My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 18

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My Fox Immortal Wife – Chapter 18 – Wanna Woo Her?

“Liu Yi, come answer this question.”

The old literature teacher was very happy. He thought that the motivationless Liu Yi finally began to have a good learning attitude. He was very pleased to see Liu Yi this proactive.

“Ah? Ah?”

Liu Yi finally came to.

He was currently no longer feeling the pain of the needles pricking on his body.

Instead, he was currently having a real pleasing sensation.

He felt that there’s two forces of energy constantly flowing through his body, strengthening his physique.

At this moment, Liu Yi felt that if he were to jump, then he’d be able to grab the chandelier on the ceiling and rip it off completely!

However, Liu Yi didn’t dare to try… there’s too many people here…

If he were to jump that high, they’ll think that he’s a beast.

Grandfather had told him multiple times that one must keep a low profile.

It was exactly the same reasoning as nonconformity getting punished.

“What are you ah-ing for. Come, rhyme this rhyming couplet, it’s very simple.”

When the old literature teacher was teaching rhyming couplets, he felt that Liu Yi had excellent spirit and thus decided to give him a easy couplet to rhyme.

“The first verse is the righteous and resolute Wen Tianxiang. Come, you can rhyme the next verse.”

[TL: Wen Tianxian is a folk hero of the Song dynasty known for resisting Mongol invasion in Jiangxi in 1275.]


Liu Yi was dumbfounded.

Before he was even fully conscious as to what was going on, he heard the old literature teacher telling him to rhyme couplets.

The righteous and resolute Wen Tianxian?!

As if subconsciously, Liu Yi blurted out the following words.

“Then my second verse shall be… the virtuous and artistic Aoi Sora!”


The whole classroom had became a fryer all of a sudden.

All the students burst out in laughter. Chen Cai was even pounding the table, his tears were about to fall too.

Wang Lele was also laughing nonstop. She said covering her mouth.

“Aiyou… Aiyou… too funny…. only now did I found out that Liu Yi was this funny…”

“Humph, he’s just being a clown!”

Murong Die however only curled her lips.

However, she was unable to stop her lips from being slightly lifted.

“They said that you’re vicious, how did you know who Aoi Sora is?!”

Murong Die secretly pinched Wang Lele’s plump thighs.

“Hehe, don’t sis Die also know who she is?… and you’re talking about what I do…. we’re tweedledum and tweedledee….”

The two girls harassed each other a couple times.

The old literature teacher had a face full of sinister intent.

He wanted to kick Liu Yi out the window.

But as a teacher, he cannot be that violent.


However, he was indeed so angry that he was speechless.

In all these years of his teaching career, it was the first time he encountered such a student!

Liu Yi, motivated? No! It’s more like he’s intentionally causing trouble!

Liu Yi had also noticed that he f*cked up and was sweating cold bullets.


Liu Yi swear that he didn’t do that on purpose!

It was something he blurted out because of his muddiness earlier.

Oh f*ck! I’m done! I’m dead for sure…

But how come this old literature teacher know of Aoi Sora?…

This old fart ain’t pure either!

“Liu Yi… you…”

The old literature teacher looked at Liu Yi with eyes full of resent for failing to meet his expectations. There was a bit of hidden bitterness within his eyes too.

“Teacher, Liu Yi rhymed the verse very accurately!”

Wang Lele decided to create a disturbance on the side. “Isn’t that right, teacher?!”


The old literature teacher was put into an awkward situation.

How to fix this situation…

Should he punish Liu Yi or should he not punish Liu Yi?!

The old literature teacher was at a loss.

Liu Yi also stood there awkwardly.

There’s currently a lot of things he wanted to ask Lin Tong. However, how could he possibly do that in this situation?!

Right when the atmosphere grew very stiff, the life saving class bell came.

Both Liu Yi and the old literature teacher loosened up.


Fortunately, the class was over.

Even the old literature teacher felt for the first time the wonderful sound that is the bell signaling the end of the class.

“Class is over!”

The old man closed his textbook and immediately went straight out the door without even bothering to look back.

“Liu Yi, you got balls! You even dared to clown around with the teacher in class!”

Chen Cai looked at Liu Yi with eyes full of endless envy. “Even Wang Lele was speaking out for you!… If I could make Wang Lele speak out for me, then even if I were to be punished to copy a hundred pages, I’d still do it!”

“F*ck, you think that I’m as vulgar as you?!

Liu Yi gave Chen Cai a harsh glare.

“Hey, that’s incorrect!”

Chen Cai immediately said “have you never heard of the phase ‘dying under the three peony, even after becoming a ghost, you’d still be dissolute’before?”

“F*ck’s the use for being dissolute when you’re dead?!”

Liu Yi can’t stand Chen Cai’s views anymore.

The whole situation with Ma Yixuan had already left him heartbroken.

And just when Chen Cai and Liu Yi was discussing about women, Lan He, the Prince Charming in the minds of many girls, came to Murong Die with two ball game tickets.

“Lil Die? Tonight our city’s United Basketball Youth team is having a match. I am playing as the small forward tonight. It was very difficult for me to obtain these tickets, please come watch the game!”

He presented the two tickets to Murong Die under the envious eyes of the surrounding girls.

Murong Die was speaking with her best friend Wang Lele. When she saw Lan He she immediately frowned.

“Sorry, not interested.”

These boys are really annoying.

Even if they’re chasing after girls, must they make it so arrogant?

Was he rewarding this ticket to me?

I, Murong Die, don’t want it.

“Lil Die, the game is very fun! Many people have asked me for the tickets but I didn’t give it to any of them!”

Lan He felt that he cannot be rejected when all these people are watching.

And just at this moment, Wang Lele who was standing next to Murong Die suddenly spoke up.

“Lan He, are you trying to woo our Miss Murong?!”

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