adorable consort chapter 17: Hear her ROAR

Midnight release. Besides playing the song ROAR in the background…I was also singing to the Fight Song. Anyhow since last chapter was so short decided to release this a day early. Next chapter in two days. Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. Enjoy while I sadly watch my … Continue reading

DDFYM – Chapter 105-112

  Sorry for completely disappearing under the radar..was crazy busy..lotsa things going on and didn’t have time to post here… thanks for sticking with us! Happiness translated by Socksrocker! Chapter 105: Been recognised? Chapter 106: The Nalan Clan has an unforeseen event Chapter 107: Looking for help Chapter 108: Sima … Continue reading

New Chapters will be Released on Weds!

I got too into finishing my computer science lab and totally forgot it was Sunday and that I needed to spend time working on chapters… So, will be aiming to have them out on Weds! Thanks for all the supportive comments! It helps motivate me a lot! Hope you guys … Continue reading