Poisoning the World : Chapter 413

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Chapter 413 : As If You Were Raising a Pig

Old Zhong looked at his own master before shifting his vision to the lazy but influential Master Han Shanyue. He was caught in the middle, “It’s… ready…”

Ning Xuemo’s face sunk. “Old Zhong, did I say he can stay?”

Old Zhong coughed and expressed his honest opinion, “Master, sooner or later he will be your husband, at that time… he will become the master of this residence, so don’t think too much into it.”

Despite that, he was genuinely happy for Ning Xuemo.

Ever since her title of “Heaven Calamitous Lonely Star” spread across the capital, Old Zhong had never stopped worrying about Ning Xuemo’s marriage. It had been bothering him the entire time.

If Ning Xuemo were to never marry, how would he face the Marquis Ning Master and Mistress when he passed on.

Now that Han Shanyue was willing to take in his master, and even though she would only be his concubine, it was still better than being an old spinster for the rest of her life, or even worse, marrying to some random man who might be blind or even bald.

Moreover, this Han Shanyue was such a prominent figure, someone who was of a higher status than Ji Yunhuang himself.

Furthermore, it was rare that he was still single.

If his master were to marry him, even if her status was not the highest, at least she would still be recognised as his woman, just like the main wife.

For his master to have such a great marriage, he experienced ultimate heartfelt happiness for her.

Ning Xuemo, who was acting in this manner, was probably throwing a tantrum like every other girl.

And it was normal for young girls like her to play hard to get.

Old Zhong was very understanding about this, but he could not help but voice out his opinion.

However, he was also worried that Ning Xuemo’s immaturity might infuriate Master Han enough to break off this marriage.

Ning Xuemo knew for herself that she would not able to chase him out because this man had skin thicker than steel.

She spoke coldly, “As long as we are not married, he will not be my husband nor will he be the master of the Marquis Ning residence. However, since Mister Han has nowhere to go to, we shall exercise our benevolence and give him a roof over his head for a few days. Men, go and prepare the Cold Fragrance Yard for Mister Han. That place suits him.”

Old Zhong was put in a difficult spot, “Master, Mister Han had already picked his accommodation, and it will be at Calm Tide Pavilion. Hanxiang court is really not suitable for living.”

Ning Xuemo was really too inconsiderate towards her guest.

That Cold Fragrance Yard only had a beautiful name to it, as it was an abandoned court filled with unwanted weeds, and also, it was the place that held most of the old discarded furniture.

Even if it were a normal guest, this place should not ever be considered to house them .

Moreover, this was the Heavenly Master Han that we were talking about…

The Calm Tide Pavilion? Isn’t that the place beside where I am currently staying in?

Ning Xuemo’s facial expression turned darker. She could not respond in time and a maid rushed in from outside to report. “Heavenly Master, the Calm Tide Pavilion is ready. Just as you ordered, all of the things inside are changed to new ones and we had cleaned the whole place six times…”

Han Shanyue nodded slightly and, when he finally stood up, he did not even look at Ning Xuemo before heading outside.

Ning Xuemo would love to kick him on his bottom for coming to her house and demanding a certain level of cleanliness.

She clenched her first in secret, but little qilin had already felt her anger and immediately calmed her down, “Master, calm down, you are no match for him, and, if you were to act now, you will only regret it. Moreover, there are so many rooms here, it doesn’t make any difference whether or not another person lives there. Just take it that you are raising another pig…”

Ning Xuemo initially wanted to let her anger control her, but, after hearing what little qilin had said through telepathy, she almost let out a laugh.

“That’s right, let’s just pretend that we are raising another pig…”

Immediately after this sentence, Han Shanyue who was about to reach the exit, suddenly turned around and looked at little qilin.


Han Shanyue… Why can I imagine a Han Shanyue, with him impeccable robes, kneeling on the floor and eating out of a pig trough?

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