proportion to me) with a *kiri* (snap).

「So, by teach……you mean magic combat?」

「Yes! ……I, have bad grades in magic battles so……」

Ah~ ……yeah. I get it, I totally get it. I think that it’s those boobs getting in the way. Therefore, shall we go in from work to diminish those boobs? If I massage and diminish them, the chest will become smaller and Mana will be happy and I, having massaged boobs, will be happy.

I think that it’ll be a WIN WIN situation for the both of us, so how about it?

*Gosu!* (Bam!)

「Gufu!? ……Wh, what are you, doing all of a sudden, you little……」

Together with a dull sound, pain ran on my forehead. Along with my response to the pain being late, knowing the source of that pain, I look at “Eri”.

「I won’t let Mana’s boobs, be touched by anyone but me.」

The arm that was stretched out at my forehead was, standing in front of Eri, the big arm of a muscular, brawny, semi-transparent spirit-like man that was like a log.

Being hazy from the lower half and unable to be seen, and only being an upper half, having been taught by Alicia, I knew what it was.

That was, a Summon Element.

An existence that was constantly nearby and was constantly not nearby, an Element.

A Summon Element is when, the summoned target is employed and is something like a derivative of the Summoner that placed it under their control.

A Summon Element and a general Summon. Both of them require a target to employ and an agreement to be made but, the general Summon makes the positions in hierarchy distinct. Of course, the Summoner is the master.

Compared to that, the Element Summoner seems to have an agreement where there’s an equal standing with the Spirit.

A friend or a companion, that kind of awareness is important is what Alicia also said if I remember correctly.

Eri’s Spirit, which was made up of a hazy red light, returned its fist that was swung out at me, and folded its arms and stood behind Eri.

「To think, that I’d get a forehead flick by a Spirit.」

「Yashiro-sensei, is probably a long serving warrior. ……If it’s just a recklessly swung fist, it won’t hit.」

「And that’s why it required a clever scheme, huh. ……There won’t be a second time you know?」

「I know that. ……If the message has gotten through, even the forehead flick wasn’t needed.」

Eri and I face each other. And then, behind Eri, the Stand folded its arms and waited for the decisive moment.

At the time that the tension born between us reached its climax, that moved.

「Ya, Yashiro-sensei!」

「Ah, sorry. I forgot.」

Mana had become teary eyed. ……Wh, what could it be, this mysterious feeling. That’s right, this is from that time, like that time when I cross-examined that Luxeria receptionist that wasn’t Busty-chan……

*Gosu!* (Bam!)


「The only one allowed to make Mana cry, is me.」

「To think that I’d get hit a second time.」

「If Mana hadn’t shown a tear-stained face, the one to lose would’ve been me.」

「That’s admirable……There won’t be a third time you know?」

「A head-on match……I accept the challenge.」

「Pl, please properly listen to me Sensei!」

I got told off.

「So, what was it again? Mana also wants to receive it as well?」


Mana vigorously nodded.

Uumu……It’s great that you have the motivation but, you won’t quickly improve so simply, you know? I can’t use basic magic, after all.

「But you don’t have any physical strength.」

「Yeah, that’s right, Mana does immediately rest after all.」

The boys and girls said that mixed with bitter smiles.

Certainly, she doesn’t look like the Magic Swordswoman type. Rather, she looks more like the researcher type.

「っ……B, but……I, will do my best!」

Mana’s eyes looked at me while accumulating tears.

……Fumu. Looks like she’s self-aware of her own lack of physical strength.

In that case.

「I got it. It’s fine for Mana as well.」

「R, really!?」

With a *Paa!*, Mana raised her head and showed a smile.

Next to her, Eri had――Eri’s spirit had raised its hand.

「Don’t raise your hand with the spirit. If you have a question, raise your own hand.」

「Naturally, I’ll also participate.」

It wasn’t even a question.

Seven people huh………Nn~, this sure has gotten troublesome.

「Well, whatever. ……Ou, do what you want. After school, got it?」


「Y, yes!」


The feeling of being relied on making me happy, while enduring the smile that wanted to come up, gallantly, I walked towards the staff room.

「……So, I certainly did give the OK but, ……why did the two of you come?」

When I arrived at the practicing grounds, what was there was the boys and girls, Mana and Eri, and then, Alicia and Henrietta.

「Nfufu~. Because I’m your wife.」

「Oi, fool, stop it. My suspicions of being a lolicon are gagagaga」

Alicia, you little rascal……Ever since that coming out the other day, you’ve been gradually coming without the pretending!

「I, I just couldn’t approve of leaving a shameless teacher like you alone!」

*Ki* (Glint). Henrietta turned her sharp eyes at me.

Even Henrietta, ever since the case from the other day with Henrietta, she’s been completely seeing me as a pervert.

……No, well, it’s not like I have problems with being a pervert, ‘kay? It’s kind of like, I’m being thought of as “I knew it, he’s a lolicon”.

Well, though I say this, seeing as how she does a follow-up for me during lessons like she did earlier, I do think that I’ve gotten her approval but………

「Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Since I’m not going to teach you anything that amazing.」


Taking my words at face value, the boys and girls became dejected. Mana also looked a bit disappointed.

「What I’m first going to teach you all is a technique that anyone who has the potential to use magic can do『if they are human』……Specifically, it’s a walking technique.」

Going to another place from the disappointed feeling students, I then go around behind them in an instant.


All of the students except for Alicia were surprised by me, who had suddenly vanished from their field of vision, and appeared in an instant behind them.

……I perceived that only Henrietta had something like a small bit of happiness in the middle of her surprise.

She discerned that they’d get taught 『this』.

「This is something I nimbly showed at the time of my fight with Henrietta right? ……This walking step, 『Shuutou (Assault Step)』 is what I’ll teach you.」

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