My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 3

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 3 – This Older Sister is a Fox Immortal (Onee-chan wa kitsune desu)

“Liu Yi, can you take me here?”

Liu Yi stunned. He looked at the Ma Yixuan who was in front of him. She was wearing a white lace dress, pure and lovely, fascinating and charming. She was standing on the corner of the street and pointing toward the signboard of the Hanting Express Hotel.

Go… go… going here….

… going here for what?….

“Can you?…. I wanna go there…”

Ma Yixuan pulled Liu Yi’s hand. She was acting coquettishly.

That charm, it almost caused even his bones to go limp.

“Is… is that okay?…”

Liu Yi took a deep gulp as he looked at the class beauty that he had longed for.

Ma Yixuan was the literature committee member for the grade and Liu Yi’s neighbor.

This girl was a beauty indeed. Liu Yi had liked her for a long time.

Now that you mention it, Liu Yi had long forgotten how long he had liked her. It seems that he had liked her ever since she moved over and became his neighbor.

However, she had always had a cold attitude toward him.

What happened today? She actually pulled him and wanted to go to the Hanting Express Hotel with him?

This… Is this the legendary loser’s springtime?!

Liu Yi was about to cry his eyes out.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. We knew each other for three years already!”

Ma Yixian gave Liu Yi a charming smile. The smile was so charming that Liu Yi almost melted.

“I know of your feelings toward me… and you had been very nice to me… I feel as if there’s nothing I can give you so… I’m giving you me!”

Said Ma Yixuan blushing like an apple.

“But… but… that’s bad… I’ll be seen as a pervert by others!”

“Then forget about it. Let’s go home.”

“Go go go! Let’s get a room!”

“Won’t you be seen as a pervert?”

“Nothing to be afraid of. I’m already a pervert!”

At this moment, Liu Yi was boiling with animal instinct. He grabbed Ma Yixuan’s hand and went in and asked for a room.

Upon entering that warm and romantic tiny room, Liu Yi immediately could not help himself. He hugged Ma Yixuan’s delicious body and began to gnaw violently.

And at this moment, from Ma Yixuan’s mouth was the voice of an aunty.

“Ai ai ai! Young man, are you crazy?! Don’t go around biting people!”

A voice that could shatter eardrums. This voice immediately woken up Liu Yi.

He opened his eyes and found that everything in front of him have changed.

The warm and romantic tiny room with a giant round bed was gone.

The beautiful and charming Ma Yixuan was also gone.

He was currently hugging an aunty with a red armband. His mouth was even kissing that aunty’s arm.

My shit! The f*ck is this!

Liu Yi immediately grew completely conscious. He stood up from the grass on the park.

“You woke from your spring dream? Young man, a student on top of it! Why would you be sleeping on the park’s grass. Sleeping is one thing but to even molest me…”

The aunty pulled her red armband and began to criticize and educate Liu Yi.

“What’s wrong with kids like you nowadays. Can’t even allow parents a peace of mind… You kids…”

The aunty bla bla bla said a lot. Liu Yi instead only stood there in a daze.

How did I get here….

That’s right… he suddenly remembered. Yesterday a beautiful girl pulled him here.

But… it seems like that girl ended up killing me…

Liu Yi touched his chest. He found out that it was completely fine but there was a hole in his shirt.

God damn!

So strange!

He suddenly remembered. It seems like there was a female immortal girl that saved him.

This… I’m dreaming right?

Liu Yi was absent minded. He kinda didn’t know what to do.

“What kind of stupid dream are you dreaming! You useless person! Stupid idiot teenager!”

And at exactly this moment, by Liu Yi’s ear, there suddenly sounded a familiar woman’s voice.

“Ahh!!! Ghost!!!”

Liu Yi immediately uttered a cry.

“You called me a ghost!”

The aunty immediately turned unpleased. “Sigh. Child, I’m trying to teach you good. However, not only do you not appreciate my teaching, you even called me a ghost. Child, you must be into older woman around my age right? Sigh. Back when this older sister was younger, she was indeed a beauty. Even though I’m a bit older now, I still had that lingering charm. Sigh. That’s why I understand….”

The aunty began to blah blah on and on again.

As for Liu Yi, the voice of that girl was still in his ears.

“Ghost my ass! This older sister is a fox immortal!”

Liu Yi was about to collapse for real.

This is in broad daylight! Did he really see a ghost?

This place must be too gloomy… that’s right, let me find a more sunny place and kill this evil ghost!

Without taking into consideration of that aunty that had been standing there and giving him a lecture all this time, Liu Yi turned around and ran.

“Hey hey hey! Young man, why did you run?! At least leave your numbers so that this older sister could contact you often…..”

The aunty’s reluctant to part voice grew further and further away from Liu Yi.

Liu Yi kept running like mad. However, ringing in his ear was that beauty’s voice still.

“What are you running for?! Stop running! Aiyah you’re still running! Pretty fast too! You think you’re Liu Xiang or something?! How about running another hundred meters hurdles?!”

That voice was chasing after Liu Yi’s ears like a certain fairy from a certain game.

Liu Yi was scared to death. Just as he was about to run into the the park’s pond out of panic, a red smoke suddenly appeared from his right hand. This smoke condensed itself into the shape of a fox and was suspended in mid air in front of Liu Yi.

“My god!”

Liu Yi’s leg grew weak. He directly fell onto his ass.

Fortunately there wasn’t much people in the park early morning. Otherwise Liu Yi would’ve certainly attract a lot of attention.

“What are you running for?! Am I this scary?!”

The fox shaped smoke slowly drifted in front of Liu Yi. It scared Liu Yi so much that he started sweating cold sweat.

“You… what exactly are you….”

Liu Yi squeezed those words out with all his courage.

Oh heaven! To meet a ghost in broad daylight, am I Liu Yi really going to die?!

Boohoo! No! I don’t want to die a virgin!

…. I haven’t even manage to touch Ma Yixuan’s delicate hands…

But I did managed to touch a girl’s chest yesterday! Alas, it was flat!

I don’t want to die before touching big boobs!

Liu Yi was about to cry.

Oh God! Please save me!

I will certainly burn you more incense! I will burn you more of Aoi Sora’s photos!

Just as Liu Yi was begging all kinds of deities to save his life, the little fox spoke again.

“What are you shaking about! To be so afraid, are you even a man?! Let me tell you this, I’m not some ghost, I’m a fox immortal! A pure and beautiful, gentle and kind little fox immortal!”

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