My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 34

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 34 – The Long Awaited Technique
Translated by James

“Whew… I finally got back home…”

After closing the door to the house, Liu Yi started panting heavily as he leaned on the door.

F*ck, where the heck did such a ferocious little beauty came from?!

The black suited uncle from earlier was already scary enough, and now, there’s also a white dressed beauty!

My f*cking shit…

What the heck was with it today?! Why the heck am I so unlucky?!

Did I not check the almanac before going out?!

“Big brother Liu Yi… what..what took you so long…”

Hearing the sound of the door closing, the weak voice of the little girl immediately came from the bedroom.

Oh, that’s right….

Only now did Liu Yi remembered the sanitary pads in his left hand.

I almost forgot about Ma Yuanyuan, got too focused on escaping!

If I really were to be caught by that little beauty, have Lin Tong removed from my hand, and then have my power destroyed…

Then my life would likely return back to the dark valley.

Ever since he angered Kevin and young master Lan, Liu Yi knew that his life was no longer the same.

He needed this power to protect himself!

If he were to not have this power… then he probably really have to transfer out of the school and move away….

Grandpa had said that a man must live outstandingly and must not allow others to look down on him!

Liu Yi squeezed his fist, he encouraged himself.

Liu Yi, you got this, you can do it!

“Big brother Liu Yi…. I..I can’t take it anymore…”

Shouted Ma Yuanyuan in a weeping voice.

“Ah, I’m coming, coming!”

Liu Yi came back to reality, he promptly brought the sanitary pads to her.

Once he entered the bedroom, he immediately saw Ma Yuanyuan who was lying on the bed.

This chick really didn’t dare to move at all, it seems as if she was afraid that she’ll drip blood if she moves.

Liu Yi had a wry smile. This girl, she actually also had such a timid side.

It’s making one want to scold her a bit yet could not bear to do it.

No wonder she was a little princess at home and a little witch when she leaves home.

Ma Yuanyuan was lying on the bed, her buttocks was slightly raised.

However, it seems that she also felt a bit of indecency, she took the Liu Yi’s bedsheets to cover her ass.

The bedsheets was unable to block the outlines of her protruding buttocks, those two circular objects instead grew even more alluring.

Liu Yi, while feeling pained for his bedsheets, could not help but gulped.

Seems like I would have to wash a lot of stuff tonight.

“Here, put it on yourself.”

“I..I don’t know how…. big brother Liu Yi…. could you help me?…”

Said Ma Yuanyuan as she shook her head.

“Hell… how am I supposed to help you?…”

Liu Yi started to get a headache. You don’t know how? Well, I also don’t know how!

“Haven’t… haven’t you wore them before?…. Didn’t you say that it comes every month?…”

“Hell, I’ve never been had the great aunt!”

Liu Yi raged. “I’m not a woman, okay?!”

“Why is it only women that have the great aunt?…. Boohoohoo… unfair… you men should have that too….”

The little witch began to complain about the injustices of Heaven.

“Hell, what’s the use of complaining about this!”

Liu Yi tear apart the package, he took out a pad and handed it to Ma Yuanyuan.

“Take it, figure out how to put it on yourself!”

“I’m…I’m afraid… big brother Liu Yi… please help me, please….”

Pleaded Ma Yuanyuan.

Her sweet voice caused Liu Yi to be feel numb all over.

“What’s there to be afraid of for the oppressive you?!”

Liu Yi felt what he said to be a bit evil.

“I…I’m afraid of blood…. there’s a lot of blood…”

Said Ma Yuanyuan feeling wronged.


“I beg you… big brother Liu Yi…. I’ll listen to whatever you say from now on…”

The little witch became a little soft girl.

Liu Yi sighed.

Sigh, forget about it, I’m too softhearted.

He took the sanitary pad and sat down next to Ma Yuanyuan.

Looking at the raised buttocks, Liu Yi heart was beating real fast.

It was as if there was someone next to him urging him constantly.

Touch it… touch it good…

Only a retard would not take advantage of the situation!

Liu Yi’s hand almost landed on that round buttocks.

However, he suddenly gave himself another slap.

Liu Yi oh Liu Yi!

Where are your morals?!

How could you lust for such a young girl!

Ma Yuanyuan is only fourteen!

What the hell were you thinking?!

Liu Yi bit open his lips, it both hurt and tasted like blood.

Borrowing the pain, Liu Yi cleared his mind at bit.

He held back his impulse and slowly moved aside the bedsheets.

The pair of protruding buttocks once again appeared in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi quickly change to his left hand. He took the sanitary pad and slowly pressed it below the protruding buttocks.


As if feeling that Liu Yi’s hand had appeared at key area of her body, Ma Yuanyuan’s suddenly shivered. Her body grew hot but she didn’t dare say a word.

The arrogant little girl had become completely well-behaved today.

After hastily placing the pad on Ma Yuanyuan, Liu Yi randomly moved the pad around a bit.

Only after feeling that it seemed to be at the groove did Liu Yi had a sigh of relief. He took away his hand and pulled Ma Yuanyuan’s panties back on.

However, this girl’s pantskirt was already stained with blood, it seems like she can’t wear them anymore.

Adding on his own bedsheets and uniforms….

