Parallel World Pharmacy Chap 1 Ep 8

Enjoy the latest chapter of Parallel World Pharmacy….. too many medical terms……my head hurts……. o3o

Also I would like to give a shoutout to my friend Charles Dean, author of The Bathrobe Knight, for having two of his book on the top 5 best sellers in Amazon. He is now in the big leagues up there with George R.R. Martin ^_^
Best Sellers
So I highly recommend that you buy his two books The Bathrobe Knight Vol 1 and Vol 2, its worth it.


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  1. junior says:

    Wow that’s amazing, Charles actually got his novel sold, I never thought it would be that popular tbh. Seriously though, congratulations for him. 😀 And thank you for another chapter Joe.

  2. Static Transit says:

    Unfortunately, that’s such a very specific sub-sub-genre (only one of the several ASOIAF is in), that it doesn’t really mean much. I’d say I’m impressed by the fact that it’s in the top of the “Top Rated Indie Fantasy” section, but as it only has 8 review, that doesn’t mean much either.

    If it gets into the top of the month though (the one that really matters, as it’s updated hourly for the entire month, and having lasting sales for a month is a good mark of good sales), THEN I’d be impressed enough to perhaps buy it.

  3. Caromokyulin says:

    Give joeglens head medichine*
    But… but… his battle in vol2 is so cool
    You will shock with the detail… of many bacteria name… so… ganbate…

    if the book comes to my country i will buy the book.thank you very much for the recomended~

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