Chapter 57: Doooon!!

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“Huh? Arm wrestling championship?”

Naturally, I stayed indoors after the previous incident, but Asha-san purposefully came to my house to invite me, so I had to go.
Asha-san lead me to the guild, where there was a sign with large writing standing at the entrance.

“Yes, actually it has been arranged for the guild to organise it, so I was told to bring Nest-san for the sake of the people fighting continuously.”

Well, you know? I already knew that much.
Asha-san especially coming to my house to invite me had been somewhat suspicious.

“N-no, I was actually thinking I might enter this as well…… or something.”

While I was silent, Asha-san brought her face close to mine so I inadvertently let something unexpected slip out of my mouth.

“That’s a good idea! I will be cheering for you!”

In my panic, I said it as a joke but Asha-san seemed to show an unusual hint of excitement, making a fist in the air.
……Yeah, with this, I’ve no choice but to enter.



“Now, for the next challenger!! Here he is!!”

As the conversation progressed rapidly, my participation ended up being decided unknowingly.
My debut is after this current challenger.
This is where a contender challenges the arm wrestling champion of the previous session, and the contender becomes the champion if he wins. But of course, that’s not the end.
As long as it’s within the appointed time limit, people are able to challenge the new champion.
If they win, the champion will change again.
This will repeat until time is up.

However, on the assumption that the person who becomes champion will have a series of battles, I will need to use recovery magic to restore them after each battle.
That is also one of my roles.
Incidentally, the current champion still the one from before.
Making the opponent surrender with an overwhelming strength making the opponent surrender, as yet, no one else was able to become the champion.

“The Enddddd!!!”

For the results of this match, as expected, the previous champion had a complete victory.
Next is, of course, my turn.


Finished with treating the other party, I sat down on one of the seats by the table.

“Nest-san~ Do your best~!”

I could hear Asha-san’s cheers of support from behind.
……I have to win――!!
I have come this far slowly, but it’s not as though I haven’t thought of any strategies.
My strategy has been properly prepared. For me, by me.

“Heh, I won’t lose to Mister Lolicon Pervert, you know?”

……Fufufu, you have lost already.

“Well then, REEAAAADDDYYY!!”

The referee gives the signal.


At that moment, our match started.

“……Heal, heal, heal…… Heal….. Heal.”

From the commencement of the battle, I continuously cast recovery magic on myself, in a voice inaudible to others.
By doing that, I was able to always fight with a perfect constitution.


However, just that was tough on me as well. No matter how perfect my constitution was, we differed in nature.
Well, what could I do. It was simple.
Up until now, I haven’t actually cast recovery magic on the champion.
I pretended to cast it, but I had actually cast them all on myself.


And then, at the end of a long battle, I seized the victory admirably.

“……A-amazing, he brought him down……”
“……That lolicon pervert…… I see him in a new light now……”

There was some noise from behind, but I was satisfied. With this, the bad rumours about me may abide a little, and above all, I was able to show Asha-san my good points.

“The New Champion!! NESTTTTTT!!!”

When the referee yelled out my name loudly, the guild overflowed with the cheers of the adventurers.


“Now then, the next challenger is……? Oh, it actually hasn’t been decided yet!!”

When the voices in the guild quietened down, the referee made an outrageous announcement.
At this rate, I will be the new champion without anyone coming out, but there should only be a short time left until the end.


I unintentionally let out a laugh.
Nevertheless, it was almost completely settled.

“Lily wants to do it too~!!!”

Just when I was thinking that, I heard such a cry from among the spectators.
And then, the one who was brought out to me was Lily herself.

“Err…… By the looks of it, this should be the final match because time is running out……”

Even the referee seemed to be unsure as to how to liven up this match with such a small challenger.
I was also surprised, but it was fine like this.
That is because, my victory has already been decided.
I feel bad for Lily, but I’ll have her let me win. As one would expect with Lily as an opponent, I should be more than enough.


“W-well then, Ready!! Start!!”

Finally, the match started.
To finish it immediately is also… you know, so I’ll start off lightly.

“Nest? This is a win if you bring down the opponent’s arm?”
“That’s right~”

I told Lily, who apparently didn’t even know the rules.
Now then, let’s finish it soon――




And then, the moment after hearing that sound, it was settled.


The table used for the match was splendidly split right in half, and I was thrown to the ground as I was.

Right, I lost―――
I don’t know where it had been hiding in that small body, but due to Lily’s unbelievable strength―――

“Just because he’s a lolicon, to go that far……”
“……To throw himself and break the table……”

Those quiet murmurs entered my ears.

“T-THE WINNER IS… LILYYYYY!! The arm wrestling champion this time is LILY!!”

The guild was enveloped in the loudest cheer of the day.



Alone, I headed home, crying as I continued to run――

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