No Fatigue Chapter 64

Here’s Chapter 64, proofread by Marethyul. Enjoy~

I am recruiting Editors. If any of you guys would like to give my crazy butchered editor’s test a go, here’s a LINK.
It’s only a page for you lazy people, but don’t think you can get away by just giving it a skim and making a few changes. Kookie expects perfection. Will translate more if I find an editor I like!

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  1. Neelien says:

    Well thank you very much for this exercice. While I wouldn’t be of any help considering the time this took me and the little time I usually have, would you consider taking a look at what I did?

    If not I understand, and I am not going to needlessly clutter your inbox, and I would like to thank you once again for this and your work.

    (If this comment is a duplicate, I do apologize as it does not appear to have been posted for me)

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