New Novel: Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrumpleous Consort

Chapter 1

Hi all~!!! It’s Kiki here, whose currently translating Accompanying The Phoenix. I picked up another novel as my second main project, but ATP release rates will be staying more or less the same. This novel’s chapters are surprisingly short (and seriously, way easier to translate) compared to ATP, so for it’ll be released daily for until the end of Feburary. After, who knows! I’ll try to keep up the pace though, but it might slow down to every other day.

Here’s the summary:

She was the head of a powerful, medicine-orientated aristocratic family.

Crossing through a millennium, she ended up in the body of the General Household’s “trash” young miss, whose engagement with the Crown Prince was just broken as she suffered under everybody’s taunts!

In the drafting feast, she was re-engaged by the Emperor to marry the famous disabled prince!

Everybody laughed, a blind trash with a disabled wastrel. What a perfect match!

However, they didn’t know that in her hand, she grasped the long-lost primordial pill recipes! Her practice in medicine had reached the apex! Her contracted beasts were unique in the world!

What was the most frightening, was the disabled prince she was engaged to…….

A black-belly full of dirty tricks, with a heaven-opposing cultivation physique, he defeats all geniuses!

In his wheelchair during the day, yet entangling her in bed as he trained his waist muscles… MF! Is he really crippled!?

Donations are 5$ for 2 chapters, only until the end of feburary! Max of 1 donation a day, and the rest will be stacked to last later, but you still get 2 chapters for your 5! If chapters aren’t sent out on any day, then the money is refunded. So up to 3 chapters a day.

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13 Responses to New Novel: Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrumpleous Consort

  1. Rui says:

    Sorry, just read your post regarding the updates for this novel. I’m looking forward to the next chapter! thank you for translating this novel. ^^

  2. Mishagreeb says:

    so excited!! I’ve been hoping someone would translate this! Looking forward to it~~

  3. yuu says:

    looking forward!!!! 2 chap2 for $5? no problem..for the sake of more chaps..

  4. Owl says:

    Er…just checking but are you sure the title is right, scrumptious/unscrumptious isn’t really a term for a human being unless you’re Hannibal Lector…

    I.e, it’s a synonym for delicious, usually pertaining to food. If used on a human being, usually along the lines of a…predator of the sexual kind, e.g that guy looks so scrumptious I want to ‘eat’ him up ..pant..pant…

    So when you say she’s unscrumptious, you’re basically saying she’s disgusting visually or in taste.

    • Kittykiki says:

      The literal translation is white silk pants, meaning a rich second generation young miss or master. I’ll see what it can be changed to

  5. dangerdude says:

    in am absolutely looking forward to this novel mate
    thanks ^^ xiexie!

  6. EldraziLady says:

    Just wondering if its just me but every time I click the link to try to read the chapter i get sent to a page not found

  7. EldraziLady says:

    Thank you very much!
    Literally the day you picked this novel up I had seen this one on Novel Updates and was thinking that it looked like it would be interesting, but I was disappointed that there were next to no chapters translated and it looked like it had been dropped. The next day when I got an email saying that this was being picked up by you I was thrilled, so once again I thank you very much!

  8. Honey says:

    I’m so exised! This libel I was longing to read it time ago! And finally some people pick up!!! So good news!
    Regardless of the time I will wait for every chapter!

  9. Jokoono says:

    Thanks for translating

  10. yang says:

    Rereading, I love this novel. Great work, keep up the good work. Thank you translator(s).

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