Poisoning the World : Chapter 389

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Chapter 388 : Fairy! No, enchantress!

Jingle jingle, they jingled as if they were moving to some invisible rhythm.

She was naturally born beautiful. Now she had even purposefully put on makeup and drawn a fire-shaped ornament between her brows. Her eyes were like the ocean’s waves, slightly turning from side to side and brightly shining.

Red clothes contrasted against her black hair and white skin. She was like a ball of furiously burning flames or an enchantress born from flames. Who’s eyes were not on her?

The crowd had originally waited for her performance the way they would wait for the punchline of a joke. However, now that they had seen her current appearance, they were all breathless!

The sons of these rich nobles had seen many beautiful women.

Even if they met an immortal, they would still stay calm and collected. It was very hard to find a girl that would make their hearts beat faster just from her looks.

But the current Ning Xuemo actually made their hearts beat slightly faster. It was as if they could not move their eyes away from her and they even neglected their female companions.

She had not even started dancing yet and already, she had captured the attention of everyone.

The girls that shared a table with those noble sons all secretly clenched their fists. That girl that had proposed Ning Xuemo dance was regretful to the point that her intestines were green!

Han Shanyue was sitting there and, seeing her current appearance, his fingers slowly clenched in his sleeve!

In the crowd, eight out of ten of them were staring at Ning Xuemo’s snow white legs. They were as perfectly curved as the moon and her toenails were shining like pearls or jade.

Sounds of throats swallowing could be heard from the men sitting on the mats. Some of them had even forgotten their manners and were standing up.

Emperor Le Xuan’s heart was also as if it had been electrocuted and it bounced a few times!

He knew that Ning Xuemo was beautiful. However, he never thought that she could be beautiful to this extent!

Her every movement seemed to capture people’s souls, especially when paired with her clothes. In that moment, the men were even willing to die for her!

She was extraordinarily beautiful! No, she was an immortal! No, she was an enchantress!

“Xuemo, what dance will you be performing?” Emperor Le Xuan could tell that his voice was a little husky.

“Flying in the sky.” Ning Xuemo spat out the name of the dance.

(T/N : What type of name for a dance is that? I guess since I don’t dance, I don’t know, but still…)

Even though the crowd did not know what this dance was, they somehow felt that the dance this girl would perform would be shocking…

Ning Xuemo’s body spun around and she started dancing.

In her former life, she had been a dancing and singing master. She had done jazz, street dancing, classical dance, and even pole dancing. When she danced, she was like a dancing fairy, making people drunk on her performance.

This Flying in the Sky dance was actually something she had encountered in a dream. At that time, she was touring Dunhuang when she saw a mural of flying. After returning to her home, she had a dream. In her dream, a young girl dressed in red was elegantly dancing to the music of a pipa.

After waking up, she remembered the dance, but forgot the lyrics to the song the girl was singing. At least she had remembered the tune of the pipa.

Because of this dream, she had concentrated her attention to learning the pipa for a period of time. Now, it was the perfect time to use her knowledge.

The big string was as noisy as a downpour of rain; the small string as quiet and delicate as a murmur.

The noisiness and quietness were jumbled up, like big and small droplets of rain falling down.

The sound was as sweet as an oriole singing and as hard as water flowing underneath frozen ice.

This was “Song of the Pipa Player” by Bai Juyi. Now, it was fitting to use it as a metaphor for Ning Xuemo’s pipa playing. The melody seemed to float from somewhere far away, making it so that people could not help but immerse themselves into the music.

Her dancing posture and movements were beautiful and elegant, making the female dancers standing to one side speechless and awestruck.

Her waist was extremely flexible and every movement of her hands and feet captured the heart and soul of those watching. Even the most picky female dancer would not be able to pick out a single flaw.

Dressed in her red clothes, she spun around as she danced. Suddenly, she would bend her waist and spin, then suddenly soar through the air. She was like a flower in full bloom in the spring wind; a phoenix emerging from a blaze of fire…

The crystals on her body jingled together in unison with the music of the pipa. It was unspeakably harmonious; unspeakably beautiful and sweet-sounding.


If only I had Ning Xuemo’s dancing abilities…

I read your comments! Everybody likes many different colors, which is really nice. I do agree with some of the readers when they said it really depends on which scenario. For instance, I like wearing black because it looks good on me, but I would definitely paint my room a pastel color (it’s lavender, which I adore~) so really, I guess it depends on when and where.

First commenter, tell me what your favorite animal is! I bet you guys know mine~ 😛

Love you all <3

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