Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.11

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Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (11)

3.5 Their Story
[3]Raina Rel Swin: …Eh?

The substitute instructor was incredibly strong as well. Apparently, he was supposed to be a host, but he was still unbelievably powerful.

Honestly, he’s pretty much as strong as the strongest knights in my family, so why’s he even a host…

And he used that thing, that demonic weapon called the bat, with extreme skill. Apparently, he learned all his moves by getting beat by that weapon for a long time, and apparently he’s showing off these moves to prepare us when the instructor returns, but… Did anyone say we wanted to see?! No, before that, I don’t want to be prepared by being hit by it!

And after a certain duration of time, an unbelievable situation where we all gained a resistance to the bat had appeared.

“Mm… So you have gained resistance to the bat.”
“To think something so impossible would occur…”

The substitute instructor looked at us, who had rotten expressions on our faces, with a serious face.

“Yes, even the bat has a limit. People who have been beaten by it to the limit gain resistance to most pain. But you see… Just because something like this happens doesn’t mean that you can start rebelling. Something like that happened to the generation before me. They gained resistance, and… they tried to rebel. And… that… that metal bat came out.”


Everyone became completely quiet. Just because you gained resistance doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt. It still hurts like hell. It’s just that you can do things instead of staying immobile.

“One of our seniors began to research the difference between the bat and the metal bat. He soon managed to figure out the difference between the two. That difference is… the enchantments on them. The bat’s powers all center around curses. It increases pain and makes it unable to block. But the metal bat… is a blessing. It is possible to resist curses. While strong curses can immediately take your life, weak curses can make you grow resistant. That’s why you guys can resist the bat. But the metal bat is a blessing. The body tries to take in more of its effects. There is no resistance to blessings. There’s no way the body would refuse to take in blessings. And you all know that blessings stack, right? Curses stack as well, but it isn’t as effective.”
“Right. The pain inflicted by the metal bat increases over time. But while we feel all the pain, the body doesn’t recognize it as pain. Only the brain thinks of it as pain. While we get hit by the metal bat, the body begins to modify itself to take in more of the bat’s effects.”
“No way… There’s no way that only the brain would take in pain, while the body doesn’t!”

We all nodded at 17’s remark. Is there a blessing that creates pain? Who in their right minds would make such a th…

“If it’s the instructor, he can make it.”

The substitute instructor seemed to have read my thoughts and sighed.

“You guys are mistaken about something here. The instructor just can’t use magic. It’s not that he doesn’t know it. No, he knew that if he didn’t know more about magic, he wouldn’t be able to take on wizards, which motivated him to study more.”
“But he can’t use magic!”
“So what? He just needs someone who knows magic. Just this bat alone has tens of different enchantments on it.”
“…Just who would help a villain like him?”
“A different race.”

Our eyes widened the instant we heard this.

“But even the Empire manages to do small deals with them at best?”
“No way! There’s no way a different race would teach magic to a human!”
“…It might be possible for him.”
“Yeah. That man… I’m not sure if he even is a man. Anyway, 46 is right. It’s possible for the instructor. I even got to meet a dwarf once…”
“Wow… I heard it was super hard to meet one.”

Dwarves. Apparently, the throne of the emperor was made by dwarves. Apparently, the sword of the Sword Saint was made by dwarves. Apparently, some count gifted the emperor a sword made by dwarves on the emperor’s birthday.

Something that was made by dwarves almost always became big news. But almost all news about it is actually fake. For example, it was proved that out of all the news from the above paragraph; only the throne was made by dwarves!

If the instructor was able to meet those dwarves, he had an enormous economic value for being able to do just that.

“He’s treated as something like a half-dwarf.”
“Is he a half?”
“No. Honorary Blacksmith? Or was it Researcher? Anyway, he’s kind of like an elder there.”
“…Is it amazing?”

46 seemed to be confused, but 17 and I were extremely surprised. Dwarves have a king. But it is merely a symbol. The dwarven king is just there to call on the dwarves in an emergency. He has no real power.
The true king of dwarves are the elders.

It is said that there are 12 different clans of dwarves, and in each of those clans, there are three elders. The ones that control a single clan would be those three elders. Those elders are the ones that control the dwarves, and those elders are the ones who elect a new king. They even have the power to replace the king whenever they want.

Of course, all kings of the dwarves have been direct descendants of the first king.
In any case, an elder is like a noble in the dwarven world.
Having a human as a dwarven elder is something unheard of in the history of the world.

These dwarves, who possess the mind and soul of a noble craftsman, are not tempted by anything, and they…

“Ah, I think this bat was made by dwarves as well?”

