Poisoning the World : Chapter 403

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Chapter 403 : Great Aunt What Do You Want?!

There was no other way, so Emperor Le Xuan gritted his teeth and made a trip down to resolve this matter personally.

He would do anything in order to make Han Shanyue stay.

Ning Xuemo was thoroughly exhausted, hence she was always in a half awake, half asleep state and everything those imperial censors said fell on deaf ears.

However, once she was sober enough, she was instantly thinking about her next step. She had no choice but to accept this proposal as, if she were to decline it, her life would not be spared.

That psychopath Han Shanyue hit her on one of her acupuncture points so hard that although she was gaining some control of her body, she still could not muster much strength and could only lie down like a normal person without psychokinesis.

The bodyguard, who was sent by Xi Jue, saw that her life was no longer in danger and set off through the night, probably returning to his master’s side.

As for little qilin, judging from its current skills, it was unable to break through the massive imperial army in the Imperial Palace with both of them unscathed. Moreover, even if she were to escape successfully, what would happen to those at the Ning residence? They would probably end up serving as cannon fodder…

Concubine! Concubine! Was her destiny to only become someone else’s concubine? Sixth Prince wanted to make her his concubine and the Old Emperor his mistress and even that red evildoer mentioned something about having her as his concubine… Even though the Crown Prince was interested in her, she would never be able to become his official wife.

As for Xi Jue, although he looked very cold and nonchalant, he was actually kind hearted and genuine and true to her, so much that he could risk his all for her. However he was Bright King’s next-in-line and it would be difficult to get approval from his clan as nobody would dare to allow the black star to be married into the family.

Ning Xuemo was considering the pursuer’s proposal, the only one who had the courage to marry her without any hesitation! It was not a complete tragedy yet.

She touched her nose and sighed lightly. She scanned her body and thought to herself about whether a beauty such as herself was destined to lead such a life?

She was only thirteen and she was already being forced into a marriage…

That pervert, Han Shanyue, what exactly was he thinking? Why was he doing this? She tried to understand his thinking, but came no closer to figuring out his motive, and so she gave up on thinking about it.

Dawn was approaching and Emperor Le Xuan finally arrived.

A eunuch announced, “Arrival of Your Majesty.”

It was loud and clear but Ning Xuemo did not give him any respect at all, she did not even kneel down, let alone to get up to greet him.

The old emperor was standing near the entrance and was deliberately making exaggerated gestures while walking in.

He found himself a stool to sit on, as though he would be having a long conversation. Then the maid who was waiting on Ning Xuemo pulled up the bed veil, as it would be too inappropriate for it to remain down when the emperor was present.

Emperor le Xuan saw Ning Xuemo who, was still lying under the covers despite his arrival, and was simply powerless against her.

He cut to the chase and asked, “Ning Xuemo, you should know very well that you’ll have to agree to this matter! What terms and conditions will make you agree to it? List them all out!”

Ning Xuemo uttered, “I have none, and I would rather die than marry that pervert!”

She was truly the first to claim that Han Shanyue was a pervert!

Emperor Le Xuan replied coldly, “It’s alright for you to not fear death, but aren’t you worried the whole Ning clan would be implicated into this?”

“Your Majesty, by all means, make sure you also execute everyone who is related to the clan.” Ning Xuemo said nonchalantly. She already had no relations to the Ning family.


The Emperor really makes me disappointed in the Vast Sky Empire sometimes. Sigh…

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