My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 32

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 32 – Favorable Impression Level Increased
Translated by James

In his whole life, Liu Yi had only seen naked girls of a certain island nation on his computer screen before….

Am I to see Ma Yuanyuan’s naked buttocks?….

Liu Yi’s heart immediately started to beat a lot faster.

Furthermore, something from his nose was unable to stop itself from rushing outward.

This kind of stuff…. was way too stimulating…

Liu Yi wasn’t prepared…

“Big brother Liu Yi… quick, quickly…”

Muffled Ma Yuanyuan, her body shook slightly.

“Please check it out faster…. otherwise I..I might really die of blood lose… Boohooo…I..I don’t want to die…”

I am most certainly not a cheap wanton bastard!

I am only helping out right now! This is all in the spirit of helping Ma Yuanyuan out! This is all to save her life!

Liu Yi told himself that in his mind.

That’s right, I am a philanthropist, I am definitely not a pervert!

“Big brother Liu Yi… quick, quickly… don’t let me die…”

“Then..then I’m going to do it…”

Liu Yi thoughen his heart. He said to himself ‘F*ck it, this is my springtime of youth, the war drums are beating! Liu Yi! Go for it!’

Take it off!

If Ma Yuanyuan really was deeply wounded, I am unable to hold take responsibility for it!

Liu Yi bite his teeth and toughen his heart. He outstretched his right hand and was about to pull down Ma Yuanyuan’s bloodstained pantskirt.

Ma Yuanyuan buried her face in Liu Yi’s thigh. She was so embarrassed that she was unable to lift her head back up.

However, Liu Yi suddenly hesitated. He remember the certain feature that his right hand had and quickly lifted Ma Yuanyuan up and reversed her to make her butt be toward his left hand.


Ma Yuanyuan suddenly gave off a sound of surprise as Liu Yi turned her around.

“What..what are you doing…. Aiyah…. there’s even more blood now….”

“My right hand is a bit off limit right now…”

“Big brother Liu Yi…. you had just watched a wicked movie…. did your right hand got stained with wicked stuff?…”

Hearing Ma Yuanyuan, Liu Yi almost spurt blood out his mouth.

This Ma Yuanyuan, this girl is impossible!

She’s only fourteen… how the heck does she know everything…. it’s like she knows more than even me!

“Nonsense! I dirtied my right hand coming back from school, I didn’t have time to wash it yet…. if you have a problem with it then I’m not going to look for you, I’ll just send you to the hospital.”

“No! By the time I reach the hospital, I would have bled dry!”

Ma Yuanyuan cried in fear.

“Then you better be obedient!”

Scolded Liu Yi.


To Liu Yi’s surprise, Ma Yuanyuan actually agreed without giving a fight, she laid on his legs and stopped moving.

This girl…


Liu Yi shook his head. Why did Ma Yuanyuan act so obedient?

This little witch actually know fear?

“Big brother Liu Yi…. please hurry up…. Boohoo… I’m really scared… there’s so much blood….”

Pleaded Ma Yuanyuan while crying.

“Okay okay…. don’t worry, I’m going to look at it right away…”

Liu Yi also didn’t dare to delay any longer, if something really were to happen, then it’ll be really bad.

He held out his slightly trembling left hand and slowly placed it on Ma Yuanyuan’s protruding buttocks.

Even though he had spanked her countless times earlier, he was immersed in teaching this girl a lesson and didn’t have time to carefully feel her butt…

Now that he had felt her butt, he felt that Ma Yuanyuan’s butt felt so amazingly good….

Soft and protruding, it’s had a curve like the topside of a watermelon

Liu Yi grew slightly erratic.

“Big brother Liu Yi…. stop…stop touching it… if you don’t check it out soon… what you’ve been touching would’ve turned into a dead body…”

Cried Ma Yuanyuan.


Liu Yi came back to reality and he gave himself a slap.

Liu Yi, what the hell were you thinking!

Ma Yuanyuan is only fourteen years old!

Even though her body is already mature, she’s still only fourteen!

What you were doing was a crime!

Only after giving himself a slap did Liu Yi felt that he had sobered up. He then proceed to slowly and gently pull down Ma Yuanyuan’s white pantskirt.

This pantskirt was rather loose, from a single pull from Liu Yi’s left hand, it came down without any resistance.

What appeared in front of Liu Yi’s eyes was a pair of panties with a cute little bear wrapping around two beautiful protruding butt cheeks.


Liu Yi once again felt that he was unable to control his nosebleed….

“Big brother Liu Yi…. stop looking at it…”

“Then…then I’ll stop looking…”

Liu Yi was shocked, he quickly tried to pull the pantskirt back up.

“That’s not it! I meant stop looking at my panties…. if you like them, I can wash them and give them to you…. just look at my injuries first, please….”


Giving me those panties…

Liu Yi was dumbstruck. What, is it common for people to give their panties away as gifts nowadays?

Am I to take off her panties now?…

God damn…

F*ck it all, I gotta check out her injuries first! I’m currently like the doctor, there’s nothing but checking out the injuries in my mind, so what if I see something more than I should!

Liu Yi, Liu Yi, you must continue to hang on!

Liu Yi encouraged himself and then proceed to stretch his hand toward Ma Yuanyuan’s cartoonish panties.

God damn…

It’s even harder to take off a little girl’s panties than fighting that black suited uncle!

