New Manga: How to Raise a Pet Mummy Chapter 1

Hi guys~

If you guys were stalking the comic tab of MBC like me, you’d know that the second scanlation, which MBC is working on, is now out~!

If cute nekomatas aren’t enough for your daily dose of cuteness, we have cute mummies too. Here’s a web-comic about how to raise a mummy. And I don’t mean from the dead.

Chapter 1 link is here

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6 Responses to New Manga: How to Raise a Pet Mummy Chapter 1

  1. Kelly says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  2. Nubstar says:

    The premise is pretty ridiculous.

    So how are the releases planned for this?

  3. Sò Chan says:

    Dear Moon Bunny Cafe Scanlation Group.
    I am Sò from Leaf Group – a Vietnamese translating group.
    We really love your works.
    Therefore, may we have the permission to borrow your scanlations for and translate them into Vietnamese?
    We will make sure the source is clear. We would like to share your works to our non-English speaking friends, so we would appreciate it if we can have the permission.
    Thank you.

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