Poisoning the World : Chapter 450

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Chapter 450 : Potion Lady

Ji Yunhuang, who looked uninterested, suddenly had a sparkle in his eyes as he glanced at the young lady.


Could it be that he was interested in this young lady?


Emperor Le Xuan was not sure if he should be joyful or worried.


This son of his was talented, and had great ambitions, but he never had any interest in other girls until he met the Calamitous Lonely Star Ning Xuemo. She was the only time he ever fell in love, so much that even his own father could not stop him.


Fortunately, that jinx caught the attention of the Heavenly Teacher, and even though their marriage was not official yet, Ji Yunhuang had already given up hope, and this reassured him.


However, the Emperor was worried that his son would never look at another woman again. So during these times, he tried sending a myriad of beautiful women but to no avail. His son did not even look and instead he sent all of them back.


Now that he was interested in another lady, who came from a prestigious background that was already a perfect match to him, it would be even better if she were to be a vessel.


However, the only pity was that this young lady was presented to the Heavenly Teacher, and if he were to accept her, his son would have lost his chance…


These were the thoughts that Emperor Lexuan had at that moment.


The carriage suddenly halted, and it appeared that Han Shanyue, the Heavenly Teacher, was about to make his announcement.


The Head of the Tianqing Family’s eyes began to glow, and Emperor Lexuan was hopeful.


Surprisingly, Ji Yunhuang was also looking forward to his response as he took a few steps forward.


If Han Shanyue were to agree to accept this lady, this would mean that his feelings for Ning Xuemo were not real, and he might be agreeable to annulling his marriage with her…


Ji Yunhuang’s eyes were fixed onto the carriage the whole time, and he was clenching his fists so tight that his fingertips turned pale.


The door to the carriage was finally opened, revealing the figure of Han Shanyue sitting inside.


He did not leave the carriage, and the exterior of the carriage was so extravagant that it shadowed the interiors, only showing Han Shanyue’s silhouette.


The young lady then raised her head to see a tall man’s figure and not his appearance.


However, she could feel that the man was looking at her with a cold gaze, and then she sneezed. She proceeded with lowering her head and with her heart beating wildly, she immediately pursed her lips tightly together.


She knew since at a young age that she was bound to be a vessel that could help boost someone’s cultivation. A vessel that was made solely for a man called Han Shanyue. She was forced to train, and endured washing in either boiling hot or freezing cold medicinal baths, even her food was prepared using herbs…


Her entire life was tasteless, and she did not know what to feel for Han Shanyue. Hatred, disgust, curiosity, and conflicted feelings were some of the mixed emotions she experienced.


She thought that this Han Shanyue would be someone elderly. Never did she expect to see someone who was as cool and elegant as he was. Other than making her heart flustered, she was also willing to kowtow to him.



She thought that Han Shanyue would definitely accept, for he also knew medicine and that Potion Ladies from the Tianqing Family were very rare and would be very beneficial to him…


“Potion Lady?” Han Shanyue clarified, he knew about them pretty well.


“Exactly!” Tian Qing was pleased, and being as respectful as he was, he emphasized, “She is my youngest daughter; not only does her birth characters match well to become the Potion lady, she is also a psychokinesis genius, and although her powers are only at the second level, her skills are even more remarkable…” It sounded as if  he was promoting a product, rather than bragging about his daughter’s talent.


Clearly, the award for Best Father of the Year does not go to this dude…

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