64. Jackpot

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64. Jackpot

The training grounds were of a similar size to their counterpart in the Crow’s Nest, slightly more spacious than the gymnasiums in my previous life.

Moria-san and I both equipped wooden training weapons, and positioned ourselves about 5 metres away from each other.
Moria-san held a wooden sword in each hand, and I also had wooden swords in both hands, but with a knife-shaped wooden sword at my waist as well.

“…So how do we fight?”

Moria-san asked dubiously.
Certainly, the wooden swords were a bit oversized for me, and their tips ended up poking into the ground.
It wasn’t as bad when it was just one sword, but I was holding them in either hand.

“Look forward to that when we give it a try.”

I answered with a smile.

“Mum, it’s better not to let down your guard.
It’s hard to tell what Edgar will do.”

Miguel said, as a supporter of Moria’s faction.
Rather, there are no supporters on my side.
Even Beck was on Moria-san’s side, and the sole person on my side was Andrew, who seemed to have bet money on my win.
The other person who seems like they might have been my ally, Hoffman-san, was acting as the referee this time.

Now then, let’s have a look at Moria-san’s status before this mock battle.

《 Moria Mittelt Zkornash (Adventurer (A Rank) | 《Scarlet》)
32 Years Old

Level 50
HP: 117/117
MP: 25/25

• Master class
[Dual Swordsmanship] 5
[Discern] 3
[Sense Presence] 3 (↑1)

• General
[Dual Sword Techniques] 9 (MAX)
[Sword Techniques] 7
[Stealth Steps] 6 (↑1)
[Assassination Techniques] 5
[Eavesdropping] 5
[Throwing Axe Techniques] 5 (↑1)
[Unarmed Combat] 3
[Battleaxe Techniques] 3
[Farsight] 3 (↑1)
[Shuriken Techniques] 2
[Knife Throwing] 2 》

The last time I saw Moria-san’s status was immediately after I had first arrived in Fauno City, before the attack from <Yatagarasu>.
Compared to that time, the reconnaissance-class skills have improved slightly.
I suppose the improvement of [Throwing Axe Techniques] was the result of the harpy hunting.

Moria-san’s skill configuration was fundamentally that of a first-class swordsman, but she could function adequately as a scout with skills like [Sense Presence] and [Stealth Steps].
Moria-san was originally tasked with guarding the baby firedrake, said the mother firedrake.
I suppose she was a particularly outstanding warrior among the Zkornash clan who were the retainers of firedrake Agnia.
As far as I can see from her status, Gazaine’s level might be out of her reach, but even so, the abilities she possesses are excellent enough to give me quite a good fight.


Together with Hoffman-san’s command, Moria-san rushes out.
I threw one of my swords at her with a sense of desperation.


With a sharp exhalation, Moria-san parried the sword I threw out with one of the swords in her hand.

Ignoring this, I throw my other sword.
Whoosh, a sharp wind-cutting sound rang out.
I was a bit lax with the first throw, but the second throw was a serious throw, making use of my [Throwing Techniques] skill.

Frowning, Moria-san parries the sword I threw with the sword in her other hand, in the same manner as before.

In that state, Moria-san closes in on me.
With impatience on my face, I [Leap] backwards.
Of course, it wasn’t like I could escape with that, and Moria-san’s dual swords approached me——


Moria-san suddenly twists her body.
A wooden sword grazed her shoulder.
It was the wooden sword I had thrown at the beginning.
The wooden sword had been under the influence of [Psychokinesis] since the beginning.
The impatient expression I had just now was, of course, fake; it was a trap to divert her attention away from the wooden sword.

I use [Flying Swordsmanship] to manipulate the two wooden swords, and commenced a continuous assault without pause against Moria-san.

“Wh-what is this!?”

While astonished by the two wooden swords that were attacking by themselves (although they were actually being manipulated by me), Moria-san dodged those attacks with her superior agility.
As expected of someone with [Discern], they don’t even graze her.

Well then, how about this——?

“λ (wind) · v (spread) ——《Windblow》!”


The strong wind produced by me blows against Moria-san’s body and slows down her movements.
I had confirmed beforehand that magic can be used if it’s to the extent where the opponent will not be hurt.

Moria twists her body while facing the strong wind, and narrowly avoids the attacking wooden swords.

However, it seems Moria-san had still been forcing herself, as her stance crumbled greatly.

Throwing knives——were likely to be avoided.
I boosted my [Leap] with [Psychokinesis] and accelerated, moving the knife in my hand towards Moria-san’s neck——

The moment I tried to strike, my arm was caught.

“Take this!”


It seems Moria-san appearing to stumble was her luring me in.
Moria-san threw away her signature dual swords, commencing to throw me after grabbing my arm.
I spin my body around with [Psychokinesis] and somehow land on my feet but,

“—Alright, that’s the end.”

Along with the sound of a *thwack*, a wooden sword in Moria-san’s hand was thrust out at me.
After Moria-san threw her wooden sword directly upwards, she threw me, then caught the falling wooden sword… I guess.
That involved quite a bit of acrobatics.

“That’s it! It’s Moria’s win!”

Hoffman declares.


My shoulders dropped in disappointment.

