DDFYM – Chapter 176-194

Ok… so I published the chapters but I only JUST realised that… I forgot to post chapter 176 to 184 when I did..so that was about a month ago… and then… I fell down while crossing the road in heels… and twisted by ankle… and after that..had a bout of bad germs… so… I’m really sorry for posting this only now.. it’s waaaaaay overdue and I promise I’ll be good… I will definitely be more active on mbc and thank you so much for all your support!
So here’s the chunk of chapters that I owe you guys…

Happiness Translated by our super awesome Socksrocker! *fireworks*

pssst…good news, we’re now doing 3 regular chapters a week~ wooooo hooooooo!

Let’s celebrate!

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Adorable consort 88: Sorry for being MIA

Chapter brought to you by Lilian, Su Jeong, and June. Sorry for being MIA, last week was hell, had to do taxes and last minute report for work not to mention my furniture finally arrived and setting up took time. Things are setting down this week. I’m going to try for at least 3 chapter release this week.

I love Adorable Consort, but it hasn’t attracted the amount of attention and donations as DKC so I will always prioritize DKC first. When Adorable Consort gets the same number of readers as DKC then I’ll focus more on it. Right now my real life is taking a lot of my time. By next week everything should be back to normal. Sorry for the delays.

Adorable Consort Chapter 88