Omni-Magician 6

OTZ I have failed you guys… busy, tired and lazy combined isn’t really a good combi, someone help meh pls anyway heres’s Chapter 6 Im seriously considering if I should continue this novel or should I do a new one which Im more interested in, oh well dun kill me ><

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  1. anonymous guy says:

    This is a good novel and the other novel may also be good novel ….. BUT BEING SO LAZY AND NOT COMMITED TO WORK AS A TRANSLATOR PROPERLY! PEOPLE WOULD DEFINITELY STOP READING AFTER A FEW CHAPTERS ! NO MATTER WHICH NKVEL yOU DO AT LEAST DO 3 CHAPTERS A WEEK. It really drops my interest. I don’t even remember what happened in the last chapter. But who is gonna read it again… pfft
    ~Rant over😠~
    Plz release faster! Because this novel deserves better popularity! It is an injustice to novel if its popularity drops coz translator is just tooooooooooooo slow

    • alyschu says:

      There is no need for him to translate at least 3 chapters a week. As a translator who’s using his own free time to give you chapters, he can do whatever he wants.

      • Bara says:

        If the translator wants to do 1 chapter a year they still a giving up their free time. Ranting at someone giving you a free gift of their time and skill is simply no class.
        Anyone who is that impatient, I guess they should not waste their precious time waiting on someone else to translate and should go learn to read Chinese on their own.

  2. Titos says:

    I would like for you to continue this novel, but if you don’t I will read your next translations just as well.

  3. DeadlyBell says:

    it would be sad cause i like this series …. oh well

  4. Kazekid says:

    I’m enjoying this so far, so if you do drop it i hope someone else picks it up.

  5. anonymous guy says:

    You know ? That your credibility as A TRANSLATOR gets implicated if u drop a novel even before the novel matures.
    Even bagelson releases more chapter for teasers before giving it away to inspire new translators…..
    My point being
    1. If translating is ur hobby…. devote some attention to it!
    2. If translating seems like digging holes ? Stop digging and let someone else dig it for you dood.
    3. Don’t give hope just to destroy it yourself. Damn you seem like jay Garrick aka zoom from flash

    • Bara says:

      I repeat; you got no class. Please refrain from displaying your stupidity in public. Keep your petty dramas to yourself.

      • anonymous guy says:

        Hmm . Sorry for being stupid……
        Thanks dood for translating.
        But bara jeez ….. 1 chapter a year that is not
        Thanks for suggestion! I will learn chinese myself later on……

  6. Bellethiel says:

    You don’t like the novel that much and you are thinking about dropping it. If it comes that far already, then there’s no reason to keep translating it, because it would keep you down and in a bad mood and people would have to wait longer and longer too. Don’t waste your time like that and do something you like. Maybe another novel to translate or maybe something else entirely? But if you drop it, please be sure to let people know about it, so someone else can pick it up. Nothing is worse than those people, that quietly vanish, letting people in the dark about them stopping the translation, so the fans of the novel will have to wait months and months before it can be picked up again.

    • anonymous guy says:

      The funny thing is …. neko said that omni magician was one of his favourite novels currently. Maybe his preference changed. But ……. lol

  7. Kelly says:

    Well, I enjoy the novel, but it’s your baby. I appreciate the chapters you have done.

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