Chapter 4: Try to get Acknowledged!

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Try to get acknowledged!

I came to the Guild the following day. It seems I haven’t been exposed as the one from yesterday, thanks to the hood covering me.

“Good morning, Asha-san. Ah, here’s the lunch box from yesterday. It was delicious.”
“Good morning, Nest-san. Thanks for specifically bringing back the lunch box. In regards to the medical treatment, we prepared the table over there so please use it.”

Asha-san points to a table as she says that.

“Basically, the price is up to you to decide. Obviously that would be too expensive, but Nest-san need not worry about it. Best regards.”

So she says, but I don’t feel like doing medical treatment today. It seems my Heal is abnormal so I want to be able to use a normal Heal at the least. If I can’t learn it in one day today then I’ll also do it tomorrow but unlike the past, I was able to see the genuine spell in close proximity. I think I’ll probably be able to master it easily.

[Starting medical treatment. The price will be negotiated after examining the injury.]


I set up the sign I had made in advance on the table top. The people around looked over to see what I was doing but they seemed somewhat delighted after reading the sign.

I fetched a knife from my belongings.

“Then let’s start.”

Unlike before, I’m leaving a small scar on my hand. There’s no point in healing everything now, so I focus on healing to leave a small scar.


I wanted to only heal it a little but naturally, everything was healed on my first try and it ended in a failure.
I continued to repeat it over and over so I could at least improve my magic control slightly.


I don’t know how many tries it took, but I finally succeeded.
Afterwards, I continued to do favourably and didn’t make any blunders.
With this, I can use a Heal without looking suspicious.
I didn’t have anything further to do so I left the guild.

I saw something interesting when returning to the inn. It was a ‘slave market’.
I’ve never experienced something like this in my life before so I was a little curious.
There were many slaves in the Slave Market. A variety of species, from humans to elves. Of course, the slaves were expensive. I didn’t have any particular urge to buy any but I caught sight of some text when looking around.

[A challenge from the Slave market! Try to get acknowledged by this beautiful princess!]

The contents simply stated that ‘There is a disobedient slave who was formerly a princess. If she acknowledges you as her master then we’ll offer her to you for free! However, please leave behind half the money you carry on you if you fail. ※Anyone can try.’
I’m only carrying a little bit of money so I might as well try. I’ll earn it back from tomorrow anyway…. It’s best to try now, when I have no money!

And so, I was supposed to be meeting the former princess now but she was at the back, looking after a girl who was lying on a bed.
The girl who was peeking out from the back had short, red hair and exuded an indescribable charm.
The girl on the bed was blue, like she was sick, and it wasn’t a bit inferior to the blue colour of her hair.

“Um… Miss former princess? I wanted to chat with you for a bit…….”
“Stop talking! I’m busy at the moment so hurry up and leave!!”

This is good business for Slave Market-san. I think it’s a little harsh though….

“Er.. that girl is?”

I thought the princess was being unreasonable, so I ask about the girl who has been concerning me for a while now.

“……… She’s my little sister. We’re not related by blood though.”
“Right.. So that’s it. How should I put it, doesn’t her condition look rather bad?”

If that wasn’t so, I don’t think the princess would be nursing her so frantically.

“This girl is ill. Furthermore, it’s an illness without a cure. Right now she’s somehow surviving with medicine, but I have to chase you guys away so I can buy that medicine. And so, won’t you leave soon?”

I see…. So there’s such a method for earning money in this age. The people from the Slave Market are pretty smart. Well done, well done.
But what should I do….? I should be using some recovery magic here, huh. She’s just so pitiful……Sigh.


I had decided not to use it as much as possible but it can’t be helped.
The girl was bathed in light. The light disappears in an instant and left behind is a healthy looking girl who was sleeping.

“Eh, wh-what did you do!?”
“Er.. It’s just some recovery magic. That girl is probably cured now.”
“Recovery magic, you say…..”

The princess’s jaw dropped in surprise.

“Then I’ll be leaving now. She’ll probably wake up soon, I think.”
“Eh, wai-wait a minute!”

The princess grabs my arm when I attempt to leave the room. I feel a sense of déjà vu…..

“D-don’t you want me!? Isn’t that why you healed her!?”

Right, it’s true that it seems that way when looking at it objectively….. But it’s not like I really want a slave.

“Er.. I only tried because I thought it would be interesting but come to think of it, my lodging fees will increase so I don’t really want a slave.”
“Don’t really want a slave!?”

The princess looks like she received a shock for some reason, but I ignore her and head outside.

“B-but I can be your night time companion as well…..?”

Couldn't find what I was looking for, but this'll do

First of all, it goes without saying but, I have no experience with women. I’m a virgin. So when I receive such sweet temptations, my HP drops down to 1.

“B-but what will happen to that girl when you leave?”

I attempted a counterattack with only 1 HP.

“She’s actually not a slave, she’s just here. S-so you’ll even get a bonus this time.”

――――――――――――Mother, father, I’m sorry. My HP is already at 0.

“Haa~ I finally got to leave that place!”

Walking beside me is the princess. The girl is sleeping on my back.
The people from the slave market were extremely surprised in the beginning, but they were professionals. They immediately straightened their faces and finalised the contract. I pretended that I didn’t see the hint of frustration on their faces.
Or rather, I gained a slave but what should I do from here on……? I was the only one who felt troubled.

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  1. Kolick says:

    Mc like “Oh no, I’ve got some ultra sexy and beatyfull princess that wants to be my nighttime companion and i only have to pay for the necessities.”

    Fuck ya too Mc. *Cry*

    • Sylvia says:

      I know right? damn him for being so lucky?

      but well… to each their own problems xD since hosting royalty can be an issue in itself LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      Ah. No. I get him.
      No matter how attractive someone is, at the end of the day — what good are if they’re just baggage?
      That guy is trying to build his life right now, he has no time to think of romance or screwing around.

      It shows that the author is writing this on-the-go, the MC’s harem practically blew up in number.

  2. El campista says:

    Picture source- looks like a funny series.

  3. gram says:

    wow they really extended how much this didn’t make any common sense. first of all she’s a slave how does she have any money. second how can she just go and buy medicine when she’s a slave. third she’s taking care of a girl who didn’t belong there

    • Anonymous says:

      #1. The slavers probably pay for the medicine themselves, they can’t make a profit without her after all.
      #2. Criterion #1, the slavers probably buy it for her.
      #3. That is pretty stupid, yes. Maybe the slavers didn’t even bother to enslave that girl because she was practically dead?

      The author is practically pulling plot-hooks out of his ass chapter after chapter. He writes it as he goes with very little planning.
      Be warned~

  4. LygarX says:

    probably a former princess of a destroyed kingdom far away or a princess from a far away kingdom that ran away and gained a traveling companion. with no more money to cure the girl she had to become a slave

  5. nelus4blood says:

    Hahaha the mc is totally hopeless and he is also hopeless with women.
    this is so funny, it’s killing my sides haha

  6. junior says:

    I like how all these pics actually fit the novel, lol.

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