Poisoning the World : Chapter 397

Hey guys~ I can’t believe it, but we’re actually almost at the 400 chapters mark. Kind of excited~ Also, quick questions. Would you guys want me to do teasers? Just like, a little sneak peak at what’s going to happen? I have no idea how to make a poll thing (I’m so bad with technology) so just comment if you guys want teasers or not!

Also, for Ye Qiu, my favorite song from 小曲儿. I loveeeeeeeee ancient Chinese style music. You know, with the qin and pipa and the bamboo flute and stuff……? I have no idea what genre it’s called, but I’ll follow along with Ye Qiu.

Here’s Chapter 397! Let’s watch this show play out some more…

The translator today is Mteng, who did it as a favor to me~ If you haven’t already, check out her novel Cold King’s Dominating Love!  *plus, I TLC for it :P*

Finally, join my discord and be a Demonic or Celestial Cultivator! Or both!

Translator : Mteng

TLC : Rabbit

Editor : Marci

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3 Responses to Poisoning the World : Chapter 397

  1. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~
    Don’t really care abt the teasers

  2. Ye Qiu says:

    I like it if you can give us a teaser ^-^. Wow! I found another 小曲儿 fans here 💓 so happy we like a same genre. I like 小曲儿’s 上邪 the most 😁. And thank you for the new chapter 😙

  3. Carla says:

    Teaser for sure 😁

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