My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 33

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 33 – Even A Female Immortal Got Caught
Translated by James

Liu Yi rushed downstairs, the only thing he had in his pocket was the money his mom gave him for tomorrow’s lunch.

It seems I would have to starve tomorrow afternoon. It seems that even Heaven want me to lose weight.

I’m already skinny enough, starve me some more and I’ll turn into a skeleton.

No one would’ve expect such a thing to happen.

It was the first time in thousands of years that Ma Yuanyuan sought for his help!

Liu Yi entered the little convenience store located downstairs.

“Excuse me boss… where are the sanitary pads?…”

Liu Yi had never purchased any sanitary pad before, he had no clue as to what they looked like.

He looked around the convenience store but have no idea what the stuff he wanted to buy were.

“That whole row are sanitary pads.”

The aunty owner gave Liu Yi a weird look and then pointed toward the shelf nearby.

Liu Yi immediately felt relieved, he walked toward the shelf.

On the shelf was various colorful brands of large bandage, Liu Yi was completely dazzled.

Liu Yi randomly picked one and rushed to the counter.

The aunty looked at the item on Liu Yi’s hand, she said.

“That’s a panty liner, not a sanitary pad.”

“Ehh, this…”

Liu Yi was confused.

“Your first time buying?”

The aunty gave a hee hee laugh. She looked at Liu Yi all weird causing him to want to find a hole to hide into.

“Use this, it’s Space 7, my daughter also uses this brand.”
[TL: Space 7 ad video: seems like it’s a brand aimed toward young girls]

“How much is it?…”

Liu Yi looked at the exquisite purple packaging, he couldn’t help but ask for the price.

“Eight yuan.”

“This… there anything cheaper?…”

The aunty gave Liu Yi a despising look, she then took out another pack of unknown brand pads and threw it in front of Liu Yi.

“This one is three yuan.”

“Is…there anything cheaper?…”

“Young man, now, you’re not acting right!”

Unable to help herself, the aunty scolded Liu Yi. “Girls require protection! This kind of thing, you only need it once per month, you should buy a better kind to protect her better!”

My ass… all I had was ten yuan.

Liu Yi grimaced.

Against the nagging aunty, he braced himself and asked again.

“Is there… really nothing cheaper?…”

“Take it!”

The aunty angrily threw at Liu Yi half roll of toilet paper.

“Let this be my gift! Take it home and make do with it!”

“I..I would like to purchase that three yuan one…”

Liu Yi was about to be shamed red.

God damn…

It’s not like I’m the one using it!

It’s for Ma Yuanyuan, that little witch to use!

He took the sanitary pads, paid the aunty and left bitterly out the door.

What’s with my shitty luck?…

After being f*cked over by Ma Yixuan, now I’m to be tormented by her younger sister.

However, regardless…. I’ve still saw and touched Ma Yuanyuan’s protruding buttocks… well, seems worth!

While letting his imagination run wild, Liu Yi exited the little convenience store.

Immediately after leaving the store, Liu Yi suddenly had a strange feeling.

From the roof nearby, it seemed that someone was watching him…

Liu Yi immediately raised his head and looked at the direction of the roof.

A bright moon was hanging by the corner of the roof, the night view was pretty good, there’s nothing peculiar about it.


Am I being oversensitive?

Liu Yi shook his head, he told himself that it’s just him being overly suspicious.

When he turned his head back and was preparing to leave, a white figure suddenly appeared in front of him!

Holy shit!

Liu Yi screamed, he threw away the sanitary pad that was on his hand and subconsciously stepped back a couple of steps!

As for the white figure standing opposing him, it actually outstretched its hand and firmly caught the pack of sanitary pads and looked at it curiously.

With help from the moonlight, Liu Yi manage to see how this person looked!

Red lips, white teeth, and black hair fluttering in the air!

Who said this was a female ghost? It’s obviously a beauty!

From her appearance, this beauty should be only seventeen or eighteen years old. Her black hair was hanging down her head like a waterfall, the end of her hair was tied together by a silver ribbon. This led to the hair in the middle to be all fluffy, it looked very dignified and beautiful.

However, the lacking part of this beauty was her chest…. it’s somewhat small…

As for the white long dress that she was wearing, it was neat and tidy without a hint of dust on it.

Within her limpid eyes seemed to be contain a hint of immortal energy, they seemed to not be polluted by the mortal world at all. Those eyes caused Liu Yi to feel the want to surrender himself to them.

And at this moment, that pair of limpid eyes were focused on the pack of sanitary pads that Liu Yi brought.

“What is this thing?… how do you use it?… Is it perhaps food?”

Hearing that little beauty speak, Liu Yi suddenly started sweating a bit.

How the heck do you eat that?!

Won’t that choke you to death?!

Liu Yi didn’t want her to die and immediately outstretched his hand to try to snatch the sanitary pads back.

At the same time, he felt that it was strange for a girl her age to not know of sanitary pads….


Liu Yi’s hand grabbed the air. Although the beauty appeared to be frail, she was fast and flexible. With a slight step to the back, she escaped Liu Yi’s hand.

“How could you be so stingy? Delicious things should be shared amongst everyone…. my master had said, it is better for everyone to be happy than for one to be happy alone!”

“No! That’s not food!”

