Parallel World Pharmacy: Chapter 1 Episode 6

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The Agreement and Ellen Resumes her Job

A carrier pigeon came in the next day from Ellen addressed to Bruno.

She had a high fever today and would like a day off from teaching. She was also suggesting that she wants to resign being a tutor. Bruno called out Falma in response,

“It looks like she will take a day off today due to high fever, she seems to be troubled by a nightmare. This is unusual to say the least”

Falma was unable to say anything when he himself may be the cause of the nightmare. Which in some cases can lead to high fever.

“To quit being a tutor, what a joke. “I told her that having a pupil and teaching them is part of being an apothecary”

Falma thought that it was better to leave Ellen alone. Bruno however,

“I guess you can suffer delirium from a fever, so you are going to deliver this”

And it was his beloved potion again.

Ah….. Falma’s eyes turned like a dead fish.

(If I go, wouldn’t that just make the situation much worse than before? Heck, she may not even accept the medicine from me)

Even he thought so, he can’t go against the order of his father.

In the end, in accordance with the order, Falma boarded a carriage and went to deliver the potion to Ellen.

“Master, we have arrived. This is the mansion of the Bonnefoy Family”

The coachman knocked on the door of the carriage that Falma boarded.

“Thank you”

The trip with the carriage was rocky, but he had arrived at a wonderful mansion. Eleonora Bonnefoy was a daughter of an Earl. It was not as big as Falma’s mansion, but the mansion was quite big to live in the outskirt of the royal capital. The mansion had a Renaissance style and was refined.

“Please pardon my incompetent daughter, for she is feeling unwell at the moment. If you have time, I’ll call upon you from the drawing room

Because the son of the Archduke went personally, Ellen’s father who is an Earl received him from the entrance hall.

“Forgive me, but if she is feeling unwell, then I will just have to return without seeing her. Please hand this to my teacher Eleonora”

A letter from Bruno was also given. The contents of the letter told her that if she wants to quit she will be slacking off, she was told to remain a tutor after the fever was gone.

“For you to have come all this way, I cannot just send you back, I will call her to come here”

“But she has high fever”

“She will come even if she has to crawl”

Falma didn’t intend to meet her, but by all means, he was ushered to the drawing room by the Earl.

To think that Ellen came in from the door of the drawing room, although possibly not her from the half opened steel helmet. He looked at her intently.

“Ellen? I’m sorry to bother you”

“What did you came here to do? Are you possibly here to kill me since I knew your secret!? Is that right!?”

“No not that! In any case, will you please sit down”

Falma raised both of his hands to show he doesn’t have a wand.

On the other hand, Ellen was fully armed. She wore an Anti-Divine Art full plate armor, only her eyes can be seen. She prepared 3 wands that had high performance. She was determined to fight back.

Even though she entered the room, she decided to be as far away as possible from Falma as she clung to the wall. Falma examined Ellen with his Divine Eyes. The high fever was true, but it was just a cold. Wearing an armor that covers the whole body, Ellen, who was sick, should considerably had a hard time wearing it.

“Father had instructed me to give this medicine to you. However, looking at this”

Falma placed a vial, emitting a suspicious green color, on the table of the drawing room. Because the potion seemed to only have an effect like that of an energy drink when Falma checked the recipe of his father, he reformulated the medicine which will reduce the symptom of the cold

“Why my Lord….. Although I can make an antipyretic by myself, for what reason did you do this?)

(If you quit from being a tutor because of the fever, wouldn’t you think that your own medicine will not be effective?”

Falma thought but didn’t point it out.

“I will make a compress. I want you to apply this to your sprained finger”

He prepared a compress packed with an anti-inflammatory analgesic ingredient. That was authentic and something effective.

“Also you left the frame of your glasses”

He brought the spare glasses that was in his mansion.

Falma placed the glasses wrapped in cloth and the frame of the glasses carefully on top of the desk.

“Oh, thank you”

Ellen who was prepared to fight suddenly dropped her guard down.

