New Manga: Nekomata Chapter 1

First official scanlation brought to you by Moon Bunny Cafe with the first official launch of our reader All this stuff was delayed due to the DDoS and how bad our previous host was, but now everything’s going smoothly!

The comics tab has been completely revamped and integrated with our new reader! There are still a few things we need to do (long strip mode, get more helpers, alyschu needs to upload more raws when she has the time, etc) but for now, everything looks alright!

Here’s Nekomata, a cute slice of life 4-koma!

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5 Responses to New Manga: Nekomata Chapter 1

  1. Varler says:

    I thought that the Slime one was the first official scanlation? Or was that one not “official?”

  2. meodien1812 says:

    This one looks really cute! Thanks a lot for picking up this manga.

  3. fe says:

    I like it!!! The mysterious cats are so cute with their big eyes ^0^… Thank you very much ^^

  4. Frey says:

    Thanks for picking up Nekomata!

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