Poisoning the World : Chapter 451

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Chapter 451 : Thank you, Heavenly Teacher

The young lady in black had already lowered her head and her beautiful face showed signs of embarrassment.


If she was only at the second level, then why was there a mist surrounding her? Could it be that it was only exclusive to Potion Ladies?


The crowd began to speculate.


Many men were lusting after her. A masterpiece! She was indeed a very precious masterpiece! No men could ever resist the temptation of such a “masterpiece”.


All eyes then landed back to the inside of the carriage.


“Tian Xingyu, are you really going to give her to me? No matter what I would do to her?” Han Shanyue finally spoke.


Tian Qing real name was Tian Xingyu, and immediately his eyes lit up and then he bowed down. “Yes!”


“Good, then I shall keep her.” Han Shanyue decided to accept her.


Although the outcome was expected, the public still went on speculating.


What would the Heavenly Master do with her? Would he also be taking her as his concubine? Then between the two, who would have a higher status, the Calamitous Lonely Star or the young lady?


Emperor Lexuan was obviously disappointed as this would mean that his son would have no hope!


Ji Yunhuang instead became hopeful as he took a step forward and before he began talking, Han Shanyue interrupted. “Tian Xingyu, what favour do you wish to ask of me? Taking into account of you presenting your daughter, I may grant you your request.”


Tian Xingyu’s eyes lit up, and as he lowered head, he said, “Thank you Master, but at this time, I do not have anything to ask of you yet. I only ask that during time of crisis, you will be willing to help Tian Qing.”


Han Shanyue then replied nonchalantly, “As long as it doesn’t harm others, I will be glad to help.”


Tian Xingyu nodded repeatedly, “Of course, that’s for sure, I do know where your bottom line is. It’ll never be something immoral… Xueqin, come and greet your husband.”


That young lady’s name was Xueqin, and she was flustered that even her neck was flushed. Then just when she was about to bow and greet the person in the carriage, Han Shanyue spoke again…


“ Hold it, I am not your husband.”


Those words surprised everybody and then everyone looked at Han Shanyue puzzled. Tian Xueqin herself was stunned, not sure if she should carry on with the greeting.


“Master Han, what…. What do you mean by this?” Tian Xingyu asked, looking perplexed.


Han Shanyue instead replied coldly, “Since you’ve already given her to me, I do not see the need for your permission to give her away to somebody else.”


This response caused Tian Xingyu to choke on his words, “This… but of course, it’s none of my business. Once the ‘present’ is given to you, you can see fit to transfer it to anybody and I will not have any opinion on that.”


Han Shanyue then shifted his sight onto Ji Yunhuang who was standing in front of the troops.


Ji Yunhuang was taken aback and before he could make his retreat, Han Shanyue called out to him. “ Miss Xueqin shall serve the crown price Ji Yunhuang, and he shall be your husband.”


Ji Yunhuang’s expression darkened, his already pale face became even paler. Just when he wanted to decline the offer, his mind started to be in a whirl and he blurted out, “Yes, thank you Heavenly Master.”


When the young lady in black heard that she was being tossed around, her beautiful face turned pale. However, now that Ji Yunhuang agreed and had accepted her, she could not help but turned her head to look at him…


As she carefully observed Ji Yunhuang’s appearance, her pupils began to light up and then her cheeks flushed as she looked down.


Obviously, she was also a willing party.


Emperor Lexuan felt as though he won a lottery, and he started laughing heartily immediately. “Good! Good!”


I love how Han Shanyue gives this girl hope and then tears it all down in less than a minute…

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