“Based on your intense appearance, it’s most certainly something delicious!”

The little beauty grew even more curious. She was about to rip apart the packaging of the sanitary pads.

God damn!

How could this be?!

That’s my three yuan!

If you rip it then I’ll have to buy another one!

I am broke as f*ck!

Liu Yi grew even more worried, he quickly outstretched both his hands out and tried to snatch the sanitary pads from her.

However, the little beauty didn’t even move from where she stood. She simply moved her body left and right and managed to effortless evaded all of Liu Yi’s attempt to snatch back the pads.

“You forced me!”

Being immensely anxious, the red stream of qi within Liu Yi’s body suddenly accelerated stimulating Liu Yi’s strength and speed.

The little beauty stood there shocked, she stared at Liu Yi blankly. She didn’t even notice that the thing she was holding was snatched by him.


“What about me? It’s you who snatched my stuff first!”

Liu Yi felt that everything about this little beauty is good with the exception of her brain that seemed to be a little bit crazy.

However, he felt that her voice and her aromatic smell was very familiar…

Where did this deja vu feeling came from?…

Where exactly?….

“And here I was thinking…. why there was demonic energy coming from the east today…. so it’s really originating from you… Oh Heavens, this have turned very troublesome…”

With a bitter face, the little beauty continued to stare at Liu Yi. She appeared to be worrying about something.

Demonic energy…. was she referring to me?

Jest, I’m a immortal cultivator! How the heck would I get demonic energy?!

However, who exactly was this beauty?…. How come she knows so much?

Could she be another immortal cultivator?

Liu Yi became alert.

“Seems like that evildoer is causing mischief within you! No, I must catch and take her out!”

As she said that, the little beauty’s eyesight suddenly fell onto Liu Yi’s right hand.

Subconsciously, Liu Yi immediately hid his right hand behind himself.

This beauty…. what is she planning to do?

“Hey hey, what are you doing?”

Seeing Liu Yi was still trying to be secretive, the little beauty muttered.

“This lady is helping you, okay?! This isn’t the kind of stuff that a mortal like you can practice!”

“What can’t we mortals practice?”

“Don’t indulge yourself in flights of fancy, you’re but an ordinary mortal, you should just live your ordinary mortal life! You think this thing was something that you could practice? Jest!”

Liu Yi thoroughly understood what’s going on.

This beauty was most certainly an immortal cultivator, however, for some reason or another, she looked down on him!

“How could you be like this, what does what I practice have anything to do with you?!”

Liu Yi grew a bit unhappy and said.

“Who said that mortals can’t practice?! Who said that I must live an ordinary life?! I, Liu Yi, would certainly become someone to show all you people who looked down on me!”

“Who looked down on you?!”

Said the little beauty as if she was wronged.

“You didn’t look down on me?”

“Of course not! I don’t even know who you are, we met by chance, why would I look down on you?! Who exactly are you?!”

The words from the little beauty suddenly gave Liu Yi immense grief.

F*cking hell, is there anything more hurtful than that?!

“Eh… why does my speech feel a little weird… hey! Don’t you leave! You better give me that thing in your hand!”

The little beauty grew anxious. She originally only wanted to save someone, she didn’t expect things to go a bit awry.

This youngster in front of her, he actually attained demonic energy!

And it’s a very powerful one on top of that!

She cannot help but become anxious.

If she were to let him continue on… then what exactly would happen, even she does not know!

That’s because there have never been anyone able to attain powerful demonic energy via practice in history!

This… seemed like something that’s completely impossible!

But why…. this youngster was actually able to attain such a demonic energy?!

“What are you doing?!”

Seeing that the beauty was determined to take action against his right hand, Liu Yi hurriedly moved away and asked while on high alert.

“What exactly are you planning to do to me?”

“You’re but a mortal, don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you.”

Said the little beauty solemnly.

“All I want to do is take out the thing in your hand and then destroy the power that doesn’t belong to you so that you could return to being a mortal.”

“Why! This power is mine, no one could take it away from me!”

Liu Yi didn’t want to bother with this crazy beauty, he grabbed the pack of sanitary pads in his left hand, turned around and immediately started to flee.

However, right when he turned around, the little beauty in the white dress appeared in front of him again.


What kind of speed was that?!

When did she get here?!

Liu Yi was terrified beyond reasoning. He felt as if his whole body had a numbing sensation.

He took a couple of steps back and that little beauty made her move.

She outstretched her left hand and grabbed Liu Yi’s right hand.

“Let me catch this evildoer and take it… out…”

The moment the little beauty touched Liu Yi’s right hand, she suddenly grew weak from head to toe, her eyes showed an immense lust.

Her big eyes grew a lot more watery and her lower body also got a bit moist.

There’s also a slight itchy feeling…

This…. in all her life as an immortal cultivator… it was the first time she felt this sensation…

The little beauty suddenly clamped her legs and sat on the ground!

This chick got caught!

Liu Yi was overjoyed, taking advantage of the fact that the little beauty was currently weak all over, he immediately rush off fleeing.

The little beauty sat on the ground. Her body was trembling, however, she still stubbornly said.

“Hate…hateful….you actually dared…dared to plot against me… once… once I, Gu Yu, catch.. catch you… I would most certainly… not let you get away with it…”

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