Poisoning the World : Chapter 429

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Chapter 429 : Youngster’s First Taste of Love

It was said that this Crown Prince had mysophobia and that he did not eat food from outside. Why was he here at this rundown tavern drinking so much?

Xi Jue strode over. “Drinking alone at this late hour, why not let me accompany you? Do you mind me sitting here?”

As he spoke, he was already sitting opposite the table.

Ji Yunhuang then lifted his head to take a look.

Looking at him up close, it appeared that he really drank a lot. His eyes were already red and he did not recognise the Bright King clan heir Xi Jue.

He raised his hands and gestured to him with the cup of alcohol. “Go ahead!” And he finished the wine in one shot.

It looked like Ji Yunhuang was in need of a drinking buddy no matter who he was.

If it was in the past when Xi Jue saw Ji Yunhuang in this state, he would have taken the opportunity to fish out secrets regarding the Vast Sky Empire.

However, he had no mood to do that as all he wanted to do was to drink.

He gave himself a full cup of wine and shouted, “Cheers!” Then he downed the alcohol.

This alcohol was considered an average hard liquor, strong and spicy. Once down, the alcohol would burn a path through the throat to the stomach.

Xi Jue was brought up extravagantly, but even after drinking this alcohol, he could not help but frowned his brows.

Looking at the Ji Yunhuang who was sitting opposite, he was downing one shot after another as though it was spring water.

After a few shots, he even exclaimed, “Good alcohol!”

Even this was considered as good? Xi Jue was speechless.

This kind of hard liquor was not Xi Jue’s cup of tea.

Ji Yunhuang who was sitting opposite, looked up at him and laughed, “Little brother, do you not dare to drink? Are you still considered a man?”

And then he gestured, “If you don’t want to drink then leave!”

Youngsters at Xi Jue’s age were easily taunted, so he immediately scoffed, “What is there to not drink? I’m only finding this wine cup is too small for my liking! Drinking would not be satisfying with this. Shopkeeper, bring me the bowls! We shall use big bowls for this!”

It took a glance to know that these two masters were not to ruffle with. Hence the shopkeeper didn’t dare to stop them, and he brought them the big bowls while wearing a worried face.

The two men began drinking from the bowls, one after another.

And eventually, whatever good alcohol would be tasteless.

And surely, no matter how strong the liquor was, it no longer tasted bad.

After drinking dozens of bowls of wine, Xi Jue began to feel dizzy and he started hallucinating. He saw the illusion of Ning Xuemo appearing in front of him.

“Xuemo….” He mumbled as he started to pour out his heart.

A young man’s first love experience, and he found himself in a complicated relationship, not sure if it was good for him.

The person sitting across him suddenly grabbed his collar, “You shall not… call her name!”

Xi Jue was also unpleasant too, and he threw a punch across, “This master likes it, you… stay out of it!”

Bang! He was not sure where did he hit but the other person released his grip and then suddenly another punch came in too!

Then, these two people started fighting.

Both of them were already drunk; hence, the way they fought was without logic, just like those drunkards fighting on the main streets.

They exchanged a few blows…

And their hair were in a mess, clothes were ripped apart, their eyes were bruised. And I gave you a kick and you rolled over…

The furniture in the tavern suffered the most. Everything came crashing down and smashed into pieces. The tavern owner was complaining non-stop as the two drunkards fought each other with so much intensity that an average man like him could not interfere.


Cat fight! Xi Jue just about sums up my love life – or lack thereof. 😛

I really want to photoshop a picture of some ancient Chinese guy (Ibuki Satsuki draws them really nicely) as Han Shanyue onto a fat sheep (and then pin it to a dartboard). If anyone is up to doing a drawing of Han Shanyue x Fat White Sheep, send them to [email protected]! I would love to see some fan art, and I’m sure Han Shanyue would “love it” too~

If I had as much money as I wanted to buy any one thing, I would probably… Buy a house. #practicaldecisionshere But like, seriously, have you seen how expensive real estate is????? Like, EVERYWHERE.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever eaten?

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