Poisoning the World : Chapter 416

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Chapter 416 : This Posture Was Not a Normal Type of Pain

His body emitted a type of aura that automatically made people scared and controlled. They naturally did not dare get angry or tell lies.

Old Zhong was actually someone who did not easily trust others. However, for some reason, he felt that this Master Han was very trustworthy.

He respectfully told Han Shanyue everything Ning Xuemo had gone through recently. Obviously, it was only everything that he knew.

Han Shanyue did not say a word as he listened to him talk. Some of these things he was aware of. Some of these things he was not…


Ning Xuemo was tired out by the people that the old Emperor had sent last night, so after returning to her residence, she went to her room and slept.

This nap was very sweet. She slept from ten in the morning to dusk.

After waking up, she discovered that the light outside the window had come through the muslin curtain, perfectly landing on a person’s body.

This person had his back to her and was currently sitting at a table, drawing. The light cast a faint golden glow around him, making him look even more elegant and beautiful.

However, seeing him, Ning Xuemo’s happy feelings completely vanished!

She suddenly sat up and said, “Why are you here?!”

Ning Xuemo was very particular about her bedroom and was extremely secretive about its location.

Her bedroom did not permit anyone to come in. She had even set up a spell outside her bedroom to ward off people.

To get into her bedroom, they would first have to break the spell…

And if someone broke the spell, then she, the spell caster, would have no way of not knowing!

That person was naturally Han Shanyue. He did not answer Ning Xuemo, but rather raised the painting in his hand and asked, “How do you know this man?”

Ning Xuemo looked at the painting, and her heart jumped slightly!

The painting was of a red-clothed man. His face was as beautiful as a painting, and his aura was as elegant as a poem. His clothing were like the red clouds from a sunset or sunrise.

It was precisely Xiu Yilan! That red-clothed evildoer was clearly drawn by Han Shanyue! It seemed as though he could immediately jump out from the painting.

“You’ve seen him before?” Ning Xuemo blurted out.

If he did not see him personally, he would not be able to draw him so perfectly.

A dark light flashed in Han Shanyue’s eyes. He asked again, “How did you two meet?” His voice seemed deeper and heavier.

Ning Xuemo ignored him and stretched on the bed. She lazily said, “Why do you care who I know…” She lifted her blankets, ready to get off the bed.

With a wave of his sleeves, a faint white light flashed from Han Shanyue, and Ning Xuemo’s body became rigid. Curse that darned Han Shanyue! She couldn’t move again!

Her current posture was of her in the process of getting off the bed. Her body was leaning forward, one leg dangling below. This was not just a usual type of pain.

Ning Xuemo angrily raised her eyes, watching as Han Shanyue slowly walked toward her.

His imposing aura pressed down on Ning Xuemo until her heart was jumping violently. She stared at him as she asked, “You… What are you doing?”

Step by step, he walked closer and closer. Finally, he stopped in front of her bed. The distance between them was not more than half a meter, which was too close in her opinion.

He towered over her and looked down, lightly saying, “What do you think?”

His attitude was too dangerous. A faint fragrance coming off of him surrounded her, almost as if at any moment he would jump on her-

Unfortunately, Ning Xuemo could not move. Otherwise, she would have withdrawn toward the corner of the bed a long time ago!

He slowly stooped down and leisurely extended a finger toward her-

Ning Xuemo freaked out. It couldn’t be that he wanted her now, right?!

“Han Shanyue, don’t come close! We still haven’t gotten married yet. You can’t-” Her shouts were cut off by his extended finger.


Han Shanyue, don’t you know it’s impolite to barge into a girl’s bedroom without knocking first? Or any bedroom? Sigh…

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  1. joellyanne says:

    I like almost all dishes as long as they are not swimming in too much oil and no pork and no blood. If it is possible at all, I would like to live within the vicinity of Lake District. Thanks for this chapter.

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    It bothers me how rape-y he is.

  10. bess says:

    It bothers me how rape-y he is.

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    This HS is truly more shameless! Poor NX. Thanks for the chapter!
    I’m from Venezuela and latinoamerican food is really good, I’m a food lover and I love my country’s dishes, they’re superb *-* as we get close to December, the most common dishes are Hallacas (pretty good, a piece of heaven) but the really really common for all year long is the Arepa and let me tell you that each kind of Arepa is delicious

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