Poisoning the World : Chapter 408

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Chapter 408 : Are You Jealous?

Currently, she was hugging Han Shanyue’s waist like an octopus and her head was even buried in the other person’s chest!

Even though Ning Xuemo had a thick-skinned face, she still could not help but blush and immediately let go of him. She retreated two steps, saying, “I… How could I?”

Han Shanyue’s gaze landed on Ning Xuemo’s face. He knew her for so long, yet this was the first time he had seen her blush…

Her white cheeks looked as if they were covered in rouge. Under the sunlight, it was beautiful enough to scare people.

His eyes became slightly darker. Turning his gaze away, he said lightly, “Alright.” With a turn, he left, his sleeves billowing behind him.

Alright? What’s alright?

Even though Ning Xuemo was smart, she still could not figure out the meaning behind his word. Her eyes stared at his departing figure.

What just happened?

If this person said more than a few words, would it kill him?

Ning Xuemo’s forehead still burned slightly. She raised a hand to rub it, but could not feel any broken skin or scarring.

Then, she raised her head to look at the sky. Above, there were a few clouds drifting to and fro. The sun was always up there, warming her entire body. There was no sign of fog or black clouds.

Just then, was the thing that struck her the sphere-shaped lightning?

Such a sunny and calm day, how could there be lightning?

She rubbed the space between her eyebrows. At this time, even the burning feeling in her forehead went away. It left a slightly warm feeling, but it was not all that unpleasant.

She had always heard people say that when something was struck by sphere-shaped lightning, even birds and dogs would not be able to stay alive. It was unfathomable that she actually managed to live without a single bruise or injury. This was truly a miracle…

Just as she was about to go to the lake to see if there was anything wrong with her appearance, a mocking voice suddenly traveled into her ear, “Finally, you’ve managed to climb up the social ladder. Do you feel proud of yourself inside? You’re standing here foolishly happy?”

These words were sharp and rude. Ning Xuemo frowned, turning around to take a look.

A girl dressed in purple stood not too far away amongst the bamboo. Beside her were two other young girls.

Ji Yunyao!

The two girls beside her were the two well-bred ladies from last night’s banquet. Even though Ning Xuemo did not know their names, she was still familiar with their looks.

Ning Xuemo had not seen Ji Yunyao for a month and had originally thought she had become more subdued. She did not think that Ji Yunyao still had not changed and would still take any opportunities to defeat her and make fun of her…

Ning Xuemo lightly smiled, letting her eyes purposefully linger on Ji Yunyao’s face, “Not bad, Ji Junzhu’s* facial injury seems to have finally recovered. If I didn’t look carefully enough, then I wouldn’t be able to tell!”

Ji Yunyao was demoted to Junzhu, but it was in name only. She was not driven out of the Imperial city.

Her face had been whipped harshly and, at that time, it was as swollen as a pig’s head. In her manor, she recuperated for an entire month and used numerous medications to return her appearance back to normal.

Everyone said that when defeating someone, always target their weakest point. Ning Xuemo’s sentence directly hit her weakest point, making her face turn red in embarrassment.

Furthermore, she could not refute Ning Xuemo’s words. She also could not fight Ning Xuemo in fear that she would be the one getting beaten in the end…

She paused, then coldly laughed, “What are you so happy about? Han Shanyue merely took you as a concubine, not even as the main wife! He’s only taking you as  amusement for the time being.”

Ning Xuemo walked forward a step. “Are you jealous?”

After suffering at the hands of Ning Xuemo so much, Ji Yunyao was slightly scared of her. Seeing Ning Xuemo walk towards her, she subconsciously retreated two steps, “Nonsense. This Princess would never be jealous. This Princess doesn’t like him, either!”

“Oh, then who do you like?” Ning Xuemo remained calm and collected, walking forward one more step.

*Junzhu is a Princess title, but not a true Princess title. It’s below the rank of a true Princess.


Ji Yunyao… Sigh, looks like she hasn’t learned her lesson yet…

Okay, finally, the new website is up! I think it might even be better than the one before. What do you guys think?

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