My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 2

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 2 – Too Small

In that single moment. Liu Yi felt as if he was possessed. With great difficulty, he lifted his hand toward that baldy’s bald head and gave a big smack.

Dang! Crisp and clear.

“Aiya! Director Wang, you’re here?! Don’t you remember me? I’m your student!”

Liu Yi immediately tried to change the topic.

“F*cking shit! Bastard, you’re seeking your f*cking death! Who the f*ck is your director!”

Having his head smacked, the baldy was suffering from immense pain. Immediately he turned around and angrily fixed his gaze at Liu Yi.

Immediately, all of Liu Yi’s courage dissipated into thin air. His legs felt weak. He wanted to just sit on the ground.

Unfortunately for him, he was surrounded by people. The riders have crowded into a lump and have set their gaze at the two causing Liu Yi to be unable to hide even if he wanted to.

Right at this moment, the bus happened to brake. It’s the stop.

“Little rascal, get off the bus with me! F*cker spoiling my fun, I’ll beat you to death!”

Seeing that the beauty that he was taking advantage of was squeezing herself through the crowd and out the bus, the baldy grew even angrier. He grabbed Liu Yi and pulled him out of the bus like a mop.

Liu Yi cried his heart out. F*ck! How could he be so unfortunate?! They say heroes have a weakness for the charms of beauties. But I’m not even a hero! Why must I end up like this?!

I was already beaten up once because of a woman. Am I to be beaten up again?! God damn! F*cking unfair!

Liu Yi struggled with all his might. However, he who was without any physical strength was still dragged out of the bus.

“Don’t! Don’t close the door! Let me back in!”

Liu Yi desperately waved at the bus.

However, the driver acted as if he didn’t see it at all. He stepped on the accelerator and the bus flew away.

The people who stood near the bus stop have also stepped aside. None of them wanted to meddle in other’s business.

“F*cking bastard, this shall teach you about meddling in my business!”

The baldy threw Liu Yi to the ground and was about to kick him.

However at this moment, a foot wearing a red canvas shoe appeared between his legs.


The pain was so immense it was as if he met the gods and died. So painful that he kneeled onto the ground twitching.

The beauty who had exited the bus earlier was standing behind the baldy. She dragged the Liu Yi who was sitting there in a daze.

“Run! Quickly!”

After saying those words, the beauty grabbed Liu Yi’s hands and immediately proceeded to run frantically.

Liu Yi who was still in a daze was dragged running by the beauty and almost fell onto the ground.

“You…. don’t you dare run!…”

That baldy was still kneeling on the ground. With his brother being impacted so strongly, it’s unlikely for him to be able to stand up anytime soon.

Liu Yi could have sworn that he had never ran so much before.

The two frantic runners finally stopped at a park boulevard.

“Can’t…. can’t run anymore….”

Liu Yi was panting rapidly. He looked at the beauty beside him who had ran such a long distance with him. She was not even out of breath. “You…. are you an athlete?….”

“That I am not. However, I am very grateful to you for saving me today. My master had told me that I must certainly give thanks when saved by others.”

The beauty looked at Liu Yi while radiating a glow of charm. She then laughed.

“No… no need… that’s something that anyone would do…”

Liu Yi believed that at times like these, one should be humble to look better.

“What’s your name?”

“My name’s Lei Feng!” [TL: this is a joke by the author, Lei Feng is the selfless model citizen created by the Chinese Communist Party. so Liu Yi basically went on and said “I’m a friend of justice.”]

After taking two deep breath, Liu Yi was finally able to speak more normally.

Running is very tiresome indeed.

“Hee hee…”

That beauty laughed. Liu Yi was stunned by the beauty in front of him.

So…. so beautiful….

“You’re so funny…. oh well… Comrade Lei Feng, I am called Lin Tong. Regardless, master’s words should certainly be followed. I will certainly thank you.”

“Then… then how are you going to thank me?”

Liu Yi blinked his eyes.

His extremely perverted brain had once again began a rich imagination.

Ask her to be his girlfriend?

Gee, that’s a bit too much!

How about something a bit more lewd?!

A kiss?

Too weak! Liu Yi! Opportunity knocks but once!
A bit bit more lewd?

A touch of her bosom?

Hey hey, this beauty called Lin Tong’s bosom wasn’t small at all…

Liu Yi gulped. Just as he was debating on whether or not to speak his mind, the beauty had already leaned next to him.

That beautiful fragrance radiating from her instantly stiffened Liu Yi’s entire body.

“To thank you, allow me to take away your vitality….”

After saying those words, Lin Tong’s hand suddenly thrusted into Liu Yi’s lower abdomen. A surge of immense pain instantly spread through Liu Yi’s entire body. Before he could even understand what had happened, his consciousness was already being eroded by the darkness.

How…. how did this come about?….

Am… am I going to die?….

But…. but… I still haven’t touch that bosom yet….

Slowly, Liu Yi began to close his eyes.

And at this moment, he faintly heard the shouting of someone by his ears.

It’s a girl’s voice too… very pleasant to hear…

“Bold fox demon! You dared kill others in here! Forgive you I cannot!”

Immediately after those words, Liu Yi’s body suddenly became light like a feather. Then, as if soaring on a cloud, his body flew toward a direction.


Finally, he seemed to have landed at a soft location. It’s also had a very sweet fragrance… even sweeter than that Lin Tong’s body….

Another woman?…. is her bosom as big as that Lin Tong’s?…..

At least…. before I die…. let me grab her bosom…

Drowsily, Liu Yi opened one eye. What he saw in front of him was an outrageously beautiful woman who’s currently holding him.

“Surely…. this must be heaven….”

As he said that, he raised his hands up with great difficulty and grabbed the beauty’s bosom.


A cry of alarm. Liu Yi was thrown onto the ground.

“Scoundrel! Vulgar! I’ll kill you!”

After that girl threw Liu Yi to the ground, she heard Liu Yi said faintly.

“What a pity…. the one I grabbed before my death…. so small….”

“Scoundrel! How is this Gu Yu small! Only fools like you would get deceived by a fox demon and not know it!”

The girl stomped the ground in anger. At this moment, in her hand was the seized soul of the fox demon.

She wanted to leave this scoundrel here but was also a bit stubborn.

“Master had said that saving a life is better than building a seven story pagoda. Forget it, I’ll save your life… your vitality was taken, I could only use this evil creature to save your life. Evil creature, this shall be your conversion. Consider saving his life to be your first virtuous action!”

Gu Yu squatted down. Her face red.

She placed the soul into her mouth and then sent the soul into Liu Yi’s lips.

At the last moment, Liu Yi saw faintly that the absolute beauty whose bosom was grasped by him slowly kissed his lips.

This… really is heaven…

Sigh… what a shame… the women of heaven…. have such small chests…

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