Poisoning the World : Chapter 415

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Chapter 415 : This Master is Your Future Husband


No way… Could he be this perverted?!


Ning Xuemo called a knowledgeable maid over and asked her if, in this world, when girls agreed to a marriage proposal, would an omen would be sent by the heavens.


For instance, being struck by lightning…


That maid shook her head, saying that she had never heard of such a thing.


After dismissing that maid, Ning Xuemo rubbed that cinnabar mark, her heart heavy and confused.


Forget about it. The strange events that happened to her were too numerous to count, and this was just one of them.


She walked out the door, yet could not see Shitou Long anywhere. She then walked around the courtyard, yet could not find any Imperial bodyguards anywhere.

She was a little puzzled, so she called over Old Zhong to ask. Old Zhong reported to her, “Young Mistress, General Shi and his men were dismissed by Master Han.”

Ning Xuemo was speechless.

Weren’t Shitou Long and his men told to “protect” her?


How could they be dismissed so easily by that Master Han?


Her expression was not good. This was clearly her territory. That person not only forced his way in here, but he also exercised the owner’s power as if it was his!




Ning Xuemo had a feeling that her status was gradually fading in power, and coldly laughed. “Who does he think he is? He simply dismisses them as he pleases…”


“This master is your future husband.” An indifferent voice traveled over from behind her.


Ning Xuemo turned around and saw Han Shanyue leisurely walking towards them. When he was thirty feet away from Ning Xuemo, he stopped and said, “Those people were there to monitor you and make sure you did not escape in these ten days. This master found them to be an eyesore, so they were dismissed. What’s wrong? Are you not pleased?”

“Master Han, please remember. This is my house. If I want to dismiss someone, I do not need to trouble your majestic great self!” Ning Xuemo did not want to talk to him anymore, so she walked away.


Han Shanyue stood there, not saying a word. He only gazed at her back as a look of contemplation flashed through his eyes.


Old Zhong held his breath as he stood on the side. Even though it was daytime, and the sky was cloudless and bright, Master Han’s face still could not be seen clearly as he stood there.

After all, Old Zhong had seen a lot. He knew that there was a martial art called the “Hiding Face Technique” that could hide one’s face without the use of a mask. Even if someone were to catch a glimpse of one’s true face, they would have no way of remembering it and would forget it in an instant.


To be able to practice this skill, one must be at Earth Realm Rank Nine or above. On this continent, the number of people who were at that level were too few and could be counted on one hand.

Old Zhong was sincerely happy for his Mistress that this amazing expert became Jingyuan Marquis’ son-in-law.


Seeing that his Mistress was leaving so abruptly without giving respect to this honored guest, Old Zhong felt scared that Master Han would hate her and so he immediately said, “Master Han, my family’s Mistress has encountered too many events recently, so her temperament is a little weird. Actually, she’s usually quite pleasant and sweet-tempered…”


She was sweet-tempered?


Was sweet-tempered just her idea?


Truthfully, she was a cruel and arrogant little fox…


Han Shanyue turned and sat down on a nearby stone stool. His eyes landed on Old Zhong. “Recently, what kind of events has she gone through? Tell me about them.”


He sat underneath a flowering tree. The flower petals on the tree blew gently in the autumn wind and lightly fluttered down, yet not a single one landed on him. In fact, none of them even dared to fly in his direction…


The spacing of this chapter is so weird and I don’t know why… And see how even the flower petals stay away from him? Han Shanyue, I think they’re giving you a hint…

My favorite Asian supermarket is either Mitsuwa because they have the cutest stationary store there as well as extremely overpriced sakura petal peach jelly or Ranch 99 for its terribly good dim sum and you know… overall Asian vibe. Especially during Chinese New Years~

What’s your favorite type of food to eat? Chinese? Indian? Sweet?

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