Poisoning the World : Chapter 430

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Chapter 430 : Can’t Care About So Much

The two drunkards were throwing violent punches and kicks, and this was not something an average man could have interfered with. With a slight hesitation, a bowl of soup flew over and splashed all over the shopkeeper…

The shopkeeper was truly infuriated, and he ran out to report to the authorities…

The security in the capital during these past few days had been tight; even the night patrolling guards were extremely alert.

Hence, it did not take very long for the shopkeeper to find the guards. And once the leader of the team heard about the fight, he immediately brought a whole army of guards to apprehend the troublemakers.

The guards swarmed into the place with aggression!

And just when the officer wanted to take this opportunity to impress and look awe-inspiring, he kneeled down instantly the moment he saw the face of the offender. “Crown prince!”

This had caused the rest of the guards to kneel down too.

The shopkeeper became dumbfounded!

This person with a bruised eye and a whole body reeking with alcohol was in fact the crown prince! That crown prince who never ever stepped into a commoner’s place?

This piece of news was too much for the elderly shopkeeper’s heart to handle!

This was not the only person that shook him, as after kowtowing to Ji Yunhuang, the officer stood up immediately to arrest Xi Jue.

This person dared to hit the crown prince. He was really courting death!

Before the guards had surrounded Xi Jue, four imperial bodyguards in black, wearing embroidered clouds on their clothes, rushed in from outside. And without any hesitation, they kneeled down facing Xi Jue, greeting him, “Bright  King’s Crown Prince!”

Crown Prince?

Everyone was shocked.

The leader of the imperial bodyguard flashed his jade medal and exclaimed, “We are from the Bright King, and this is our crown prince. Whoever dares to touch him means a declaration of war with the Bright King!”

Whether was it the Crown Prince from the Vast Sky Empire or the Bright King, they were both formidable people whom commoners could not afford to mess with.

Both of them drank a lot and fought each other, and the injuries they received from one another were about the same.

The people from both sides looked at each other for a moment and carried the same sentiments. Both would let the matter rest and help their own master leave…

Only to leave the speechless shopkeeper with a mess.

He had little assets and was making only a little profit, and because of the fight caused by the two honourable masters, he lost a majority of his fortune.

After the two masters left, who would pay for his losses?

The shopkeeper squatted down and buried his head in his knees. He was so depressed and shocked that he could not shed a tear.

Then a pair of legs appeared in front of him, and a banknote gently drifted down to his feet. “This one thousand silver taels are to compensate for your losses.”

The shopkeeper lifted his head up in astonishment, only to see a cyan colour silhouette flying by.

That person appeared to be strolling, but he disappeared into thin air in the main streets.

The shopkeeper could not keep his jaws together. Did he see a ghost?

He then picked up the banknote from the ground and examined it. The banknote was real, and he realized that he could withdraw the money from any bank.

A thousand silver taels was more than enough to pay for his losses!

But who was that? Who was he representing?

The shopkeeper could not figure it out, and he could not be bothered about it.


“Master, I persuaded the Bright King, and they brought their crown prince back. The crown prince won’t be back any time soon. However, I found the crown prince at a small tavern drinking. He was thoroughly drunk…” This was a report made by somebody’s subordinate.

Han Shanyue sat on a chair with a painting in front of him on a table. The ink on the painting had not dried yet; clearly it was only finished not too long ago.

The painting was of a lady with a lively expression, wearing a passionate red dress, dancing elegantly, accompanying the composition of the pipa in a dance.

It looked so real as if she could come to life and walk out of the painting to dance elegantly once again.


Hm… I wonder who the guy who gave the money is… And the girl in the painting…

I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue x Fat White Sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

Craziest thing  I’ve ever eaten… Yogurt soda. We were doing this science thing in 7th grade, and my teacher brought in a ton of gross stuff. There were chocolate covered ants too, but I decided to skip on that. Yogurt soda sounded safe, but I still regret making that decision…

If you had to spend your entire life devoted to one thing, what thing would it be? Like, spending your life painting, doing bio research, astrophysics, etc.

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