Poisoning the World : Chapter 412

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Chapter 412 : Something is Wrong!

Shi Tianlong became a little flustered. “Ning Marquis, my apologies. His Majesty ordered this soldier to stay in the Ning Residence for a few days to protect you. I have the Imperial orders with me, and this soldier does not dare  defy them…”

Just as she thought, it seems like Emperor Le Xuan feared that she might break her promise and leave overnight. Hence, he placed somebody to keep watch until the wedding day… Ning Xuemo nodded and did not speak afterwards. She then rode little qilin and entered the residence.

Shi Tianlong gestured to his bodyguard subordinates to split up to different areas to monitor her in secret, before he followed Ning Xuemo into her residence unwillingly.

Ning Xuemo was still feeling a bit puzzled. Old Zhong, who was an efficient worker of hers, would usually lead all the workers to fetch her at the entrance whenever she returned home from outside. However, this time when Ning Xuemo came home, he was neither in sight nor did he or anyone else come out to welcome her…

She felt something was amiss, and once she entered the hall, she immediately knew something was up.

There was somebody sitting on the main seat at the hall. Someone with long black luscious hair, wearing an unconventional attire that illustrated a few plants and flowers that seemed to be dancing as he moved.

Han Shanyue! How did he end up at her house? And he was shamelessly sitting on the seat meant for the master of the residence.

Ning Xuemo’s eyes noted his shoes underneath his gown, and it was a pair of casual wooden clogs that was usually meant to be worn in the household.

Old Zhong was instructing the two maids to clean the furniture in the hall and had made sure that they were free of dust. Everything was so smooth that even a fly would slip off the surface. But of course, there were no flies at all in the hall…

When Ning Xuemo stepped into the hall, Han Shanyue glanced at her and said, “You are finally back.” His tone sounded like he was the master of the household.

“Why are you here?” exclaimed Ning Xuemo, and her tone did not sound pleasant at all.

“The Heavenly teacher residence is being renovated, and I would be staying here for a few days.” Han Shanyue replied very confidently.

“I do not remember inviting you over!” Ning Xuemo’s tone was hostile.

“You are my concubine, hence your residence automatically becomes mine. “

“However, at this moment, I am still not your concubine yet.” And she might not even be his in the future either…

“Soon you will be.” Although Han Shanyue rebutted nonchalantly, his words attacked Ning Xuemo’s weakest point.

Ning Xuemo subtly took a deep breath, and she told herself that she was a calm and composed person and that she would not get angry or  pissed… Darn it. How could she not be furious about it!

“Master Han, Mister Han, even if I were to get married to you in ten days time, strictly speaking, officially we are still not a couple yet. According to the traditions and customs of Vast Sky Empire, the fiance may not meet the other a month prior to the wedding.” Ning Xuemo tried to convince him with reason. She had to get rid of him so that she could have the chance to escape.

“I am not a citizen of the Vast Sky Empire and neither are you, so we don’t have to follow their practices. Moreover, I am not your fiance , but rather, you are my concubine.” Han Shanyue extended his leg out, resting his cheek on this palm, his finger tapping on the table. There was a certain kind of laziness in this position, but somehow there was also an unexplainable attractiveness to it. Those maids who were cleaning the furniture at the hall were all taking a quick peek at him from time to time; their eyes were almost sparkling at the sight of him.

Ning Xuemo was about to curse and swear. What concubine, darned you concubine!

“Master Han, you are wrong. Even if you are not a citizen of Vast Sky Empire, I am truly a citizen of the Empire. Since I am a citizen, we will have to respect and follow the rules…”

“Are you sure you are one?” Han Shanyue stared at her intensely.

Ning Xuemo jumped. Did he know something?

“I… I am.” This came out quite weakly.

Han Shanyue seemed to grin and did not argue with her any further. He turned to Old Zhong asking, “Is my room ready?”


Whoa. Another ploy by Han Shanyue? Hm… Is this real love? Or another ploy? Hm…

Quite obviously, my favorite dim sum thing is Xiao long bao – soup dumplings. When I found out about this novel translation site – I love their novels, by the way – I fangirled because it was called Soupy Baozi dumplings translations. Hee~

DO NOT GO TO THE DIN TAI FUNG IN SANTA CLARA IN CALIFORNIA. SO FREAKING BAD. Sorry. But like, I eat enough Xiao long bao to know what is good and what is bad, and if there’s no soup in SOUP dumplings, you know it’s bad…

What’s your favorite place to shop for clothing?

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