Poisoning the World : Chapter 390

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Chapter 390 : The Eccentric Guqin Music

All the people present were dumbfounded as they watched. Even Emperor Le Xuan forgot his manners and rose from his seat!

The other people wanted to loudly shout out their approval, but were scared of surprising her and ruining her dancing and pipa playing. All of them were holding their breaths, as if they were clay figurines or wooden carvings.

In the hall, there were originally musicians who were there to accompany the dancers with music. When Ning Xuemo had first started dancing, those musicians were very excited to try accompanying her pipa playing with their own instruments.

However, after they made a sound, they were glared at by all the people there!

This was the sound of nature. Any other noises sounded profane and ugly to by comparison.

The musicians did not dare to act without thinking again. They just focused on memorizing the song with all their might, planning to practice the song secretly when they returned home.

Han Shanyue’s eyes watched Ning Xuemo attentively as he sat there. His fingers grasped his jade cup tightly to the point that his fingertips were white, yet he was not aware of it.

“Ding ding dong dong…” The sound of a guqin suddenly traveled in from outside the window. After a few moments, it followed Ning Xuemo’s pipa music…

The crowd was angry at first, thinking that that player thought too high of his or her abilities. However, they did not even have the chance to express their opinions when they were sucked into the music of the guqin.

Out of all the people present, there were many who understood music and the number of people who could play the guqin was also not small. Some of them were even famous for their guqin playing.

However, now that they were hearing this guqin sound that had suddenly appeared, they suddenly had an urge to rush home and smash their qins!

Compared to the sound of this guqin, it could be said that their guqin playing was comparable to the sound of sawing wood!

The pairing of the pipa and the guqin produced an exceptionally harmonious sound. If Ning Xuemo’s pipa sound was the spring breeze, then the guqin sound was a flower blooming in the spring breeze.

The spring wind blew, the flower opened beautifully.

This was truly heavenly; art at its finest.

The crowd momentarily forgot to lash out at whoever was playing the guqin. They all listened as if they were obsessed; looked at the dancing as if they were foolishly entranced.

They only felt that this song came from the heavens. How could it come from the mundane world? They could only wish for this guqin, this pipa, and this dancing to never end.

The music really did continue and Ning Xuemo continued to flip and dance as though she did not know what  being tired was.

The expression on her face looked as though she totally absorbed by what she was doing. However, her heart was secretly complaining.

Before the guqin started playing, she had already danced to the last part. As long as she danced for half a minute more, she would be able to end the dance beautifully.

But with the guqin sound, her feet seemed to be controlled by something. Her body contorted itself into all sorts of complicated dancing movements and poses and her pipa playing started to follow the tune of the guqin. She deftly and unhurriedly picked at the strings. Her fingers wandered over the strings of the pipa, and she played until drops of blood started to bead on her fingertips. However, it seemed as if she was wearing Dorothy’s red slippers, and she simply could not stop dancing.

The sound of the guqin transitioned from the original happy and light music into a picture of war; the sounds of the cavalry marching and explosions. It was incredibly sad, as if one was standing on the battlefield and seeing the betrayal of a loved one as they turned around and joined the enemy side; grief, desolation, injustice…

All sorts of negative feelings assaulted the senses!

Some of the people present began to sob. Others stamped their feet and beat their chests in anger. Others were seething with fury.

It was very obvious; they had become controlled by the sound of the guqin!

Moreover, Ning Xuemo’s beautiful face started to become white. The qi and blood in her chest started to roll around… She wanted to stop, but she could not do that at all!

A cold wind suddenly appeared by her side. Her body landed into someone else’s embrace and her dancing was forcibly stopped.

Immediately after, a pair of hands stretched out from behind her and took away the pipa in her hands. The two hands started to play. Clang! Clang! Clang!

These three sounds were like rolls of thunder that appeared from the horizon and immediately messed up the guqin’s music.



Ning Xuemo makes me envious of her dancing abilities :'( If only I could dance like her. I can’t even do the splits or touch my toes.

My favorite animal is (judging by my name) a rabbit, specifically fluffy ones with really big eyes. I am literally obsessed with them. In fact, when I’m bored, I just go online and search up pictures of bunnies and rabbits. 😀 There were so many dog lovers last week~ Comment down below your favorite dog breed!

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