Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.12

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Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (12)

“Sword Saint?”

What’s that old woman doing here?

“S, Sword Saint?”

The substitute instructor widened his eyes as he looked at me.

“L, liar! There’s no way that damn clubber would be a Sw…”


Something passed by me. To be more specific, the substitute instructor was kicked by the Sword Saint and went flying off into the distance.

“…Why did you come here?”
“Hm? Who were you again?”

Her face of curiosity was quite charming. A healthy young man would normally fall for her in an instant, but… You mustn’t be fooled.

There are many people in the world who can control energy. The effects you can get from being able to control it are many. One of them, maintaining youth, is something that all females strive to achieve.

This is something that goes against the flow of the world, and therefore it uses quite a bit of energy. But women still use that energy anyway.

That Sword Saint over there’s probably as old as the instructor. If I remember correctly, she’s in her 4…


“…I feel like you just thought about something insulting?”
“I, I didn’t? I, in any case, I’m the one from the Raina Family…”
“Ah, the boy from the Imperial Family the oldie told me about? Then what about Nermia?”
“M, me…”

17 raised her hands slowly and made a confused face.

“Ah, really? Hm, do I have to take care of the folks around you?”

With those words, the Sword Saint’s sword drew a wide arc in the air.

“W, what the!“
“D, dodge!“

One strike. That was all it took to take care of everyone.

No other words were needed. Just a single swing of a sword, and everything was destroyed.

“…As I thought, we’re all just normal.”
“Ehe, don’t address me like that~ I don’t like it~”

The woman walked around with a life sword that seemed to be about 10 meters long while humming a few songs. She’s almost like a god of destruction. Even so, she still tries to act like a cute young girl.

She’s over 40, but she…


“Why do I want to cut off that part of your body so much? A woman’s instinct? Are you thinking of insults about me, boy?”
“O, of course not! Why would I t, think of such vulgar things in front of someone as beautiful as you?!”

I’d love it if you didn’t put your sword against my neck with a grin?!

“Well, whatever. Let’s run.”
“No wait, before that, why are you here…”
“Mn? Ah, that old man from Nermia told me to bring back his granddaughter. You’re just extra.”
“Did he know that we got found out already?”
“No, the Emperor’s about to trash this place.”

Mm, her rude personality hasn’t changed at all. I recall seeing her swear at the emperor a long time ago. In any case.

“But you don’t seem like the person who’d do something just because the master of the wizard’s tower told you to do it?”

Right. This person, the Sword Saint, was very self-centered, was weak to compliments, and would beat up anyone who insulted her.
This Sword Saint answered my question with a short, concise answer.

“The old man told me that he’d give me a magic sword?”
“…Don’t sword masters like you just use stuff like wooden sticks?”

I never heard of anyone using a sword of any kind hold a sword master title before. But the Sword Saint scrunched up her face, and told us something extremely shocking.

“Ha? Well, those guys called sword masters and whatnot do carry around wooden sticks and use it to cut up knights. But that’s super hard to do, you know? Why do I have to do something annoying like that? Humans are different from animals because they can use tools. Therefor, it is good to get ahold of powerful tools. The Sword Saint before me said that he could win against me with a wooden stick, but he got utterly destroyed after his weapon got chopped up by my mithril sword. He wouldn’t have lost that badly if he used something like a iron sword? And it’s not like Sword Saints are banned from using magic swords.”

…I’m never gonna use a wooden stick if I get titled as a sword master.
No, wait. Maybe it’d be alright to use the bat…?

“In any case, what shall we do about him?”

The woman pointed her sword at the substitute instructor, who was currently stuck at a wall away from us. Her doing that made her look like a crazy woman with all the blood around her. But the thing was, she’s actually half-crazy. There’s no cure to the princess disease…


“W, why are you pointing that at me again…”
“Mm… The will of the heavens? A woman’s instinct? You choose.”
“…L, let’s call it a woman’s instinct.”
“Wait! This isn’t the time to do th… Big sis! S, stop fiddling with that corpse over there!”

