Poisoning the World : Chapter 407

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Chapter 407 : I Am Willing!

Ning Xuemo was too lazy to beat around the bush. “Why does it have to be me?” This was the question that she could not figure out, no matter how much she wracked her brain over it.

“Because you hate me.” Han Shanyue clearly had an answer for it.

What type of rationale was that?!

Did he want to keep his enemy right next to him?

Was he not afraid that she might hate him so much that in the middle of the night she would take a knife and stab him?

Ning Xuemo looked at him as if he was a freak, “Can you explain it in more detail? I feel like even under Your Distinguished Self’s conditions, finding a concubine that you will like wouldn’t be hard.”

“My fate is tough. If I jinxed you to death, I would feel less guilty.

She clenched her fist in her sleeve and coldly said, “Didn’t you say that I was a Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star? From what I remember, the Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star won’t die but will curse others to death!”

“Hm, then let’s just wait and see.” Han Shanyue’s words were indifferent and calm.

“You’re not scared that because I’m scared of being cursed to death I would first murder you?”

Han Shanyue’s gaze finally turned toward her. “I wait for the day when you have that ability.”

His tone of voice sounded languid and aloof. It made Ning Xuemo want to kick him into the lake even more!

“I’m only thirteen this year! I could still be considered a child. Wouldn’t you feel guilty marrying me?” If this was in the modern times, then she could call him a molester or pedophile and throw him in jail!

“No.” Han Shanyue honestly answered.

Ning Xuemo secretly sucked in a breath of air. “I think that since Your Distinguished Self is also a Heavenly Calamitous Lonely Star, then don’t go around harming other girls. To be honest, the life of a bachelor is pretty free and nice. Your Distinguished Self is also a very carefree person; why be weighed down with a family and a wife?”

“A concubine cannot be considered family.” Han Shanyue corrected her, his voice still as calm as before, “You only have to answer me, are you willing or not?”

“What would happen if I’m willing? If I’m not?” Ning Xuemo asked back.

“If you’re willing, I’ll marry you in ten days. If you’re not, then you can only die.”

Ning Xuemo’s eyes flashed quickly. She knew that the words he said were true. If she really didn’t agree, only an endless barrage of assassins awaited her along with a road of pain and death. Also, right now her skills had not completely recovered. If she was unwilling, only a path toward death would be waiting for her.

Ten days was ample time for her to plot an escape!

She might as well first agree, then plan!

“Okay, I agree!” This time, Ning Xuemo answered without hesitation.

Just after she said her words, the originally sunny and clear sky suddenly burst with light, dazzling the eyes and flashing right before her eyes.

Ning Xuemo did not even have time to hide, before she felt something like an electric current drill into her head!

Her entire body trembled and could not move for a moment.

She was finished! She got hit by lightning! This was Ning Xuemo’s first thoughts.

Clear day, blue skies, how could there be lightning? Much less in the shape of spheres?

Weird, how come she did not hear the sound of thunder?

She could only see an expanse of dazzling white light and nothing else. Her head was dizzy, as if she was floating in mid-air.

Could it be that she had already died from the strike?! Was this the path to the underworld?

Ning Xuemo tried to take a step forward, but suddenly she felt as if she was on a cloud and had just stepped on empty air. Her entire body felt like she was falling off the cloud!

Her hands subconsciously grabbed for anything around her. Finally, she grabbed onto something that was soft yet hard. It was also slightly warm. She grabbed onto it as if she was about to die!

The thing that she grabbed onto became slightly rigid, and a cold voice seemed to come from the horizon, “Let go!”

Ning Xuemo’s entire body felt warm. Her feet seemed to step on firm ground, so she opened her eyes. When she did, she became extremely surprised and embarrassed!


Ning Xuemo, you’re just digging a hole for yourself now… Kind of worried for you…

ARMYYY! Guys, you all really have to watch BTS music videos. Not even for the music! FOR THE DANCING!!!! And the cute faces <3

Okay, I was binge-watching Once Upon a Lifetime, which is basically Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Peach Blossom in movie form, and is it just me or is Yang Yang super cute in that one? I think I’m obsessed now…

Anyone got any good movies to recommend? Chinese or English or Bollywood, I’m good for any~


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