Major laundry, I really need to do a lot of laundry today…

“Okay now… you should quickly return home…”

Liu Yi feared this girl staying at his home for any second longer and start causing troubles again.

Better get her home quick.

“But…but… granny said that she’s going to play mahjong tonight and won’t come back… sister also said that she’s staying out overnight and isn’t returning… I… I’m afraid of being alone in the house…”

Ma Yuanyuan continued the lie on the bed. She looked at Liu Yi with a pitiful appearance and said.


This girl actually decided not to use witch sorcery today and instead used the profound acting cute technique!

This is going against heaven!

“Big brother Liu Yi…. I beg you… please let me stay…”

Ma Yuanyuan kept begging.

Unable to help it, Liu Yi grew softhearted.

As they say, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman.

If even heroes would fall prey to beauties, then how could a silly boy like Liu Yi not.

“Okay… you can stay…”

“Yay! Big brother Liu Yi is the best! Yuanyuan likes big brother Liu Yi the best!”

Ma Yuanyuan’s sudden change from a little witch to the little sister next door cause Liu Yi to be somewhat unable to accept the fact right away.

And at this time, the numbers on Ma Yuanyuan’s head suddenly jumped again.

Ma Yuanyuan favorable impression level +5.

Holy moly!

It increased by five again!

Her favorable impression level turned to 30 in a flash!

At the same time, the red stream of qi within his body also increased!

Liu Yi felt that the red stream of qi was starting to become as powerful as the white stream of qi.


I got a plentiful catch tonight!

Everything was because of Ma Yuanyuan!

This girl actually managed to bring good fortune to me!

Ma Yuanyuan was wearing a little white shirt, on her lower half was only a pair of small bloodstained panties leaving her dazzling white legs out in the open dangling around in front of Liu Yi leading him to feel like he was being blinded.

Amitabha…. amitabha… the worldly beauties are all fair skeletons… however this skeleton’s…. leg was really too good…

[TL: fair skeletons = it meant that women’s beauty are short-lived and will eventually turn into skeletons.]

“You can sleep here…. I.. I’m going to do the laundry….”

Liu Yi took a gulp, he picked up a bunch of dirty clothes and was about to leave.

“I’m not sleeping! I can’t fall asleep so early!”

Who would’ve expect that this little sister next door instantly turned back to the little witch.

“Humph, I’m not going to be coaxed by an uncle like you to the bed so early! I want to use the computer! I wanna play CrossFire!”


How the heck did I turned from big brother to uncle instantly after going through all that?!

Liu Yi wanted to cry but had no tears.

She’s still a witch alright!

After saying those, Ma Yuanyuan bend over and started to plug the power strip back on.

Her appearance almost cause Liu Yi’s psychological barrier to collapse completely.

F*ck, that’s a bit too tempting…

Isn’t this trying to seduce me into committing a crime?!

The red stream of qi within Liu Yi’s body was running awry, it was about to go ballistic!

Why is this stream of qi so perverted?….

Liu Yi quickly rushed out the room, he held a bunch of dirty clothes and his bed sheets and rushed into the washroom.

After throwing the clothes into the washing machine, Liu Yi went directly to the sink, turned on the faucet, and started splashing water on his face.

Only after the cold water hit his face did his boiling body calm down a bit.

Only fourteen and she’s already so tempting.

What the hell would happen once she turned into an adult?!

She’ll become a femme fatale!

Major disaster!

“My! Did you ended up f*cking some girl tonight? How come your power grew so much?”

Right when Liu Yi was washing his face, the voice of the little fox Lin Tong suddenly resounded at Liu Yi’s ears.

God, this little mistress is finally back!

“Hmmm… there’s even woman’s fragrance on your body! You really did do something!”

“Hell, don’t start delusioning!”

Liu Yi quickly explained. “It’s the little sister next door needing help…. I just helped her out and had my favorable impression level increased!”

“Well this favorable impression level increased a bit too much! You got an increase of twenty in a single night! What exactly did you do?!”

“I just…. helped her out….”

Thinking of the stuff that he did tonight, Liu Yi started growing red…

I actually helped a girl put on sanitary pads…

This…. was like a dream!

“Your favorable impression level increased a whole lot… it increased your power by a large margin instantly… if you were to continue growing like this…then your cultivation speed was something that I, Lin Tong, would both admire and hate… however, I figured that’s impossible! Little rascal, if it wasn’t for my assistance, for you to woo girls, beyond impossible!”

“Yes yes yes… you are my savior!”

Liu Yi quickly said. “Have you found the technique that is suited for me to practice?”

“Hee hee…. did you even have to ask?”

The little fox wagged her tail and said proudly. “Who do you think I, Lin Tong, am?! I’m a genius fox immortal that comes once in tens of thousands of years! With me doing it personally, is there even such a thing that I cannot accomplish? I entered my spiritual knowledge field earlier and looked around and, lo and behold, I found my a very powerful technique my master left behind! This technique wasn’t suited for me, it’s something that was only suited for men!”

“Oh? Such a coincidence?!”

“Of course! I remember my master saying that this was a very powerful technique! Because our sect only accept one disciple per generation and it had always been women for the past generations, this technique had not appeared in a long time! You really got real lucky this time!”

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