I saw that 17 was looking somewhere with a pale face, and turned to where she was looking. There, I could see 46 searching the dead bodies trying to find anything that could be worth some cash.

“…You’re a noble, but I’m still your big sis?”
“T, that’s not important…”
“It is.”

46 annoyedly spoke with puffed up cheeks. Her voice didn’t seem to serious, but her eyes were.

“…Yes, you’re still my big sis.”
“…Would you be willing to give up breakfast for me?”
“T, that’s too much.”
“P, puhahaha~ what the heck, these kids are cute! I’m gonna take ’em and raise ’em!”

She’d have at least two kids older than them if she married early…


“Why is it that I keep getting annoyed at you, even when you’re not saying anything?”
“I, I don’t know?”

The Sword Saint glared at me for a moment, then took her sword away and poked at the substitute instructor with her sheath.

“In any case, what should we do with this thing? I can’t let him live now that he knows my secret.”
“Let’s let him live? He’s our savio…”

Mm, wait a minute. Is he really our savior? He beat us with the bat until we gained resistance, then he beat us even more… Mm?

A single wooden stick could be seen on the substitute instructor’s right hand.


Mm… Mmm…

“Hn? What is it?”

The Sword Saint looked at me strangely when she saw me approach, but my eyes were just focused on the substitute instructor’s right hand. I, if it’s now…

“Why not let him live? He tried to protect us by… hup!”

L, let go, damn it! Let me try holding the bat!

“Hmm… he’s a potential ace in the shop he works in, so it would be profitable for me if I just made a decent deal with the owner there, but… what the hell are you doing?”
“Y, you don’t have to worry about it.”
“Well… it’s kind of hard to ignore.”

I tried to pry out the bat from the substitute instructor’s hand, but it refused to come out, like a certain sword stuck in a stone.

“…Me too.”
“I want it as well!”

17 and 46 arrived before I even noticed them, and looked at the bat with eyes of greed.

“…Just what in the world are you kids doing…”

The Sword Saint sighed, and lifted her foot lightly…
W, wait! It’s better to just kill him instead…


The substitute instructor’s eyes became rounder than anything else I’d seen in the past. An endless scream of pain rose up the man’s throat, and he let it all out as he… grasped the spot that had been stepped on with his hands.

“I, I’m… infer…tile?!”
“It still isn’t too late! Quick, we have to get you emergency, no, immediate treatment!”

I shared his pain as a fellow male as I massaged his waist. These people do not know this pain. Because of this, they looked at us with confused faces… except the Sword Saint. She was grinning behind everyone else.


Just look at that damn face. Where would you ever get the impression that she was over 4…

“How strange. I keep disliking you more and more? You really aren’t insulting me in your head?”
“O, of course I’m not.”

I’m just thinking of your age.

“Well, that’s that. Now we have to run before the emperor’s people get here to trash this place.”

When the Sword Saint said this with a shrug, 17 seemed to have remembered something, and shouted.

“N, no! I still haven’t found that thing…”
“…Me neither.”

Well, I just came here to survive, but it looks like these two other kids had some other objective. I think the instructor actually talked about it in the past… Mm?

“Um, wouldn’t the instructor know about its whereabouts?”

I had a feeling that might be the case, so I said it, and turned to the substitute instructor. The man nodded and confirmed my suspicions to be true.

“Probably? That man knows almost everything about the organization.”
“Nn? He’s just an instructor but he knows that much?”

When the Sword Saint asked this question at the substitute instructor, the man took a step back with a frightened face, and answered her.

“One of the higher ups in the information department stalks the instructor.”

His face then paled, and he began to mumble something along the lines of “That’s why… Urk… just die…” Mm… looks like this senior from the information department is pretty dangerous as well.

“So we just have to find that instructor? But wouldn’t he be in danger if the organization’s after him?”
“Mm… he would be in danger, but I don’t really see him dying at all.”

Yeah, I don’t see that happening either.

