Chapter 55: A ‘lolicon pervert’

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A ‘Lolicon Pervert’

“M-master, don’t feel so down.”

Right now I am shopping with Tré.
I had confined myself at home because of the “lolicon pervert” rumour flying around.
Apparently Tré and Aura had worked hard to dispel the misunderstanding in the meantime.
This time I’m accompanying Tré as a reward for that.
But once a rumour has spread, it won’t disappear so easily.
Even now, I sense fleeting glances trying to peek over as I walk with Tré.


I breathed a second sigh to relieve some of the depression caused by that.


“Master, I want to go there.”

Saying that, the place Tré pointed to was the store in which we bought clothes before.
Which reminds me, until now I still haven’t seen her wearing those clothes.
I wonder just when the time will come……

“Alright, then let’s go there.”

But because we came as a reward for Tré, I need to do my best to satisfy her!
I thought enthusiastically, as I was led by the hand by Tré.


“Err, Tré……?”

As we entered the store, Tré gazed at all the different commodities set out as if she was looking for something, but she didn’t choose any clothing at all.
I call out to her but seeming to be in deep concentration, she didn’t even respond to my voice.
Since it seems as though it will take time, I decide to pick out clothing to give to Aura and Lily, and reluctantly drift away from Tré for the moment.
Last time, it was due to this reason that I had to proceed to this store a total of two times, so this time I decided to return with clothes for them purchased beforehand.

“Hmm, I don’t know……”

Maybe it was because I am male, or perhaps it was simply that I was ignorant of this kind of fashion because I was just a hillbilly, but I didn’t know what would be good to buy for Aura and Lily at all.

“Excuse me, do you have clothing that is recently in fashion for girls?”

I’ll make no progress if I continue like this, so I resolutely ask the shopkeeper.

“Huh, in fashion……?”

The shopkeeper’s face cramps a little as she verifies with me.
The reaction just now was just her being surprised because a male was buying women’s clothing, but it definitely shouldn’t appear as though I am guilty of the rumoured ‘lolicon pervert’ or anything by any means.
Yeah, absolutely.

“I-I wish to buy presents but……?

That’s why this definitely doesn’t mean I was thinking of explaining the misunderstanding or anything either, okay?

“I-in that case, lately the commodities over here have been popular with everyone.”

The shopkeeper tells me, indicating the location of the clothing which are recently in fashion with her hand.
When I examined the price, they seem to cost a decent amount, but I, who is earning money at the guild, can afford it.

“Thank you very much. I will have a look.”

After saying my thanks, the shopkeeper leaves in a big hurry.
……I’m sure she’s just busy with work……


“Hm, how about this?~”

I tried looking for various items in the area where the shopkeeper told me the recent fashion were, but nothing distinctly caught my eye.
Perhaps my senses were strange, but I don’t really understand why this stuff is popular.
With this and that, it seems quite some time had passed without us realising, and soon it will be lunch time.
On Tré’s side, she still appeared to be searching so I look around inside the store


Suddenly, I happen to see a shelf with clothing set up in an inconspicuous location.
Curious about those clothes which seemed to have some unnaturalness, I draw closer.
Unlike the fashion I’ve seen until now, there were clothes that caught my eye somehow placed there.

“…………Let’s go with this.”

Even therein, I pick up another piece of clothing that catches my eye.
……This will be Aura’s share, I guess.

“……And maybe this one for Lily.”

I rapidly decide, as if my wavering just now was a lie.
In the end, having come this far, I select one more piece of clothing, thinking it will be Tré’s share.
Having finished choosing, I head towards the counter but on the way there, Tré hands me something saying, “this is good,” as if she had finished deciding as well.

“Umm… This is?”

What Tré handed to me was made of a thin fabric, looked a little blackish on the whole, and yet was clothing that looked like the top and bottom parts of women’s underwear.

“This is clothing to be worn while in the water called a ‘swimsuit’, apparently. It copes with both cold water and hot water so with this we can enter the baths together……”
“Oh, that’s amazing.”

In that case, I’ll be able to enter the baths with Tré without any worries.
I bring to the counter, the swimsuit I received from Tré, and the clothes I bought for presents, totalling to four pieces.

“…………S-so you’ll be buying this, I see……”

For some reason, the shopkeeper uttered something when I was when paying the bill, but well, I managed to buy some good items so let’s ignore that.
And thus, we left the shop, holding the paper bag containing the clothes.

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