“Are your really quitting on tutoring? Because I just suddenly heard about it”

“That’s right. Well, is there honestly something you to want me to teach? You are the reincarnation of the Medicine God you know? Having a tutor is unnecessary anymore. You will properly master the use of your Divine Art right?

Within Ellen, she finally decided that Falma seems to be the reincarnation of the Medicine God.

“No, I think of myself as human and I don’t fully understand my Divine Art”

Although Falma stated that he was human, he can’t confidently say it based on his condition.

“Master Falma, how can you explain it? You must have a shadow to be human. Aah, I wonder why I had to state the obvious. Besides, I’m the only one who knows it. Why did nobody in the de Médicis family mansion noticed it?”

Because it was dim inside the mansion, Falma responded in his mind.

Ellen took of her helmet and smashed in on top of the desk. She was probably boiling in heat inside the armor.

“I want you to continue being my tutor. I want you to teach me more things”


Ellen faced showed a look that she got surprised.

There seems to be no text inside Falma’s mansion regarding Divine Art. The commoners aren’t aware of it, probably because there was tactical meaning to it, that Divine Art skills seemed to be passed down orally. There was almost no notes from the original Falma. Therefore, Falma wanted Ellen to remain as a tutor. Otherwise, Falma will be troubled without knowing how he can control the powerful divine power.

“If I refuse, will you kill me since I know your secret?”

“I will never do such a thing. Anyway, with this I shall return home. Also that”


“When you had put down your helmet, you broke your glass again”

He was going to stop it, but he didn’t get in time.


Falma thought that Ellen doesn’t have any luck with glasses while leaving the Bonnefoy family mansion.

The next day.

“Master Falma, let’s go for the Divine Art lesson! I will be very strict today!”

Soon after breakfast was over, Ellen went into the mansion of the de Médicis family, alone riding on a horse” In full plate armor. She was dressed like she was going to have a duel.

“Are you going to tutor me? Or did you come to fight me?”

“A tutor. This appearance is for my defense in case of emergency. It can’t be helped. If you truly don’t know Divine Art, you must tell me. I’m worried that you might blow up the Royal Capital. Or rather I will get killed, I don’t want to die. We will be training on an uninhabited island so as not to bother other people”

Ellen said it all in one breath that she seemed to feel hot in the armor.

The unarmed Falma was feeling very sorry for Ellen, who arrived as a female knight in full armor, trying to risk her life to suppress the reincarnated malevolent god.

“You’re safe, has your body completely recovered?”

“I’m healthy now. That potion was surprisingly very effective. Even the compress you made was also effective”

Ellen dismounted the horse and approached Falma.

“I don’t know the ingredient that made it effective, so what was it?”

Ellen shifts her new glasses and looked at Falma directly into his eyes.

“So you found out”

It was supposed to be tasteless, but she still understood somehow. with that, Falma admired her.

“That’s right, I knew. Even though I look like this, I’m still a First Class Apothecary. Yet, it’s unforgivable that I don’t know what kind of medicine it was”

Falma was convinced that was the reason she came back. It was very professional of her.

“I want to learn every knowledge of Dieu de Médecine (Medicine God)!”

Ellen had finally started calling him as Dieu de Medicine. It seems that Falma’s existence has been rapidly increasing within her.

“No, It’s different, because”

“Is it a secret? Like having no shadow? Even though I already found out.

“Only you have been aware of it”

They had to at least act normal in public, so Falma made a promise.

Ellen will teach Falma Divine Arts, while Falma will teach Ellen pharmaceutics. With this, an agreement had been establish, and Ellen resumes her job.

And when his father knew that Ellen’s fever was cured overnight and had returned to continue tutoring, he only said “It would be so, it would be so” and his self-confidence in making potion increased.

From here on out, the place where the two of them are teaching each other changed from the riverbank to an uninhabited island.

During that time, there were several small uninhabited islands that disappeared without explanation from the map off the coast of San Fleuve Empire.

However, Ellen can now approach Falma without flinching as a result of the training.

She did not need to wear an Anti-Divine Art full plate armor anymore.

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