Chapter 32: I had him take it off.

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I had him take it off.

Today is the day we leave for our Goblin King subjugation quest.
We were supposed to assemble at the guild, but I came a little too early.

“Nest-san, may I have a moment?”

While I was sitting at the guild table like I always do when healing, Asha-san comes over.

“Yes, what is it?”
“Actually…… the King usually works in the capital, but today he’s coming to the guild to do an undercover inspection……”

Is that.. something you should be telling an ordinary person like me?

“T-the king, huh…… I turned down the healing request when I was summoned before, so meeting him would be awkward…”

I might have been able to cure his family if I had treated them, but I didn’t. Because I didn’t want my recovery magic to stand out.
And although I snuck into the castle in disguise, I only managed to heal two servants in the end.
I fear the Saint may already be……

“So something like that happened…… Then it’s fortunate that you’re leaving on a quest for a few days.”
“It is very lucky. It would be troubling if I was told that I made a lèse-majesté when we met again…….”
“Is that so? Our present king is both wise and generous, and has also earned a lot of support from the masses so it should probably be fine though.”

In that case, is it alright to be a little relieved…….?

“I have a favour regarding him though.. I wanted to ask if you’ll let Aura-san be the guide for the king when he comes to town.”

It’s true that Aura was from royalty, and she should know the proper etiquette……

“Er.. I don’t have any problem with that. Ah, but please verify with the person herself first.”
“Yes, of course.”

The party members all gathered not long after that and we departed, with Asha-san sending us off.

――――――[Aura POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――

“””Thank you for the instruction.”””

Today, I’m attending the adventurer class as usual. So far, we’ve been taught the characteristics and weaknesses of various monsters, and I’ve memorised most of them now.

“……Sorry for interrupting, but is Aura-san here?”

Hearing my name being called, I look over.
Standing there was the guild receptionist, Asha.

“I’m over here.”

I wonder what business she has with me, purposefully coming all the way here.

“May I have some of your time? It’s a bit hard to talk about it here so……”
“I get it. Then let’s go.”

Asha has told me not to use honorifics since before we went to the capital, so I speak to her plainly.


We leave this populated place and head to a place with less people.

“So, did something happen? To have you come all the way here…”
“Actually, the king has currently come to the guild to inspect the town incognito and I wanted to ask you to guide him around, but how about it?”
“……But I am a slave, is it okay? It’s true that I used to be royalty though.”
“We have already affirmed that with the king so it doesn’t really matter, or so I’m told. As for Nest-san, I have already obtained his consent this morning. However, he said to ‘verify with the person herself’ so I’m here to ask you.”

……Nest said he was leaving for his quest this morning so she probably confirmed it with him in the morning.

“……Well in that case, I don’t really mind. Should I head there right now?”
“That is the plan, but I’d like you to change into a uniform first. The king is travelling incognito so it won’t be very fancy though.”

After informing Mist-san, I left the classroom and followed Asha.


Having changed into a uniform like Asha’s, we came before the room that the king was waiting in.
I knock on the door and await a response from inside.

“……Mn, come in.”

Hearing what was probably the King’s voice, I am guided into the room by Asha after a short pause.

“I apologise for the wait. I have brought the person in charge of guiding
Your Majesty this time.”

Asha gives me a fleeting glance, indicating that I should introduce myself here.

“How do you do? I am serving as your guide this time, my name is Aura. Although I am but a lowly slave, I will endeavour to prevent any discomfort. It is an honour to meet you, Your Majesty.

I utilized the formalities that I haven’t been using much lately and finish introducing myself.

“Hm, it’s only a short time but I’ll be counting on you.”

Normally this isn’t a phrase that should be said to a slave like me, but this king seems to be different to the royalty I know.
Asha told me a little about him when I was changing into the uniform and I can agree that he would be popular with the masses like this.


The king was wearing a black cloak, but the town was susceptible of associating it with the [Jet-Black Saviour] because of Nest, so I had him take it off when we were leaving the guild.
I felt like the kings face darkened somewhat but I guess that was just my imagination……?

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