“But it’d be pretty hard to come in here given his situation right now, right?”
“Um, he probably has one or two secret bases around here, and he probably made several escape paths as well.”
“…Does the organization know about this?”

Even the great Sword Saint made a surprised face at this, but the substitute instructor shook his head.

“Nah, they probably don’t even know anything. We even contributed to making several of those escape paths. I recall trying to get into one of them, but it was filled with 12 different traps. When we cleared all the traps, the path just turned out to be fake.”
“…What the, is this place really supposed to be the empire’s most powerful evil organization?”

Nah, this organization’s normal. It’s pretty powerful, and it also has just about everything sorted out. It’s just the instructor who’s really weird…

“Then what should we do?”

I asked this question, and the substitute instructor answered this question by pointing to the instructor’s home.

“We just have to wait there.”
“…Wait, this is the middle of the enemy base, you know? Even if we have the great… Sword Saint, but isn’t staying here dangerous?”
“Trust me. That place is probably safer than the organization’s boss’ room.”

Why does he sound like he’s telling the truth? Everyone apart from the Sword Saint felt this strange trust at the substitute instructor’s words. We all seemed hypnotized as we walked into the instructor’s home.

“Mm… was this it… no, was this it?”

As soon as he walked in, the substitute instructor began fiddling with various candleholders on the wall.

“Ah, found it.”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Steel places descended from the door and the windows, and effectively sealed all the entrances to the house.

“Was your instructor some kind of a hero who tried to fight the organization or something? Why the heck did he make something like this here?”
“Ahaha, this is nothing, sis.”
“Why are you calling me sis?”
“I used to call you that a lot back at the… hum, hum, it’s nothing. In any case, there are devices in the second floor that even seals off the first floor completely, and activates all the traps inside it. I think there’s even more, but that’s about all I know.”

The substitute instructor went back to fiddling with various objects in the room, moved over to the instructor’s office and our rooms, and fiddled with a few more things before sighing in relief.

“Done! We should be safe unless some weirdos bring a catapult to attack us.”
“Mm… so we just have to wait?”
“Yup! The instructor probably has 20 different paths that connect to this house.”
“Well, I’ll be sitting in that chair while we wait, then. So tell me about this instructor. I don’t want to kill him by accident.”

The substitute instructor became troubled after hearing this.

“Mm… how shall I describe him?”

Suddenly, a brilliant idea flashed in my mind. As I thought, I was a genius. Mm, I’m a genius!

“He’s very strong!”

Everyone turned to me when I said this. I put on an extremely evil face, and continued talking.

“He’s a veeeery strong swordsman. If he turns out to be strong after you hit him, he’s probably the instructor.”

Apart from the Sword Saint, everyone let out a small “ah” after hearing this. Right, no matter how strong the instructor is, the Sword Saint should be too much for him!

“R, right! He’s super strong!”
“…You might actually lose?”

The Sword Saint flinched a little at the last statement, made an amused face (there was a vein popping out on her forehead), and smiled lightly.

“Really? So… I can try to half-kill him?”

After saying that, the Sword Saint exited the room with a bang.

“…You guys are gonna get in trouble if he finds out?”

I just shrugged at the substitute instructor’s words.

“Even so, don’t you want to… see him lose?”

The substitute instructor actually seemed to be tempted by my devilish words.

“Well, I do want to see it…”

Time passed, and we all stood waiting with great anticipation.

Did something hit a wall just now?


…I must be imagining things. Did I just hear a woman scream?
The substitute instructor opened the door slightly to see what was going on.
Am I hallucinating? Did I just see the Sword Saint fall over?
S, she’s supposed to be the Sword Saint, right?

Our eyes met with those of the instructor’s at this precise moment.

“…Close the door.”
“N, nhoooo! H, Hel… hahn!”

After closing the door, I kept hearing this moan-like scream behind it.


“…It’s all your fault.”
“R, right!”
“You’re the one who put the Sword Saint against the instructor?”
“Ah, w, wait…”

My head went dull at this moment. But even in this state, I was able to quickly reach a conclusion.

…Ahh… I’m screwed.

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