…I take back what I said earlier. Dwarves are not supposed to exist in this world. They must all die!

“I don’t know if it’s true, but the metal bat was supposed to be the second strongest demonic weapon they made?”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean.”
“Ah, I think their strongest demonic weapon was supposed to be the Evil Blood Sword?”
“…Hold on! What the hell? That just makes this all seem even truer?! Isn’t the Evil Blood Sword ranked as the 3rd strongest demonic weapon in the continent?!”

17 let out a sharp cry saying this. What was it supposed to be? A sword that kills ten with a single stroke, any wounds afflicted by that sword will not stop bleeding, and the sword will always remember the location of the person struck by it?

I feel like the Evil Blood Sword’s better than the metal bat to an extent. You die an easy death. But an upgraded version of the bat? It would mean eternal pain… The reason why the Evil Blood Sword is ranked in the top ten demonic swords in the continent is that it can track down its opponents and kill them, but the metal bat would keep hitting once its victim was hit at least once…

We could simply tremble as we thought more about what the metal bat would be like.

The substitute instructor quietly declared this as he looked at us tremble.

“Hide the fact that you developed resistance. It isn’t like it doesn’t hurt even with the resistance, so keep screaming with pain. Do not resist. Once you break the rule… The silver light will lead you to the world of endless pain.”

What is this pressure I’m feeling from this all of the sudden? The only thing that we could do was to nod quietly.

And at that time.


Baaang! An explosion rang out along with the substitute instructor’s shout. No, to be more specific, a red fire struck all of us.

“Rein of the information department, leave the area immediately.”

A group of black-clothed men immediately surrounded us.

“You seem to belong to the Organization. What is it?”

The substitute instructor suddenly lets out a frigid voice and began to emit an extremely dangerous aura. Wow, honestly, this is the kind of thing that makes me wonder why he’s a host, but then I look at his face… Mm, faces are important for jobs like those.

After thinking this, I was surprised by a single thought. What is this, this is an extremely critical situation, and yet I’m not panicked at all. And I realized. I didn’t think of this as a dangerous situation.

I was surrounded by 20 assassins, but I wasn’t panicked… This made me realize: Ah… The instructor was a monster. The former disciple of the instructor honestly seems more dangerous than all the assassins. Mm… is it the bat that’s more dangerous?

“We will terminate the current disciples of Naruan.”

I flinched inside upon hearing this. W, was I found out?

“…The reason being?”
“You guys rebelled?”
“I was too busy getting hit.”
“…Not interested.”
“They say they didn’t rebel?”

Ha, as expected of that man’s disciples.

“…The fact that that man trained them like that is a rebellion in itself. The fact that he trained the descendants of the Raina family and the Nermia family is a crime. They are direct descendants, too, which makes things even worse.”
“…I’m not, though?”

46 seemed to be confused. Then…

“The direct descendant of the wizard family?”
“A part of the imperial family?”

Hoho, the world must be coming to an end or something. Why would a descendant of the Nermia family come to an evil organization… No, before that, why would a person like this be so attached to food?!

I looked at the girl with a surprised face… I feel that the way that girl’s looking at me might be similar to my expression. No, it’s probably the same. Come to think of it, I was in the imperial family, huh. A person of the imperial family succumbed to club and food…

17’s face scrunched up and seemed to have reached the same conclusion as me. We both sighed.

“How troublesome.”

The substitute instructor looked at us with wide eyes and shouted.

“R, really? The descendants of the Raina family, and the Nermia family? Direct descendants, at that?!”
“…I’m not.”

17 puffed up her cheeks. She seemed dissatisfied about something.

“If you understand, please move.”
“I don’t want to?”
“…Are you rebelling as well?”
“Well… Living as a host isn’t all too bad, and I can protect myself to a degree as well. Plus… I’m the instructor right now.”

The instructor took out his sword and smiled as he said this, which accentuated his beauty. But.

“I’m the instructor right now… Boring. Like rice.”
“…Rice is tasty. Do not insult rice.”

Our sensitivity to just about anything seems to be pretty much done for at this point.

“Hey! You bastards! Am I helping you out right now? You should be thankful right now?”

When we heard this, we just smirked.

“That’s supposed to be dangerous?”
“Not really.”
“…Fine, you guys are awesome and shit. Damn it.”

The substitute instructor smirked along with us.

“5 per person. Anyone that’s left at the end is mine!”

Right before we were able to respond, however.

“Sorry, I can’t accept that deal. Even fighting 20 would hurt my pride.”

A soft voice rang out in the area. When everyone looked at where the voice had come from, my eyes widened.

“Sword Saint?”

Why’s that old woman here?

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