My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 35

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 35 – Attack When One Should
Translated by James


Liu Yi had always felt that he was very unlucky, never did he imagined that someone good would happen to him.

For one, when he play online games, there are times when there’s sweepstakes in games and whatnot and he, Liu Yi, had never won anything.

For things such as luck, Liu Yi had already given up hope completely!

“Nonsense, why would this lady lie to you?! Even though this lady is a fox, I am not a liar! Even fox have dignity, okay?”

“Okay okay okay…”

Liu Yi repeatedly nodded. “Then what is the technique that big sister fox immortal is planning to teach me?…”

“It’s a palm technique!”

“Palm technique? It sounds pretty weak…”

Liu Yi curled his lip. “I thought that it would be something like Seven Injuries Fist, those scary sounding techniques…”

“The hell do you know!”

Hearing Liu Yi’s disdainful attitude, Lin Tong immediately got angry.

“Do you want to learn or not? If not, then so be it!”

“Learn, I want to learn!”

Lin Tong was Liu Yi’s only backing!

If she’s gone, Liu Yi really don’t know what to do.

“Humph, so you want to learn, well, I don’t want to teach!”

Said Lin Tong sticking out her lips.

“Please don’t!”

Lin Yi immediately started apologizing. “Big sister Fox Immortal, I currently have a lot of enemies, if you don’t teach me techniques, I would be doomed!”

“Who cares about your enemies… they’re but mere mortals, what’s there to be afraid of?!”

“No, there’s more. Earlier when I went outside, I met a white dressed beauty! She’s super powerful!”

Lin Yi’s words suddenly surprised Lin Tong.

“I felt that that female had a power inside her body…. that’s vaguely associated with the white stream of qi within my body…. she said she’ll take you away and destroy my power!”


“Fortunately, she grabbed my right hand and got caught… I only managed to run back because of that….”

Lin Tong’s heart almost flew out of her!

That white dressed beauty…

It’s most certainly the female immortal Gu Yu that she met last night!

Not good! The next time they encounter her, she would most certainly have been on guard and would not allow Liu Yi to run away so easily!

If I really was to be taken out from Liu Yi’s hand, I would most certainly be subdued by her and then refined into ashes!

That can’t do! Absolutely not!

“Other than the palm technique, I will also teach you an escaping technique!”

Said Lin Tong quickly.

“Really? Big sister fox immortal…. you.. you’re too nice to me…”

Liu Yi was incredibly moved.

Lin Tong’s face reddened. She coughed twice and said.

“Come, enter the spiritual knowledge field!”

“Wait a moment, I still have to start the washer!”

Liu Yi rushed to start the washer. Fortunately the washer is fully automatic; once started, he didn’t have to do anything else.

After starting the washer, Lin Yi sat on the toilet bowl and entered the spiritual knowledge field.

[TL: spiritual knowledge field was basically the same as Liu Yi’s subconscious.]

Inside the spiritual knowledge field, the human shaped Lin Tong had waited for him for a long time already.

“You’re slow like a sissy! Hurry, I have to instill two techniques into you!”

“Instill into me?”

Liu Yi blinked a few times.

“Watch carefully!”

Lin Tong suddenly outstretched her hands and placed them on Liu Yi’s temples.

“Thump thump!”

After two muddled sounds, numerous indistinct things suddenly influx into Liu Yi’s brain.

Liu Yi’s brain seemed to be gaining some knowledge!

“This is the Great Initiation Technique, it’s the fastest way of technique disciples techniques in the cultivation world!”

It seemed that it took a lot of strength to do this technique as the little fox was panting slightly after doing it.

However, Liu Yi did indeed gained two miraculous techniques in his brain!

One was “Great Brilliant Sun Palm”!

The other was “Spirit Fox Steps”!

That Great Brilliant Sun Palm should be the exceptional technique that the little fox spoke of.

Spirit Fox Steps should be the escape technique she spoke of!

They’re both great stuff!

“The Great Brilliant Sun Palm was divided into thirteen palm strikes! Each and every palm strike was incomparably miraculous! If you were to practice till the last palm strike, then you would have earth shattering powers!”

“That..that powerful…”

“Of course! However, with your current strength, you could only practice the first palm strike! However, this first palm strike was still very powerful, it could triple your attack power to attack your enemy! It was the most fierce technique that you could currently practice!”


Liu Yi nodded.

Then, following the practice method in his brain, he began to operate the red stream of qi within his body.

The red stream of qi followed a certain pattern and then finally arrived atop his right palm.

A sunlight pattern suddenly appeared on the hollow of Liu Yi’s right palm.

Liu Yi felt that his right hand was burning, he had a desire to send something out.

“Come, hit me!”

Lin Tong hooked at Liu Yi with her hand.

“Ah? could I hit you… you’re big sister fox immortal….”

“Enough with the rubbish, if I tell you to hit me then hit me!”

“No! Grandpa had said that men cannot hit women!”

“F*ck! This lady was only telling you to spar with me! You actually think that you can manage to hit me?!”

“I..I can’t…”

“Damn it! You’re a man! How could you say that you can’t! Hurry up! This lady was only telling you to spar!”