F*ck, it’s better to just tell me to go fight till my the death with someone…


You were right!

Fighting against the devils was a lot easier than dealing with women!

[TL: devils = what chinese called the japanese in WWII. Whole name: Japanese Devils. I think I mentioned this before.]

I finally experienced such a thing!

Liu Yi hooked the panties with a single finger of his, he then proceed to slowly pull it down.

Liu Yi’s finger came into a skin to skin contact with Ma Yuanyuan’s buttocks.

Soft and slippery…

Liu Yi was unable to stop his nose from bleeding.

Ma Yuanyuan’s body was trembling from his touch.

At the same time, Liu Yi’s eyes jumped. A notification from the Eye of Favorable Impression.

“Ma Yuanyuan, favorable impression level +15”

What the heck!

Touching her ass increased the favorable impression by fifteen?

Liu Yi was shocked, if that’s the case, then won’t my favorable impression level increase just by going around touching girls’ asses?

Wait… something’s wrong…

Liu Yi thought for a bit, it should a series of things that led Ma Yuanyuan favorable impression level to increase.

It’s most certainly not just from touching her ass.

“Big brother Liu Yi…. look…look faster…”

Ma Yuanyuan gave off a weak cry while Liu Yi was distracted.


Liu Yi was once again brought back to reality.

I am to check out her injury…

Liu Yi quickly corrected and upright his mentality and then pulled Ma Yuanyuan’s panties completely down.

Ma Yuanyuan’s protruding buttocks was naked in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was crying in his hearts.

I did not live in vain….

But… wait a moment…

Liu Yi looked carefully, Ma Yuanyuan’s buttocks were completely fine, there’s nowhere that’s showed any sight of injury…

Liu Yi even outstretched his hand, held his breath and pinched Ma Yuanyuan’s buttocks a couple of times.

Ma Yuanyuan’s body was trembling non-stop.

It seems as if she cannot withstand being pinched.

However, Liu Yi ignored everything else and exclaimed.

“Little witch! You’re playing me for a fool! Your butt’s completely fine!”

“But..but I’m really bleeding…”

“Wait a moment…”

Liu Yi suddenly came to an understanding.

“Did your great aunt came?”

[TL: chinese slang for menstruation is great aunt….]

“Great aunt…”

The little girl raised her head, she looked at Liu Yi with tearful eyes. “What is that?…”

The hell!

This girl knew that my hand might have been stained with some wicked things…

But she doesn’t know about the female menstruation!

Who the heck and where the heck did she learn all her knowledge from?!


This Ma family was way too irresponsible!

It’s one that for Ma Yixuan to hang out with hooligans, but for her to not even look after her own sister!

“A great aunt…was a kind of relative…”

Liu Yi felt awfully messed the f*ck up trying to explain such a thing to a girl, he tried his best to explain it.

“This relative…. would come and see you once every month…”

“Boohoo, this relative is so hateful… it’s making me bleed too… would..would I die?…”

“No you wont…. every girl have a great aunt… your sister have one too! Look, she’s still alive and kicking!”

“Ah? My sister has one too?…”

Ma Yuanyuan blinked her watery eyes, it seemed that she have calmed down a bit.

“Of course…. this… this thing… you should have your sister help you solve it… or your grandma… they both have experience and know what to do.”

“They both know the great aunt?…”

“Mmmhmm, they know, they both know…”

“But grandma left to play mahjong and didn’t come back yet… and sister didn’t come home yet either…. I’m.. I’m currently starving…”

Said Ma Yuanyuan with a pitiful look.

Hearing that Ma Yixuan didn’t come back home, he remembered the ambiguous text messages she sent to Yuan Shaojun earlier this morning and his heart suddenly twitched…

Could it be… that Ma Yixuan really went and got a room with Yuan Shaojun to pow pow pow?…

Even though he had been telling himself constantly to give up on Ma Yixuan…

However, once he thought of the fact that she’s lying in bed with someone else… Liu Yi could not help but have a heartache.

That saying was so true…for every girl that you cannot get, there’s always another man who would f*ck her till she vomits.

This saying was real hurtful…

Liu Yi’s current frame of mind was also deeply hurt…

“Then wait at home for a bit… I’ll go out and buy you a large-sized bandage…”

Liu Yi thought for a bit, to handle the great aunt… most girls use that right?…

“What is that?”

Ma Yuanyuan have completely no idea what these things are.

“It’s sanitary pads…”

Liu Yi explained patiently. “When great aunt comes again, just put that thing on…”

“Oh..oh… okay…”

“Do you not have those at home?”

“I…I’m not sure… but I don’t think so…”

“All right…”

Liu Yi have no choice but to personally go and buy sanitary pads for this girl.

Sigh, and they say buying sanitary pads for one’s wife is a very happy thing!

But what the f*ck is this shit?!

My first time buying sanitary pads and it’s not for my wife!

Hell, I don’t even know who that little girl would end up marrying…

However, whoever that is, he’s a lucky bastard…

That girl had a great figure…

“I..I’m afraid…”

“Don’t be afraid, you won’t die from such a small amount of blood, we have a lot more than this in our body! I’m going downstairs and buy them and return real quick, just wait patiently!”


After comforting Ma Yuanyuan, Liu Yi grabbed his key and a random jack and left downstairs.

Sigh, I took on a huge task!

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