Poisoning the World : Chapter 402

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Chapter 402 : I Don’t Want to Marry a Mental Case

If she still did not agree, Emperor Le Xuan would not release her but put her under house arrest. Now that she was exhausted, it would be best for her to rest for a night. Xuemo would eventually have to agree.

Off to the side, Ji Yunhuang clenched his fist, his handsome face nearly turning green. Naturally, he wasn’t willing for Ning Xuemo to be married off to someone else! Even more, she would become someone else’s concubine? But in this situation, he also had no way of promising her anything…

He could only hate himself at the moment for not having enough strength to protect her! Turning away, he left.

“Huang’er, where are you going?” Emperor Le Xuan felt that his son’s expression did  not look too good.

Ji Yunhuang didn’t say a word. He didn’t even turn around. Just like this, he quickly left.

Emperor Le Xuan was speechless. Even though this son of his was always cold and indifferent, this was the first time he had ever left so abruptly. A happy and festive banquet ended just like this, gloomy and dismal. Everyone tactfully said their farewells and left.


Ning Xuemo was brought to a gorgeous room to rest in. Outside, there were so many bodyguards and soldiers that not even a fly could enter.

She lazily reclined on the bed, half of her upper body leaning on the bed post. Her eyes were closed as if she was asleep.

Like before, the little qilin transformed into a blue cat and curled up by her leg in restless sleep.

The bed curtains were already drawn down. Outside of the bug netting, a very eloquent imperial censor was kneeling. He already kneeled there and spoke for literally an hour, yet Ning Xuemo didn’t even bother making a sound, much less agree to the conditions.

This little brat clearly already drank the sobering soup and was undoubtedly awake, yet she just would not answer him. (Because every time he thought that Ning Xuemo fell asleep listening to him talk, she would always slowly raise a hand, indicating that she wasn’t asleep…)

This was already the third imperial censor sent over by the Emperor. The first two had left, crestfallen. This imperial censor, who had talked for so long already, was said to have the ability to talk even dead people back to life. However, even after many praises and insults, there was no result. Therefore, he could only leave dejectedly.

Emperor Le Xuan obviously wanted to use the Sea-of-People tactic. When this one left, another immediately came in.

Just like this, seven to eight imperial censors came. Each seemed to have talked until their lips were falling off, yet Ning Xuemo would not speak at all. She just laid there, her eyes closed without any sign of opening.

Even though they could threaten her in all directions, in the end they did not dare to do so. Each one went in with high spirits and left disheartened.

Emperor Le Xuan was waiting in a nearby side palace. However, with every gloomy imperial censor that returned, his heart also gradually dropped! He had never met someone as hard to convince as Ning Xuemo! Just a thirteen year old girl, yet she was so unmoved by all this persuasion! Looks like it must be because he did not dare to punish her…

Darn it! He really did not dare!

This was the first time Emperor Le Xuan had ever met such an unsolvable problem. He paced around in circles in the side palace. His court eunuchs all tried to advise him to rest, but they were all yelled into submissive silence!

Han Shanyue gave him until tomorrow at dawn. He really did not have that much time!

He originally wanted to find Ji Yunhuang who had a good relationship with Ning Xuemo. However, the court eunuch who delivered the message came back and reported that the Crown Prince could not be found, and no one knew of his whereabouts.

As for those people sent out to secretly find the whereabouts of the red-clothed qin player, they also had no news. Clearly, they still had not found his location. Just because he did not appear did not mean that he already left. Emperor Le Xuan did not dare to take such a dangerous gamble.

In the end, none of the imperial censors managed to win Ning Xuemo over. Even the justice office’s official Lan Yufeng tried but to no avail.


Sigh. Of course those imperial censors can’t talk over Ning Xuemo. Who do you think she is?????? *disdainfully looks away*

I wear night contacts (they reshape your eyes so that your prescription doesn’t increase as rapidly) but I have this pair of computer glasses that I wear sometimes as a fashion accessory because it’s black, nerdy, and has no prescription. It just filters out blue light from computer and phone screens, so it’s safe to wear. Looks fashionable too 😛

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