Chapter 37: I’m Sorry, that’s a lie.

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I’m sorry, that’s a lie.

“Hey, what happened? Just then, the guildswoman who was with you ran out with her face bright red……”

Weiss asks me, pointing to the guild entrance.

“N-no, nothing happened……”

Actually, many things happened with Asha-san, but now wasn’t the time for that.

“Are you guys going to join the subjugation squad?”

Judging from Asha-san’s story, I could guess that the monsters called ‘Ogres’ were considerably strong.

It wasn’t just for Cyan and the others in particular, it’s the same for the other adventurers this time. It’s different from participating in the goblin subjugation party from before.
There is probably the danger of death. Will they still participate in the subjugation party……?

“……I’m going.”

After a short silence, Cyan replies in a small, but determined voice.

“Me too, I will go.”

Gale also follows.

“…..Sigh, doesn’t this mean I have to go as well.”

Finally, Weiss as well.

“Right, that’s everyone then. Firstly, it seems the Ogres have split into three locations. The battle might be one-sided, but let’s split into two groups and each join a subjugation squad.”
“That sounds good.”
“Then let’s split, me with Weiss, and Cyan can partner up with Gale. Now, we’ll take care of our own equipment.”

Saying that much, I pulled Weiss along and exited the guild.
Gale approved of my opinion but my aim was elsewhere. My target was to go alone to the ogre’s place without raising suspicion.

“Weiss, I said such a thing before, but I have to go somewhere else by myself.”
“Um… What do you mean?”
“Actually, the number of ogres this town can handle simultaneously is not three, but two. And therefore, I was requested to go detain the other one.”

Weiss was one of the few people who knew my true recovery abilities so I made this division of groups, thinking I didn’t particularly need to conceal the matter with the [Jet-black Saviour].

“You mean, by yourself?”
“No, I plan to take one more person along. Regrettably, I know too little about monsters so I plan to have someone instruct me during battle.”

Aura was an especially fast learner in the adventurer class too, and it seems she had rapidly memorised the characteristics and weaknesses of the monsters, so this time I’ll put it into practice for the first time.

“Can that person fight?”
“Uh-uh, that’s impossible. I thought I’d have her give me instructions from a distance during the fight but is that really too much?”

If it’s impossible then I’ll have to fight the ogre without any information on it.

“Yes. Ogres are unexpectedly smart, so it might be dangerous.”
“……In other words, I can only fight alone, huh……”

It’s true that if I brought her with me, Aura would be helpless if she was attacked.
I can immediately heal any injuries but I must also consider an attack that can kill instantly.
I practiced dodging attacks at the adventurer classes so I should be more or less fine though……

“In that case, I’ll accompany you too. Like this, I’ll be able to protect them from unexpected movements while running from place to place.”

While I was wondering what to do, Weiss said such a thing.

However, it’s true that I’ll be able to safely receive instructions, and the danger will be reduced. Furthermore, Weiss already knows about me so I don’t have to worry about being exposed either.

“……Err.. Then can I count on you?”


“……And so you came here, is that right?”
“T-that’s right. In truth, ogres and stuff are practically unknown to me, you see……”

Having heard from Mist that Aura had returned home, I ran back and explained the current situation to Aura.

“Then why did you undertake such a dangerous task!!??”
“F-for the sake of everyone in town, I thought……”

……I’m sorry, that’s a lie. It’s only because Asha-san said that kind of thing to me and I couldn’t refuse.

“I-in that case, it can’t be helped…… But , what should we, as your slaves, do if you end up dying from that……?”

Aura believed my lie so easily, but she immediately looks down.

“It’s fine. You know my recovery magic, right? Besides, I’m now able to avoid attacks because of the training.”

Well if I die as it is, I must also consider the fact that she might have to spend a lifetime as a slave who has lost her master.

“Then, I’ll release you from slavery now. The slave merchant told me that once a slave has made a contract, the master can release them themselves.”

I felt like Aura raised her head a little; so this must have been the cause.

“In that case, even if I die, you’ll be fine no matter what..?”

I thought I was able to advance the conversation, but looking at Aura’s face, I didn’t know what happened.
――Aura was crying.
She turned her face towards me as if in a daze, and tears continued to spill from her eyes even now.

“H-huh? W-why am I.. N-no, nothing’s wrong so.. Really nothing’s.. wrong so..”

Aura tries to stop the flowing tears with her sleeve while muttering, but no matter how I look at it, there’s no way nothing is wrong.

“H-hey, what happened? Are you hurt somewhere?”

Nothing came to mind, and that was the only reason I could think of.

Even now she was desperately trying to stop her tears by rubbing against her sleeve but the tears didn’t stop and just the stain on her sleeve continued to grow.

“……Sorry, now really is.. impossible. After a moment.. return to normal.. again, so…… for now.. sorry..”

……Leaving those words behind, Aura left the house. The door that was left open indicated that something had happened to Aura one way or another.
After a moment, she said. I don’t know how long she meant, but it’s likely going to be difficult be instructed in regards to the ogre.
……This might be the first time I’ve seen Aura cry.
As far as it goes, Aura always says things to me, her master, without restraint. It’s true that there’s a part of her that’s always obstinate but she usually goes around cheerfully and now her popularity with the townspeople is also quite high.
For that kind of Aura to cry, something significant must have happened to her but I really have no idea.
In addition, being released from slavery should also be a joyous matter to Aura……

……However, I can’t only think about that now.
Let’s clean up the matter of the ogres first. Then when I have time, I can just ask Aura directly.
I retrieve the black cloak I wear as the [Jet-black saviour] from my own room, and head to the meeting place I arranged with Weiss.

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