Chapter 21: You gave it away….?

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You gave it away….?

Dropping the sword, I realised for the first time that there was a possibility that it wasn’t an enemy.
I lowered my arm at once, taking care not to inflict another serious injury. But that was only for an instant, as the one entering the room was clearly the rebel.
If it was going to be like this, I should have continued swinging as it was…..
But when I tried to act again, my stamina ran out and I collapsed onto the floor.

And then the one I thought was an enemy proceeded to cure my mother and I.
After that, I faced this man whose healing was superior to mine and praying that I will be able to see him again some day, I gifted him with one of my earrings.

Mother woke up a short while later. Just in case, we examined our bodies for the dark patches, but they were nowhere to be found on either of us.

“Oh my, what happened to your earring?”

Noticing that I wasn’t wearing one of my earrings, my mother asks for the reason.


I told her of the previous events and how I gave away the earring so we could meet again.

“You gave away the earring…..?”
“Yes, I did but…..was it bad…..?”
“….That is something someone from the royal line confers when they wish for another meeting, so you’re not exactly wrong…..”

But the Queen’s expression bewildered me.

“…….To put it simply, that earring is something you give to your future spouse. I also received it from your father.”

I purely wished to meet again and didn’t have such ulterior motives when I gave it away but it looks like I may have done something foolish.
When I think about his reaction when he finds out…..
Overwhelmed with embarrassment, I completely forgot to report to Father and just continued to wrap myself in my futon.

――――――[Arnest POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

….. I head back to the inn on my own.


I breathe out a sigh. Despite going to heal the princess, I only managed to cure two servants in the end.


I sigh once more. I’ll probably be wanted now, and I wasn’t even able to heal the princess. And tomorrow there might be a request at the guild: [seeking information!].
While walking alone in the dark, I flick the earring attached to my ear.

“Huh!? You went to the castle but couldn’t treat them!?”

Sure enough, I was scolded by Aura.
When I returned to the inn, her face looked relieved like she had been worrying. However, after I said that I failed in treating them, I was immediately made to sit in seiza.

“…..So? Why couldn’t you treat them?”
“Err… There were more guards than expected, and I looked for the room but…..”
“We already knew that from the start!!”
“Well, it’s good that you returned safely….”

After being released from the short lecture, I washed my body and lay on the bed.
As one would expect of the capital, the room was very spacious. There were even two beds, so the others slept on the second bed.

When everyone was falling asleep, I felt like something entered my bed but I was too drowsy that I ignored it and continued to sleep.

…..It’s hot. Forcing my eyes open, I peek inside the futon.
Inside was Lily, who was hugging me as she slept….. As a little girl, she had a modest chest so someone with no experience with women was also able to endure it.
It was hard to see in the dark but it seemed like she had been crying as my clothes were damp. I would certainly refuse if it was drool or something but I’m hoping that as a maiden, she wouldn’t be drooling in her sleep.


I tried to shake her away but instead it felt like she just hugged me tighter.
Let’s just leave her as she is……..
With hazy consciousness, I gently pet the head in front of me and return to sleep.


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