To be honest, I had underestimated Moria-san.
I didn’t think that she would be stronger than Gazaine.
Certainly, one of the best assassins——when compared to a interpersonal fighting expert, Moria-san, whose main opponents were monsters, had an upfront fighting style without vices.
With monsters as the opponent, it was fine not to think much about reading the opponent’s moves.
However, Moria-san was an adventurer who had climbed to the ranks of A-rank as a woman.
I’m sure she’s had plenty of experience slashing and striking against people.
I can probably win without revealing my full power——She wasn’t such a sweet opponent you could fight and win against with such negligence.

“Well, I don’t think this is your full power though.”

Said Moria-san

“If we were to kill each other with lethal spells and weapons, I would be the one at a disadvantage.
But you know——”

Moria-san walked up to me determinedly and brought her face close to mine.

“——With such a fighting style, you’ll die.”


“You underestimated me.
Did you think I didn’t realise?”


She saw through me.
I have no words to reply.

As I sunk into silence, Moria-san grinned at me.

“Well, it happens a lot.

Moria-san said, and pulled her face back.
At the same time, she pat my back.

“Sometimes it happens.
A novice adventurer suddenly draws upon a jackpot because of good fortune or their own talents.
When that happens, whether they try to keep it in mind or not, arrogance slips into the depths of their heart.
They think ‘What, you’re only at this level?'”
Everyone else also gathers around me and Moria-san.

“And, while they are unaware, they will be controlled by their pride and undertake a request that doesn’t fit their stature——and then the next time they will draw a joker.”

“Drawing a joker after hitting a jackpot… It’s a famous story between adventurers.”

This was said by the scarred man——no, wait, Andrew-san.

“Hey, hey, 《Baby Scarlet》.
You lost, even though I went and bet on you.”

Then his companions started picking a quarrel with Andrew-san as he said such a thing to me.

“You always target the dark horse, Andrew.
As if there’s a kid who can win against Scarlet.
As promised, you’ll treat us to a drink.”
Mr. Andrew, who says so to me, becomes entangled with his companions.

“Tch, can’t be helped.
But it was pretty close, wasn’t it.
If they fought ten times, this brat would take a few of them, wouldn’t he?”

“Fufu, what a sore loser, Andrew.
A loss is a loss.”

“What did you say! You bastard!”

Andrew-san returned to the bar whilst chatting with his companions.

After watching them off with a wry smile, Moria-san turns back to me and says,

“——To be honest, Julia asked me to do this.”

“Moria-san shrugged her shoulders while saying that.

“Eh? Mum did?”

“That’s right. She said ‘Our Edgar-kun is always drawing jackpots all the time, so I think he will eventually draw a joker.'”
As expected of a former partner, Moria-san’s imitation was rather accurate.

“So, am I being chastised?”

“That’s how it is.
However, that was close.
I thought I would show you how it is in reality, but I was almost done for at that rate…
What a wild child, good grief.”

“That’s right! Even I have never won against him!”

Miguel says boastfully for some reason.

“But, it’s strange.
As I see it, I think that there were times where it seemed that Edgar could beat Mum?
I wondered if he was going easy you, but it seems to be different. ”

“Ah, I was bothered about that too.
Pride… It looks like that’s not all there is.
To begin with, unlike our Miguel, Edgar is the cautious type.
Just because he won against a somewhat strong opponent, doesn’t mean he will immediately get carried away.
Well, pride is something that will slip in somehow anyway, so it’s good to regularly fight against someone stronger to grasp your strengths.”

Miguel and Moria-san tilt their heads in sync.
As expected of parent and child, even their gestures were similar.

There, Hoffman-san who was silent until now (although he’s almost always silent) opens his mouth.

“He was certainly strong… but I saw some hesitation.”


When I asked in response, Hoffman-san nodded.

“To fight is to hurt one’s opponent.
Edgar was thinking that he didn’t want to hurt his opponent… I think.”

“That is…”

The first time I fought was, not including the slasher from my previous life, the fight against at Ranzrack Fortress.
I was able to fight without hesitation, which surprised even me.
To defeat the enemy——No, to kill the enemy, I didn’t feel any resistance against it.
That’s wrong, huh. There was resistance, but I had even more resolve.
In order to protect, I had to fight.
But——I see.

“Oh, do you happen to know something?”

“Yeah… I just thought of it.”

“Hmm… With that appearance, it doesn’t look like you’re going to talk to me about it.”


“It’s fine.
It is important to consult with someone when you are troubled, but you won’t function as an adventurer if you have to consult someone about everything.
Becoming independent and facing your own heart, that’s necessary if you want to become stronger.”

Moria-san said, but,

“How reserved.
Even though you gave everyone advice in <Yatagarasu&t;, you are keeping everything to yourself?”

Miguel says like that.
Certainly, there is some truth in what Miguel said.

“…My bad.
It’s an issue I’d like to try thinking about by myself.
Let’s take on a request together with everyone when that’s settled.”

“Oh, sounds good!
We, the children’s group——No, if everyone in the former children’s group are together, we will not lose to most people!
After all, even the firedrake turned tail and ran away!”

I make a sardonic smile at Miguel who was talking glibly.

I parted with parent-and-child Moria-san and Miguel, who seem to have some errand to run or something.

When I casually asked Miguel “Where are you going?” as we were parting, he answered, “W-we’re going to buy something” with a startled look.
Was he going to buy something suspicious?
I think it’s still a little early for him to hit puberty, but…

Well if he was hitting puberty, then he was hitting puberty, although his mother wearing a bright red bikini armour might be a little tough on him. She’s a beauty though.
Thus came the no good thought.

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