Lin Tong suddenly appeared in front of Liu Yi and then a slap came flying at Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi was shocked, subconsciously, he returned back with a strike from his hand.

That burning hot right hand came flying at Lin Tong’s chest.


Scolded Lin Tong before using her arms to block her chest.


A scarlet red wave of flame was shot out.

An enormous sun pattern appeared in the air; Lin Tong’s silhouette was suddenly hit into disintegration, she was disappearing into the light.

“Big sister fox immortal!”

Liu Yi was frightened to death, he almost cried out.

Lin Tong is dying!

What am I going to do?!

Not only would there be future troubles, I still haven’t repaid Lin Tong!

“Big sister fox immortal, please don’t scare me! Please don’t die! What would I do if you died….”

“Dumbass, how would this lady die so easily?!”

Lin Tong’s voice suddenly sounded from behind Liu Yi.

Happily surprised, Liu Yi immediately turned around. Sure enough, Lin Tong’s beautiful figure was floating behind him.

Liu Yi was deeply relieved.

Dear heavens…

This girl didn’t die…

That’s good, that’s very good…

“Hahaha, look at your foolish scared appearance! This is the spiritual knowledge field, the me here was only an empty projection and be killed!”

Liu Yi sat on the ground, he pat his chest and said.

“So that’s the case…you scared me to death….”

“You…. cared that much about me?”

Lin Tong stood there looking at the Liu Yi who was sitting on the ground. Her expression was somewhat strange.

“Of course! You’re my big sister fox immortal!”

Liu Yi climbed back up and said. “Even though we only knew each other for a single day, but you were so good to me! So I must also be good to you! If something were to happen to you… then, then….”

“Then what?”

“Then I’ll die with you!”

“Pfff hee…”

Lin Tong suddenly started laughing.

“Wh,why are you laughing?!”

Liu Yi wave his little fist around. “You’re looking down on me!”

“I’m not, dumbass…”

Lin Tong pouted. “Quickly, go back to practice! The first palm strike of the Great Brilliant Sun Palm, Desolate Flame, was awfully powerful. It could triple your attack power and release it, it’s an outstanding weapon for you to use against your enemies at your current stage!”

“Mmmm, I will most certainly practice it well!”

Lin Yi held his fist, “I will protect big sister fox immortal!”

“Don’t call me big sister fox immortal! It makes me sound old!”

“Ah? Then what shall I call you?”

“Just call me by my name Lin Tong!”

“Okay, big sister fox immortal.”

“You… big idiot! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Lin Tong let out a hysterical shriek of despair.

“Big sister fox immortal… are,are you okay?”

“I’m about to go insane…”

“You’re completely fine, why would you go insane”

Asked Liu Yi, puzzled.

“If this lady wants to go insane, then she’ll go insane, it’s none of your business!”

“Okay okay okay, none of my business, none of my business…”

“You…. so it became none of your business the moment I said it’s none of your business!”

“Ah? Then it’s my business, my business!”

“I am really… going to go insane! Oh Heavens, are you deliberately tormenting me by seconding me this giant buffoon to me?….”

Lin Tong wanted to cry but didn’t have tears.

Liu Yi, on the other hand, was still standing there foolishly and rubbing the back of his head. He had absolutely no idea as to what just happened.

Why did Lin Tong got so irritable?

Did her great aunt came?

…… She won’t be telling me to go buy her sanitary pads too right?….

I really really really don’t want to buy it again….

It’s so troublesome to be a woman….

It’s even more troublesome to be a man who is considerate of women!

“I’m going to die from excess anger because of you! Go, try out the Spirit Fox Steps for me!”

“Oh, oh… yes, right away…”

Liu Yi nodded.

The practice methods of the Spirit Fox Steps immediately appeared in Liu Yi’s mind.

The red stream of qi followed a certain pattern and then finally arrived at his legs

At this moment, Liu Yi felt that it was as if there were springs in his legs, they felt a lot lighter and full of elasticity.

“The Spirit Fox Steps was a very profound footwork technique!”

Lin Tong explained. “In the early stages, it could only increase your speed and make you more agile. In the latter stages, you could accomplish things like what I’m doing.”

Lin Tong once again hooked at Liu Yi. “Come, hit me.”


Liu Yi’s fist flew like the lighting and landed on Lin Tong’s nose.

“Boohoo… you..why did you attack me out of nowhere…”

Lin Tong suddenly covered her nose and squatted on the floor in pain.

“Ah? Didn’t you tell me to hit you?”

Lin Yi was surprised, he also squatted down to check out Lin Tong’s injury. “Didn’t you say that this was my spiritual knowledge field, that you’re a spiritual body here and won’t get hurt?”

“Please! I need to switch between my spiritual body and my actual body…. I still haven’t switched into my spiritual body! You…. I hate you!”

Lin Tong looked at the Liu Yi who was squatting on the floor. He had a deeply concerned expression. However, she currently only felt that he’s very hateful!

Once this lady manage to get out, I’m definitely going to remove your tendons, skin you and drink your blood!

I will certainly, certainly… ruthlessly beat you up to vent my anger!

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