Poisoning the World : Chapter 397

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Chapter 397 : I Will Be Friends With You

“Then what if Xuemo doesn’t come?” Ning Xuemo’s voice became even colder.


“Then Your Majesty will for sure use drastic measures on Xuemo right?!” Ning Xuemo laughed coldly, “Your Majesty, I can tell you right now. Although I forgot who made the blood contract between us, I am sure of one thing that it definitely wasn’t a qin player dressed in red.”

“How can you be so sure?” Emperor Le Xuan finally grasped onto the important point.

Ning Xuemo: “…..” Mother trucker! She really did get drunk. She even left such a big loophole for him.

She and the little qilin set that person dressed in red free, so naturally he couldn’t be the one who created the blood contract between her and the little qilin. However, she could not say this type of thing. If she does reveal this, then she would offend them even more. In addition, she was not sure if the qin player dressed in red seen by Shi Tianlong was that same monster dressed in red, Xue Yilan. It could’ve been another person.

Plus, there are many capable people in this world. She took a deep breath and duly replied, “Xuemo naturally can be sure. As for the reason, I can probably give Your Majesty the answer in the future.”

At this moment, Ji Yunhuang whom she shoved and avoided had already reached the bottom of the stairs.

The bottom of the stairs was filled with imperial body guards. Every one of them looked at her cautiously. Without the orders from the Emperor, they did not dare to move.

“Your Majesty, Xuemo didn’t mean any harm toward the crown prince. However, I am forced to do it. Get your people to leave or else I wouldn’t be able to promise that the double edged sword in my hand won’t slip.”

Those words contained a great amount of threat. Emperor Le Xuan didn’t want to risk hurting his beloved son, so he can only order the Imperial guards to move.

Ning Xuemo and the others took their chance and left the floor. She positioned the crown prince in front of her as a shield. Then little qilin and the other guards followed behind. Le Xuandi and them had no other solution, so they could only follow them down.

Ning Xuemo quickly came to a floor with a large lobby. Outside the lobby’s door was the Nine Melodies Corridor. She only has to hold Ji Yunhuang hostage up until out of this garden and out of Jin City. Then, she and little qilin can run away.

Right now, she was a little short in height, especially since Ji Yunhuang had a tall and straight body type. Even holding a sword to his neck required her to stand on her tip toes. This was really exhausting.

Ji Yunhuang then spoke in a quiet voice, “You are tiring yourself too much this way, pointing the tip of the sword to my chest is better.”

At this moment, Ning Xuemo wanted to slap herself on her head. She shouldn’t have drank that alcohol. Her brain was slow to the point of not being able to process anything. She has repeatedly made these common sense mistakes. She then pointed the sword to Ji Yunhuang’s heart, and then she said quietly, “Thanks.”

Ji Yunhuang had deliberately walked closer to her to be a hostage. That, she does understand. If not, she wouldn’t be able to slip away so easily. It seemed like Ji Yunhuang was really nice to her. He was a friend that could be made.

His and her voices were both really quiet just like allies speaking to each other. Words out of his mouth were only heard by her ear. Everyone else could not hear anything they were talking about.

Ning Xuemo was also worried about everyone being suspicious of Ji Yunhuang, so she purposefully gave out a cold laugh, “You want me to let you go? You sure can dream! At the very least you should bring me out of the city.”

She then lowered her voice and personally said to Ji Yunhuang, “You are a good man. I will certainly be your friend.  I will forget about the time when you hurt me for Ji Yunyao.”

Ji Yunhuang’s eyes darkened slightly. What he had wanted had never just been becoming friends with her.

The imperial guards who were at the front door all spread out after Emperor Le Xuan’s orders. Ning Xuemo then held Ji Yunhuang and walked out with large steps.


My favorite genre of music is definitely that ancient Chinese style music with the qin, bamboo flute, and the melodious singing. I mean, some rap every now and then isn’t that bad, but I’m really picky about that stuff. I know some of you guys might not be able to access YouTube, but this playlist is my absolute favorite from Nightmare Butterfly. Go to study music~ And Ye Qiu mentioned 5sing, which is nice for those of you who recognize Chinese. SO MANY GOOD SONGS ON THERE~

Electro is my second favorite genre though. 😛 Particularly Miro. Check this artist out too!

Sorry for linking so much. Music is literally my favorite pastime, so I talk about it A LOT.

Alright. Spiral notebooks or composition books?

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